22nd Oct 2003, 08:39

G'day all. I think I must be one of the lucky / fortunate owners of a VS Acclaim. I bought it for $14,000 about 2 years ago, have spent ZILCH besides normal maintenance costs. When I bought (Charles, as the kid's call it) it, the vehicle had traveled 56,000 Kms. Now I have just passed the 150,000Kms mark. No complaints EXCEPT FOR, the door locks rattle, I get a rattling noise near my right ear from something near the centre pillar. I also find that the other members of my family, Female aged 41, male, aged 9 and other female aged 6 (Lord of the household, NOT REALLY) do not seem to be able to wind up the windows properly. Anyway, cannot complain, best car I have ever owned. One day (probably the next mellinium (can't spell to save my life) I am hoping to buy a 2002 - 03 Statesman. Take care all, drive safely. Bill FAZ.

16th Sep 2005, 20:48

I bought a 1995 vs a month ago. It wasn't noticeable at the time I bought it, but there was a leak in the auto transmission. I took it to to be fixed and the mechanic told me it was leaking from the pump seal. he said it was a common problem with these cars and I would need a reconditioned gear box. it cost $2000 to be replaced. That was an expencive leak. two days after getting it back it was leaking again, this time it was from the point where the oil hose attaches to the gear box. It was fixed free of charge because the reconditioned gear box came with one year warranty. Now I'm just waiting for it to start leaking again. I hope it doesn't, but I have a feeling it will. I should have just got a manual.

11th Oct 2005, 10:25

I bought a 1997 VS 2 commodore a few years back, which has now covered some 225,000km. Trouble free motoring. Just now there is a slight leak in the rocker cover gaskets. No other major mechanical problems since new (I bought it from original owner). All the car has ever needed besides its regular maintanence is the rear main oil seal, at a cost of $250. All in all, a great, reliable, comfortable car. As to be expected from Holden.

14th Oct 2005, 06:46

I own two Commodores, one a VT2 and the other a VS2 Acclaim wagon.

We bought the Commodores after many years of owning imported (mainly Japanese) vehicles.

I find the VS2 very reliable, and while it has had a problem with the air conditioning condenser, there have been no other vehicle attributable problems with the car. It is still very comfortable, runs perfectly, and the general condition has not deteriorated.

Fuel consumption is also very surprising for what is perceived to be a large car, average in the 10-11 litres/100km range, like clockwork.

I have replaced the front discs with slotted discs, as the only real complaint I had with the car is the brakes were not excessive, but there was plenty of meat left on the discs, and it was more a wish for better stopping power. The car has done 130,000 odd Km.

In my humble opinion, it's a great car, has outlasted any imported vehicle I have ever had, is cheap to service, and not only that, but it does the job of a family vehicle far better than any car we have owned.

A bargain these days, if you can find a well looked after example, but I'm not parting with either of mine.

We looked into "small cars" when the price of fuel went up. Look at their weights, and compare to that of the VS. Unless their engines have an incredible efficiency advantage, you won't be saving much fuel, because they have to move almost as much weight. Add the extra cost of servicing, and it makes the VS a bargain.

Happy owner? Absolutely.

13th Nov 2005, 02:18

Hey guys, just thought I'd add mine too, I own a VS Series 1 S Pac 5 speed, it has 165kms on it. I've had one or two problems with it in the 5 months that I've owned the car.

Firstly I'd have to say, it's probably due to me thrashing it, but the gearbox (t5) is making a bad noise during 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I'm thinking it's the throw out bearing, but I'm not a mechanic.

The power steering pump died about 5000ks ago, but you get that.

Other than that, it has been a great car.

I've bought the car to personalize it, and as I'm in belief that it the best model of the range, but if there any like minded guys out there that think a standard s/c motor, stroked to 4.2, would go really well, I think anyway, LOL.

Beside, things could be worse, you could be driving a Camira, so be happy with your Commodore, LOL I am.

19th Nov 2005, 01:04

In October one writer commented on the VS commodore and said cost of replacement for rear engine oil seal was $250! I have just been quoted $700+ by a Holden dealer for replacing this on a VT V6 commodore (done 110,000 km)?

Are the engines that much different?

24th Nov 2005, 00:17

VT series one has the same engine as VS 147 KW,VT series two has bigger motor 152 KW.

11th May 2006, 05:19

"Quoting" the person 2 posts back, The VT are 147kw and the VT serious 2 are 147kw. The VX which is the model after are 152kw and they are the same size engine, next is VY and that had 152kw also, next is the VZ, which holden brought out the 175kw 3.6L engine and the 190kw (In the SV6 and the Calais) version.

20th May 2006, 04:11

I own a VS commodore executive I have had for around 2 years, I have had basically no problems at all apart from the temperature dial fell off, easy to fix though. And it had a whinny diff when I brought it, I thought I would just drive it around till it died, but so far it hasn't so yeah. All in all great car, would recommend Holden's to anyone.

20th May 2006, 17:20

Dear peoples of 1995 VS COMMODORE owners I had bought this car with the odometer reading on 155,000 kms since then I have done 243,000 kms. Replaced one radiator to a double core. Replaced coil pack module, brake pads front and back. Replaced both front wheel sealed bearings and now I am replacing the front sealed struts shockers. Replaced front stablelizer bushes. Replaced one set of tyres. I do have an engine rear main oil leak. No point replacing it because it will stuff up again 80,000kms its due to cold starting you should warm you car for at least 5 minutes so the oil can lubricate the seal. Please note: Electrical fields in and around the engine does deteriorate all rubber components believe it or not. All of these problems are normal wear and tear. I believe if you look after your car in the proper manner you can minimize all major repairs.

26th May 2006, 08:03

I bought my 1995 VS with 160,000km since I have now 315,000km, it's still going well regular servicing and maintenance is the key, apart from changing the water-pump and radiator, oil seal, brakes, tyres, oil and sparks the car has been the best I have yet owned.