29th May 2006, 00:57

I've owned a '95 VS Berlina since '97 has 240k and only had minor maintenance problems since I bought it. Great car very economical 10 litres/l00km, Lots of power, Berlina seats are more comfortable on a long trip than Executives, sideways support better.

Would like to think it will last a lot longer, but maybe should not push my luck.

Thinking about replacing it soon with another 2004/5 model, I'm sure I won't get much for it, but I hope to replace it for about $20k, and then go for another 10 years.

18th Jun 2006, 02:39

I had my car since new and done over 250,000 KMs and have had no problems. Serviced it every 5,000kms. it is very powerful for a stock standard bottom of the range executive. I also feel that it is safe with the ABS and SRS and Airbag. Five stars and recommend it to everybody...

7th Aug 2006, 20:44

I just bought a Commodore VS Series1 Acclaim, and so far have spent $550 in towing fees (2 tows). Luckily the guy I bought it off was a mechanic and a nice guy, and waved the charges (300+ for a regular customer). The first problem was the cooling system leaking, apparently a bypass hose? It cracked and leaked bad, no head damage, but they were probably weakened from the temperature it was running at for about 30kms. the second problem I don't think was a common VS problem, a relay burnt and the ignition fuse melted. Cars computer killed the engine in the middle of the road. Not happy. This thread was very helpful, because now I can see a pattern of problems forming and hopefully can avoid them by replacing some parts with better after market parts. Thanks guys!

13th Jan 2007, 21:37

Hi I have a 95 VS Berlina. Been going great, went to the supermarket not a problem went inside and when I came out unlocked it, jumped in and then nothing. Radio works, but as if the ignition lock is dead. Key just turns and nothing else there. Has me stumped.

9th Mar 2007, 02:54

Own a series 1 VS commodore for just over a year now, car has 190,000 on the odometer. Have only one major complaint; I will be driving along and the car will just die. Car will not restart straight away after dieing. It does not do this all the time or in the same situation. Does any know how to solve this dilemma?

Other wise it's a good car.

15th Mar 2007, 21:55

Re VS cutting dead and trouble restarting.

Have a Holden dealer, or good mechanic, test for a crank angle sensor fault. This sensor failed on my VS causing similar fault - after replacement the engine is still going strong at 270Ks. Must have been a faulty batch.


24th Mar 2007, 16:52

I have had a VS 1995 for 8 years and like most comments it has been a great car. All my problems appear electric related.

1. The drivers side electric window will only go up some times with no consistency. When I had the battery changed it worked more often. Is there a simple fix?

2. The air conditioning only works when it is switched to fan speed 3.

3. The car temperature gauge rises in traffic if the air conditioning is not on.

4. The car won't start unless you turn the key and push forward on the transmission when it is in "P".

Mmmmm..I suppose that is quite a list, but the car is 12 years old.

Can anyone help with the electric window because it is currently stuck in the down position and it is raining outside.

4th Sep 2007, 07:02

I bought a VS Commodore less than one year ago. It had 245,000k's on it. I've added about 10,000k's.


1. Leaking radiator. It may have been repairable, but I got it replaced anyway. $250

2. Thermostat wasn't working properly - engine ran cold. Replaced. Warms up to 1/4 now as it should. $25

3. Rear axle seal and bearing needed replacing. Axle was squeaking. I'm not sure what sort of long term effects may have occurred by ignoring this, but I got it fixed anyway. $210

4. Ignition lock broke. Car was stuck at 'ON'. I got around this by hotwiring the car for a while (though, I still needed to put the key in to keep the immobilizer happy). Bought a new ignition barrel off ebay, and fitted it myself. I think the guy in the above post may have this problem. It's a bit fiddly to replace but didn't cost much. $50 + 45 minutes of four letter words.

5. After I got the rear axle seal and bearing fixed, the mechanics stuffed up putting my brakes back on. My rear brakes locked up the next day and started smoking. Not a true VS Commodore issue, but I thought I threw it in anyway. Mechanics admitted to stuffing up, fixed this for free and covered the tow. I am reluctant to go back Kmart tyre and auto.

Other/unresolved problems:

1. Exhaust pipe is making loud knocking noises when I go over bumps. Replaced the rubbers, but no joy. Had the mechanic check on it last service and apparently my exhaust pipe needs to come off and be re-shaped. Bugger. I'm not sure if I can justify the expense right now.

2. The car cut out the other day and wouldn't start again. Fortunately it did this in my driveway. I tried a couple of times later, but it wasn't until the next day that it fired up, and ran as if nothing happened. Running fine since. Does this mean my pump may be on the way out? I certainly hope this doesn't happen again at a more inconvenient time.

3. It uses a bit of oil, have to top it up about once a month. Doesn't appear to be losing it from a leak. No big deal, every car I've known has done this.

4. It may be leaking a tiny bit of power steering fluid. Not much at all though, I've only had to top it up once.

5. Power mirrors switch fell off. I lost it too, so I'll have to go to the bloody wreckers or something if I want another. I wasn't rough with it or anything, I just found it missing one day.

6. Fan only works on 3 and 4. I hear this is a common problem.

7. Air con isn't very cold at all. It probably needs re-gassing. At least I hope that's all it needs.

8. It gets a bit hot in traffic. Sometimes up to 3/4, and from there it wanders up and down from 3/4 to 1/2 until I get moving again. When I'm moving or on the freeway, it settles on 1/4.

9. Does anyone ever use that stupid speed alert?

I do like this car. It is very well kept, the interior is immaculate. It is comfortable and I do enjoy driving it. It's not a fast car by any means, but it does have plenty of grunt. Passengers are always comfortable. It doesn't seem to draw the attention of police with radar guns, which is also a good thing.

I'm not sure why people are calling it economical though, I die a bit inside every time a 4cyl car owner tells me how little they spend on fuel. I get roughly 420km's a tank with mixed highway/city driving. It is a dog however if I drive in peak hour every day - I've gotten as low as 300km's a tank. Highway economy is fine, the most I've gotten is about 575km's. All of that being said, it's generally not what I'd call an economical car.

So... I've had a lot of issues with this car and haven't even owned it for a year. If it keeps this up I think I will have to replace it. I think cars can just tell if you don't like them and will stuff up even more just to throw salt on the wound. Mine has done this. I hope to get the last few problems resolved and then hopefully continue with mostly regular maintenance... Time will tell.