16th Oct 2008, 07:17

Hi Guys.

To the 2 peoples that are having issues of the car/engine shuddering whilst going above 80km/h or up a hill. It seems it's happening due to load on the engine. I am having the same issues, I have changes the plugs and leads. I then got NRMA out to confirm if it could be the coil pack. I have had this issue before. They claim it is. From everything I have read, these sort of symptoms point to the coil pack. Should be able to pick one up from the wreckers for about $30 or roughly $200 new. Simple to install. If you don't know where it is, follow your lead from the spark plugs to the other end. There are 3 coils. Sadly to fix 1, you have to replace the lot. Hope this helped.


Any more questions email me.

travers.wilkins (at) defence.gov.au

28th Oct 2008, 08:10

Hey, I own a 1995 VS Commodore 5 speed manual. The odometer has just hit 400.000k; still on the first engine, haven't had any major problems, but the car runs on straight gas, and when under heavy towing or acceleration, it backfires and stops. Anyone have any idea what it could be??

5th Nov 2008, 07:52

CAR SHUDDERS AS WELL!! I've been trying all types of things to get rid off this 'shudder' in my VS wagon and thought I was alone! 80km/h seems to be the magic speed for it to happen as people have mentioned here. If it's an 'engine loading' issue, what does the coil pack get have to do with this? Wouldn't a way of diagnosing a faulty pack is to effectively be down a cylinder, I mean they either work or don't work yeh? Sorry, just trying to get my head around that theory as I'm DESPERATE to sort it!! CHEERS.

11th Nov 2008, 21:19

Yep, exact thing is happening with my VS. I have replaced leads/plugs, mechanic has looked and found nothing. I'm going to buy a new coil assembly, around $250.00 and see if that fixes it once and for all.

Bloody annoying problem, and its not constant. Some days it runs like a dream, others at 80km/r, miss miss miss.

Hoo Roo.

13th Nov 2008, 03:14

Just a hot tip guys, I have had my leads and sparks replaced, and also the coil pack, and my VS S pack is still shuddering when it hits 80km's, but this has only happened recently and it has to do with the crank angle sensor or the wheel balance...

Also another hot tip, you do not have to replace the whole coil pack you can replace the individual one, because I have done it; as long as you know which coil it is; the most common ones to go are numbers 2 and 5...

Hope this helps you out. My car is in the mechanics now, and having only owning it since February this year, I have spent over $2000.00 on it, so just be careful and make sure you trust your mechanic...



18th Nov 2008, 22:07

Hey, I own a 1996 Holden Commodore Acclaim and I know how to solve the engine shudder by installing new leads plugs and coil pack. I'm a 3rd year apprentice mechanic and have done all the work myself - big improvement.

14th Dec 2008, 23:44


I have a 1995 VS Acclaim. It had a shift kit when I bought it, and 6 months later it lost all forward drive. Had the transmission oil replaced and found a bit of white stuff in there, which was clogging the oil lines, so therefore no oil pressure.

Well the same sort of thing has happened again, but this time in reverse. Had it looked at again, but the mechanic said there was no problem??? I Can't REVERSE!

Also the stupid fan/air con cuts out all the time and drives me mad.

I have experienced the problem of the engine not starting, but the crank angle sensor is brand new?? Might be worth selling and getting another car.

30th Dec 2008, 06:32

I bought a VS series 2 with 60,000 in '99. I remember it shuddering when going on a trip once. It turned out to be blocked injectors due to dirty fuel, just a thought.

24th Jan 2009, 16:47

Hey guys and gals, so glad to find this forum and share the EXACT problem of 80KMH shudder. At first I thought it was because I overfilled the oil and it may have been pushed into a cylinder or two, but I drained it and the shudder remained. I replaced the plugs, tested my leads (not more than 25ohms resistance) and sprayed my injector plugs and crank angle sensor plug with CRC 2.26 cleaner. The problem seemed to ease, but I will be driving again shortly, (fingers crossed). I notice as well that having A/C on worsens the problem, so I removed the positive lead from the batt while engine was running and turned on my high beams, the car stopped, so I also wonder if it's an alternator problem. Any thoughts?? Cheers.

6th Mar 2009, 17:44

Hi, I have a VS Commodore wagon, and when I hit over 80kmh, it shudders and loses power. It's also slower up hills.

I have replaced the leads, spark plugs and fuel filter. Could anybody help me out to what this problem might be?

11th Mar 2009, 07:07

With regard to the shudder at 80km/hr, I had a similar experience with a VT Berlina. Solution to the problem was to install a genuine set of plug leads. The old leads and even new aftermarket leads were arcing back to the engine block, causing the shudder (normally at low revs around 80km/h). You may be able to see dull rubber on the lead where the arcing is occurring at points where the leads run close to the block or anything metallic.

27th Mar 2009, 02:57

Hi all 95VS owners. I just have one question regarding ignition leads. Is it a common problem with this year to have problems with missfire at about every 25 to 35 thousand kms?

4th Apr 2009, 18:48

I also have the shudder at 80+kph it is incredibly annoying, I am unsure as to whether it's an ignition problem as when you put your foot down, it drops back a gear and the problem ceases. I have a feeling it might have something to do with the torque clutch converter engaging or something?

3rd Jun 2009, 07:53

Hey guys, I've got a 95 5 speed VS Commodore.. in the process of putting a LS1 5.7l engine in out of a smashed VZ SS. It's very big job because I have to change over EVERYTHING.. make new brackets get it engineered; so on an so forth.. I have also put the VZ interior in as well.. I am looking forward to this because it will definitely be one of a kind. but I have a question though, does anyone know possible advantages between an LS1 5.7L and the 5.0L out of a VS SS, apart from the slight power increase?

3rd Jun 2009, 21:01

The LS1 should be a fair bit lighter than the Aussie 5.0, due to its all-alloy construction. It is a more of a sports engine than the Holden as well, it likes to rev more than the 5.0 so it has a different feel.

Possible disadvantages are the known oil-consumption issues with the LS1, though I think later models (like the VZ) had this cleared up.