12th Oct 2009, 18:55

I have a VS Commodore and I am now on the third replacement radiator.

I have been told that local replacements aren't available, the only replacements come from China and the manufacture of them is basically flawed.

Any advice?

15th Nov 2009, 00:27

Hey people.

I own a Holden Commodore Executive Series II, Stwagn and I have 2 problems...

My 1st problem is, 2 weeks ago I had someone try to break into my car, and they broke the back passenger side door handle. I have central door locking and I have had this broken door handle fixed with a 2nd hand part! But since this has happened, I am unable to unlock the front and back passenger side door, and the back left hand side passenger side door. They all seem to be locked in "DEAD LOCK" position?? Does anyone know how this happened and what I can do to fix it??

ND Problem: My other problem is that I had my ignition barrel changed as it was broken, I had this fixed and the keys re-computerized etc and everything I thought was fine! But the problem now is that when the guy removed the cover from the steering wheel... I don't know what he did, but now I can't lock my steering wheel into the correct height and length position. Every time I drive, the steering wheel moves all the time. Does anyone know how to fix this problem??

22nd Nov 2009, 13:48

I have owned my VS since it was 12 months old, best car I have ever owned.

Minor problem easy fix, steering wheel grinding noise, all it needs is a bit of grease under the rubber grommet on steering column.

Rear seal oil leak (very common), it's only minor, has been like it for 10 years. I believe Holden has made a better seal for this model.

Only replaced the water pump after 11 years.

She still goes like brand new, I change oil every 10,000, flush coolant every 3 years, I really don't want any other another car.

23rd Nov 2009, 22:39

Hi everybody.

I have a 96 VS that I brought in December 08. Since then I have had nothing but problems.

Firstly that shudder that everyone else seems to have, I do too, and yes at around 80ks. We thought it was the cruise control...

Secondly I have the whole cutting out problem too, starts fine, then after awhile it just up and dies!!

With every new car I buy I try to go right through it and give it a bit of TLC, so I have replaced leads, plugs, fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, fuel pump, had air con re gassed, new tyres and balancing done. Had it to the auto elecs and he replaced a chip in the ignition that fires the injectors, he also cleaned and flushed the fuel tanks and lines.

As soon as it was out of the auto elecs, I moved from the NSW side of the VIC border to Maryborough QLD. And the car hasn't been on the road since! As soon as we got to Gundawindi, we stopped for sleep as we had been on the road for almost 20hrs (I followed my husband in his Hilux @ 95ks so the car wasn't flogged). The next morning we had barely left the motel when the VS stopped, I started it again and we got 50ks down the road and it died! We pulled the tail shaft out and towed it to Mungandi and our family came and got me and my kids, then the boys took it to another family members and changed the fuel pump. The car died within 2 hours of this!! Someone please help me!! I've spent too much now to sell it!!

5th Dec 2009, 14:06

I have a 99 VT, and also have this "shuddering" occurring to the extent that I do not want to drive the car anymore. Strange thing is that this only started to occur after a service with the Holden dealers, over the past 2 weeks it has just got worse and worse, I am at the stage I want to put a match to it!!

27th Jan 2010, 20:28

We have a 2001 VT Commodore wagon. The biggest problem is that it seems to be a big long target for all manner of minor bumps from cars and stray shopping trolleys, when parked at any shopping centre.

Fuel consumption is 14 litres/100km for combined city/hwy when using ethanol blend fuel. Seems excessive, but trying to get better fuel economy by having both oxygen sensors replaced would be too costly for a pensioner, because we only drive around 300km per month.

The 150,000km service is costing $255, but an additional $400 to get worn engine mounts replaced is needed.

The engine warning light flashes intermittently and an engine fault code for the crank angle sensor has been noted by the mechanic. That will cost $255. Why is it so expensive to replace, we see the after market part cost $50, so why is there $205 labour?

If we agree to all the recommended service and repairs by the mechanic, we are up for $1350. The service and engine mount is $599 (for a pensioner), is that OK for Brisbane metro?

18th Apr 2010, 05:56

Airflow meter playing up would be where I would start on the issue of the car cutting out at random.

9th Sep 2010, 22:13

I've put a 95 VS Ecotec motor into a 94 VN. I've changed over the computer body control module, the key reader, and the key chip, so have gotten past the immobiliser, and I'm having trouble with only getting half a volt to the injectors, and no power to the spark plugs. Any ideas? It's driving me nuts.

16th Sep 2010, 22:58

If your car is cutting out, check your airflow. If that doesn't work, could be the petrol you're using. I had the same problem, but no more.

28th Oct 2010, 04:30

My VS started playing up a month ago. I would drive to the store, and when I go to start again, I get nothing! Sometimes, it would not start after driving home.

I called roadside assist, and the mechanic tells me the fuel pump is dying. Also, the cause could be a clogged fuel filter. The only thing he didn't tell me is how to find the fuel filter.

Can anyone enlighten me, please?

27th Nov 2010, 01:14

Hi all. I have a 96 Commodore wagon, by far the best example of Commodore I have owned, and believe me, I have had quite a few.

The down side to this model is the dumb positioning of the fuel pump ie inside the fuel tank. Other than that, great car.

I get fantastic fuel consumption; on a recent trip to Queensland, I traveled from Port Macquarie to Nambour, a distance of 675k, and still had a quarter of a tank left, possibly giving me 700ks to a full tank, which cost 75 dollars to fill, great fuel consumption or what?

Will be keeping this car for quite a number of years to come...

23rd Apr 2011, 00:06

This is the crank angle sensor, this is a small sensor that has 4 wires coming out of the top of it behind the harmonic balancer. The heat from the motor makes it get hot, and it makes the motor cut out. It will start after it has had time to cool down. If you get stuck far from home, pour some water on it and this should stop it getting so hot so fast, or if it cuts out on you again, pour some water on it and it should start. It is quite easy to replace, and the part can be bought at an auto parts store. You will need a harmonic balancer puller, and a rattle gun or an impact wrench for this job.