11th Aug 2011, 07:48

I agree totally, since buying a 1996 VS (it was cheap) it has been nothing but a problem. A mate at work has a 2007 Commodore, and has started to see the same problems as I have experienced, I thought it was just my cheap VS, but it is obvious that it is an underlying problem with Commodores. I also own a 1984 Pajero and have had no problems whatsoever. My advice is buy a Mitsubishi.

7th Oct 2011, 00:07

Had the same problem. The car died, looked inside where the spare wheel goes, and the wiring cover had rubbed off, exposing the copper wire which shorted out on the body. If not that, you have to chase the loom from front to back.

3rd Mar 2012, 06:33

I have had three VS sedans over the past 12 years.

The first was a V6 AUTO, Executive S1. Nothing flash, just cruise control is all it had. This car had over 300 000ks on it. The only thing I ever did to it was change the alternator once and a couple of idler pulleys, plus the engine crank angle sensor as well. It did over 600ks to a tank of juice. It had its little problems like over heating when the A/C was off, and front end vibration when you put your foot down. All in all, a GREAT CAR. It was live axle, not IRS.

The next VS was a HSV Clubby S1 AUTO, 5.0 ltr, IRS suspension. What a HEAP OF CRAP it was too. Guzzled juice, not much grunt, always had problems, engine overheating at the lights or drive through, A/C was on the blink, drove like a heap of junk, engine vibration.

I sold it and bought a VS V6 Acclaim S2. Best car I have had so far. More grunt than the HSV, and much better to drive without all the problems too. It's IRS as well, which I think is extremely over rated; you can hear everything through the rear end, not like the old live axle, which was nice and noise free, but it's still a GREAT CAR.

15th Apr 2012, 05:32

Your VS that clocked up 300,000 ks - was that on the original transmission, or have you had a new transmission put it? My VS is at 250,000 and I'm wondering how many more ks it will go for? Also, if the transmission does go, are there warning signs, or does it just fail?

19th Aug 2012, 05:21

The fuel filter is a metal looking canister. Follow the fuel lines from your petrol tank, head towards the front of the car, about 2 feet.

20th Jan 2013, 18:34

I was having problems with my VS Commodore Wagon stalling.

I had the fuel pump repaired, but as I took it out of the mechanics, it stalled again, so I took it to an auto electrician, and he found out that it was the crank angle sensor, and now problem solved.

23rd Jan 2013, 00:41

I have '95 Commodore Acclaim 260,000 k's, dual fuel, fantastic to drive.

Had recent issues with coils and motherboard needing replacement, but all good until the last couple of weeks.

On highway driving and intermittently, the steering wheel will develop a severe shudder, the engine loses a small amount power (revs go from 2000 to 2200) and the brake pedal hardens (can pull up OK though). If I turn the engine off and sit for a minute or 2 and restart, all is okay. Any thoughts?

7th Feb 2013, 18:32

Mate, don't go to Holden as they charge over twice the price of a private mechanic.

7th Nov 2014, 20:28

Sounds like the crank angle sensor needs replacing.

27th Dec 2014, 00:50

There's nothing wrong with a Camira. Mine was perfect till the day it got rear ended at some lights.

15th Apr 2016, 18:16

I have owned a VS Statesman for nearly 10 years, and apart from regular maintenance items such as brakes and tyres, I have had very few problems.

My heater core went a couple of years ago, and as I live in a warm climate, I just bypassed it.

I replaced the alternator recently and replaced the aircon evaporator about 5 years ago, but it was not wear; it was stone damage.

I think the biggest problem with these are that they just keep going and rack up 100s of thousands of kilometres. Keep your old car maintained and they will look after you. Change your oil and filters regularly, fix those little problems as they pop up, and these sturdy vehicles should see half a million kilometres.

21st Nov 2016, 15:52

Hey mate, saw your comment saying you bypassed the immobiliser on your Holden. I have a 1995 Acclaim and have lost the keys. Could you please tell me the best way to kill or bypass the immobiliser on this vehicle?