1st Oct 2007, 05:49

I just brought a 1995 VS Holden Berlina. It is a lovely car except one problem; it has a shudder, that's while you're driving or parked. I've taken to so many places and no one has been able to give a straight answer. I thought it was torque convertor, so I unbolted it and pushed it back off the motor, only to find that it still has shudder. Can anyone help me, or has anyone had same problem? I would be grateful for any help.

Thank you.

2nd Oct 2007, 21:43

I own a VS Series 2 and have had the problem with the fan not working properly and cutting out...

Here's how to fix it; replace the check engine relay, simple, took me most of a day with the dash apart to realise the AC and fan is wired through this system... weird hey.

22nd Oct 2007, 17:55

I have a 1995 VS commodore and it's only done 135,000kms and the only thing I've had to fix is a leaking sump plug which didn't cost me any money. and it's converted 2 LPG.

8th Nov 2007, 00:07

Don't ever go 2 a holden dealer, they striped my sump plug and then they told me that I needed a new Sump all that holden wants is 2 get every last cent out of you.

15th Nov 2007, 08:28

You save money in the long run if you go to a Holden dealer. All these VS commies with a long list of problems probably haven't been serviced at the right intervals at a Holden dealership. It's only common sense that Holden mechanics deal with Holdens day in and day out, and know everything there is to bloody know about them.

I've had customers like you before, and your comment isn't good advise for anyone!

16th Dec 2007, 00:02

Have recently (about 8,000 kms ago) purchased a VS Calais 1996, 117,000 Kms. Had it converted to Gas. Lovely vehicle. Costs about 5.3 cents /km highway cycle. Rear end needed new adjustable bush kit as originals were shot. Seems to be a common problem and throws out 4-wheel alignment. Cost around $450 incl labour. Makes a world of difference and saves tyre wear. Overall very pleased with car.

6th Jan 2008, 22:10

OK here it is... I'm a totally non car minded chick and was looking for a solution to a problem that my BF is having with the VS... but I can also add my voice to at least one problem with a solution... Wow!!!

VS cutting out for no reason and then mysteriously starting in 30 minutes or so... This is usually caused by the Crank Angle Sensor on the commodore... really is a problem on the VS I, II and VT. Just have this replaced (approx $230) and all is good again. Don't ignore this as seriously it can be embarrassing to be driving up the main road and have the stupid car just stop... ring the NRMA and find that by the time he gets there the car is starting perfectly... just to have it happen the next day... believe me :-)

Someone may be able to help me though... Car just refused to start this morning.

Battery fine...

Ignition turns and everything comes on fine...electrically that is

Steering lock...stuck. Can't release the steering at all

NO START... very sad.

5th Feb 2008, 17:26

My VS has a shudder when it hits about 80 kph. The car feels like the engine is disengaged and there is a grinding sound. When I remove my foot from the accelerator the shudder stops. The shudder also seems to happen more when I am going up a hill.

27th Feb 2008, 18:45

I would replace the car key first. have a look on ebay. I would then look at getting the crank angle sensor replaced. (also on ebay).

28th Feb 2008, 19:18

After spending almost 3hrs stuck in the car with my entire family, plus dinner on our laps... I got so p***ed off that I booked the car into Holden... my husband took the day off work... and we had the crank angle sensor replaced... best money we've spent on this car! I am now able to turn the car off... and thankfully it restarts straight away.

11th Mar 2008, 03:28

OK, so the big problem of the Crank Angle Sensor from my experience and others...

When this little bagga is not happy, it will stop your car while you're driving (oops') and it won't let you restart your car straight after stopping it, or sometimes a little while after, or sometimes even longer... but if this happen to you, try to start it anyway a few times quickly: turn the key on and off (without waiting when off) 2 or 3 times. I know it's not good for the engine, but it save me a few time and you will not be stuck there for a while!! Try it...

And for the key... Holden will probably tell you that if you don't get a key from them and programed by them you'll take the risk that it won't work...hehe...money, money...

In fact, even a little key shop maker (Mr "something") his able to do it, with a much lower cost than our loved "Dealer" (yes, it's a dealer first, not a mecca!)...

Anyway, hope this comment will help some of you... and sorry for my bad English, I'm not...

16th Mar 2008, 21:58

Howdy folks. I left the message above some weeks ago... I seem to have been lost in the mix after assisting the lady with the key/CAS problem. I have spoken to a dealer who suggested that my problem is a common one, and that nobody has been able to figure out why it occurs. Does anyone have any idea??? HELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!

20th Apr 2008, 06:46

I have a VS that I love. It is a great car, but when the weather is hot, I have trouble getting the top air con vents to open. I have climate air.

29th Apr 2008, 06:12

Hey guys, I bought a VS commodore s2 about a year ago and have had no trouble except the steering column makes a grinding noise.

Other than that a fantastic car made by a wonderful company and a major upgrade from a camira.

29th Aug 2008, 02:44

My son has a VS Berlina, which constantly cuts out whilst he is driving.

The car has been to two separate mechanics, the second of which tested the crank angle sensor and said that was the problem and replaced it. One week later the car is acting up again and has stopped after about 25-30 minutes running time.

This 25-30 minutes seems to be the standard time for the problem to arise (just happens to be about the same time it takes my son to drive home from his girlfriend's place).

Have noted various comments on this problem, some suggest the Crank Angle Sensor, some suggest the key, can I please get some advice?

13th Sep 2008, 23:26

My son had that problem with a VS Acclaim. We had the crank angle sensor replaced and the fuel pump. It turned out to be damage to the wires from the crank angle sensor where they run under the engine. The wire was disconnecting every now and then, then connecting again when the engine cooled. It was only found when the auto electrician, as a last resort, pulled out the wires and tested them.

25th Sep 2008, 16:19


My VS wagon also does this. I am no car expert but... I lost control of my wagon in the snow (as ya do haha). Left rear wheel hit the curb. Must have bent the axle or munted the bearings or something. About to look into that, will keep ya posted. Anyone else have any thoughts?