1987 Honda Accord LX-i Hatchback 2.0L SOHC I-4 from North America


I must have got a raw deal


Transmission went out ($1,980).

Brake pads and cylinders went bad and were replaced.

Right front brake hose was busted.

Idles at more than 2,000 RPM sometimes.

General Comments:

The car's appearance has been kept up with only one tear in the interior which is not even visible without really looking for it.

New master cylinder.

Even with the new transmission the car is so slow, I clocked my 0-60 at over 15 seconds!!

It's horrible, a lot is to do with the fact that if I floor it, it goes into 2nd gear fine, but when the RPM reaches around 5000 (by the way it's great to have a tacc) in 2nd the damned thing won't shift into 3rd.

I have to let up on the gas to let it shift, I have no idea why it does that.

The car is very strong though, when my brake line busted, I actually rear-ended my friend in the middle of New Orleans, and all that happened to my car was the front license plate was bent backwards under my bumper. Put a nasty scratch in my friend's brand new Civic EX though.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2001

1987 Honda Accord LX 2.0 Litre from North America


Durable quality and reliability that does just about everything well


Previous owner supplied all service records. Only major problem was upper ball joint on front suspension was knocking. Mileage unsure.

Engine had a history of overheating before I bought it. Suspected to be from chronically dirty cooling system. Replaced radiator/flushed system when I bought it (188,355 miles.) and no problems since.

Driver's-side exterior door handle broke and replaced at 206,000.

Connecting-rod bearings (at crankshaft) began to wear out and became noisy. Replaced at 219,000.

A/C didn't work when I bought it. Converted system to R134a for $350 at 230,000.

Cruise control master switch was stuck in the 'on' position when I bought the car. Replaced with used part ($10).

Alternator failed at 249,000.

Water pump sprang leak at 256,000.

Cracked head and failed oil pump at 261,000. Complete engine rebuild (All gaskets/seals, new clutch, transmission rebuild, engine overhaul - mainly "preventive" maintenance).

Driver's-side power window motor chipped tooth and needed replacing at 282,000.

Upper ball joint separated on left rear suspension at 301,000. Replace upper rear arms/joints on both sides for $150.

Replace warped front brake rotors at 306,000 (Previous owner had same problem, so this made third set of new rotors).

Rear-ended by Ford F-350 at 311,000. Shattered left tail-light assembly, wrinkled quarter panel, minor bumper damage, yet no frame damage. $1,200 damages, but car held up extremely well.

Blown head-gasket at 328,000 (Not Honda's fault; used generic gaskets during 261,000-mile engine rebuild - big mistake).

Left-side drive axle joint loosened and cause massive driveline shutter. Replaced at 329,000.

Various dash lights have burned out. Many too difficult to reach to fix.

General Comments:

331,500 miles to date and still going strong!

Despite the aforementioned repairs, this has been an extremely reliable car, given how much driving I do.

Always, always use Honda Genuine Parts if you replace anything! My lesson has been learned.

This car feels very solid. Doors close with vault-like sound. Suspension/steering combo gives it a heavy feel.

Best power steering I've ever experienced. Can steer with pinky at stop or low speed. Tightens up at higher speed. Great compromise!

Typical Honda fun-to-drive quality about it.

Weak brakes by design. Too small, rotors warp, brake pads go quickly, and pedal becomes squishy. However, brakes have never been dangerously poor - just weak.

Luxurious ride and good handling, though, a tad too much body roll. I have to remind myself this is only a family sedan!

Adequate power from the 98-hp standard engine. Feels more powerful than it really is!

Good cargo space for a compact, especially with fold-down rear seat.

Fuel efficiency is remarkable. On average I get 32 mpg. That's about 500 miles per tank of gas.

Pop-up headlights give the car a unique look and make parallel parking and judging distances a breeze!

All my friends can't believe the car has 331,000 miles. They all say it rides and drives like a new car.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2001