1987 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


Breaks my heart to retire her... only because of the frame; won't pass inspection anymore..


Thermostat valve..

Rotors, tires, the usual stuff. Except the frame is now so bad after an accident a long time ago, they told me not to put any more money into it. Breaks my heart, because she starts up every time! (except you have to step on the gas pedal for 1 second to start her)

Currently sitting out to pasture, and still starts right up!

Transmission redone, and redone again due to a mechanic's error.

New strut after a fall into a big pothole. Very creaky axle, no one can find the source.. not a CV joint.

Horn only sort of works, they can't find that problem either.

Turning on the headlights is a two handed operation, hold the stick and turn.

General Comments:

Such a comfortable layout, feel safe with the size. Love the driver's side layout. Love not seeing any hood out the windshield... just road.

I love this car. A good deal for $600 to drive for 2 years after my 1990 Civic engine blew at 145000 miles!!

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Review Date: 4th April, 2001

1987 Honda Accord LX 2.0 4-cylinder from North America


The most reliable car on the road


Air conditioning does not work.

The body still looks good except for some rust.

Hit by two deer, messed up the front right fender, but was repaired and looks good as new now.

0-60mph in a long time...

General Comments:

Well I would just like to say that this car was well worth the 15,000 dollars it cost in 1986. I passed the quarter of a million mile mark on January 1, 2001, original transmission and engine. Hoping to fix it up and use it as my Sunday driving car in the future, just gotta get the money somehow..

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Review Date: 14th February, 2001

1987 Honda Accord LX-i 1.6L OHV from North America


For the money, it will run longer than any other car I've ever come across


A pipe fell off a semi and put a hole the size my fist in the radiator ($160).

They didn't put the reserve hose on correctly so it all leaked out one day ($20 which they paid for).

Complete brake system ripped itself to pieces.

Rotors and calipers ($1,050).

Main fuel relay went out ($110).

ECU is failing slowly.

General Comments:

I've had this car since I was 17. To be completely honest, I've beaten the living crap out of it racing trucks other Hondas, Toyotas and anything that I would want to. Only lost to a 99' Z24, probably cause I peeled out for 15 feet. Mind you I do not race Z28's or Accord V6's. No real point now is there? For 1.6L rated at 110HP it's rather peppy.

I swear the car will start in any condition. Remember one day when it was around -50, cranked twice and started just fine. While my friends '98 Pontiac GTP just wouldn't start.

Paided 3 grand for it. Bought it at the same time my sister bought her Mazada 626 LX (5 grand). Hers is dead now and had constant problems, and mine is still kicking. Hondas, are the most reliable cars I've ever come across. Too bad my ECU is going to die soon, have to put her to rest and get a Talon.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2001

22nd Feb 2007, 06:12

Nice man I just me one also I plan on puting about 1 (grand) to the honda mine an 1987 5-speed.

1987 Honda Accord LX-i Hatchback SOHC 2.0 fuel inj. 4cyl from North America


A reliable, sporty, ahead of its time bargain


2nd and 3rd gear synchros are going out - needs repairing. It's my fault though, because I let someone drive it who ground those two gears on a regular basis... I'm surprised it held out as long as it did.

So far, nothing has gone wrong with the car except for a plastic bushing on the flip up headlight motor that fell off... it was like 3 dollars to buy and it snapped back on.

Driver's side power window motor died... pulled a junked one and installed it myself for 22 bucks.

Everything else on the car that came with it works perfectly, and has never been replaced!!!

General Comments:

I can't stress how wonderful this car is. It's been rear-ended hard enough to bring the bumper off the car that hit me... and did NOTHING to mine. The previous owner of this car ran into a pole... I just popped the bumper back into place.

If you need cheap, used transportation... get a Honda... even when little crappy things break... it's just gonna keep going... this engine doesn't burn ANY oil. NONE!!

Paint is glossy and beautiful... suspension stiff, but sporty... engine is very refined.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2001

11th Jul 2001, 12:40

Your car is just a baby with less than 100,000 miles on it.

Mines at 218,000 and its still kicking. Only thing wrong is that it doesn't have big enough backseat :-D.

24th Jul 2001, 23:45

130,000 miles and still running strong. I just replaced the clutch and pressure plate two weeks ago, and have had to only do minor maintence on the car since I've owned it.

The synchronizer is going out in second and third gear too, but that was also my fault being I learned how to drive a stick on this car.

The car purrs down the road and still has enough juice in it to beat a friends 125 hp 95 Saturn SC2. So definitely a good car.

23rd Sep 2002, 10:51

Anyone know where I can get a replacement rear view mirror for my 87' Accord Hatchback? I cannot find one anywhere and it will cost $80 through the dealer. I am checking junkyards next. Thanks. The car has 86,000 miles and runs really well except for the throttle reving when it is idle. Super nice ride and speedy.

27th Jun 2007, 11:32

Have a 1987Honda Hatchback and looking for a replacement rear window some passing kids broke on my car recently. Can anyone help identify a possible source?


29th Oct 2008, 16:55

I own a 1987 Honda Accord LXI. It was given to me by my Daughter before she joined the US Navy.

The old car looks and drives pretty good, considering she only paid $550 for it, and for about 8 months she drove it about everywhere!

I've decided to fix it up for a daily driver for the family.

It's eating the inside of the front tires (I believe a set of front struts & springs, and a professional alignment should solve this problem).

It has a problem with an erratic idle (you can also feel it doing the same thing slightly as you are going down the road too), and after it gets to a half a tank of gas, it'll act act like it's running out of gas unexpectedly, and as it gets closer to 1/4 a tank, it does it so often, you can't hardly drive it. Someone told me it was the fuel pump (?). Can anyone give me advice; also looking for an aftermarket company that sells a lot of stuff (mechanical & cosmetic).

Don't have a computer at home, but please write me if you will: Clyde, 508 E. Main St., Williamston, NC 27892. Would greatly appreciate any help or advice that could be given, Thanks.