1992 Honda Accord EX-R 2.2L 16v from North America


For $4,500.00 Canadian, I'm enjoying every penny


It's worth noting I purchased new front tires, front brakes, and 1 spring almost immediately after I got the car; the old ones were still usable, but I wanted better performance.

What's gone wrong:

Loose ball joints (front, both upper and lower). Had to be replaced @ 214,000.

ABS warning light won't turn off.

A/C is beginning to show its age.

Slight rust on sides, beneath doors.

Middle tail-light bulb has burnt out.

"Accord" on the floor mats is starting to fade :o (

General Comments:

For a 12-year old car, it's in excellent shape. Sunroof still works (even the little wind deflector that pops up), along with all 4 power windows, both power mirrors, and A/C.

With 140 ponys this thing really pulls its weight around, it accelerates onto freeways with ease and can run at 170+ km/h with no hesitation.

Handling is very responsive although a bit unstable on rough pavement.

Low-end torque is pretty average, but once you get into 2nd gear, that's when the car really begins to fly.

I've driven my family's 2002 Civic and it feels like a chore compared to my 1992 Accord. It's like a senile old man who doesn't know when to quit. It definitely doesn't feel like it's age.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2004

1992 Honda Accord LX 4 cylinder from North America


A great bargain if the price is right


It needed new spark plugs and a new muffler at 218K. I don't know if it had work done previously because I didn't own it. I am noticing that it's starting to slip. So I am guessing that the transmission is starting to go. But I'll just run it until it doesn't go anymore.

General Comments:

Overall, great car! Pretty dependable and rides smooth. I only paid $200.00 for this car and I have only put 400.00 into it because of the muffler. So that's a great bargain! Honda has a pretty good reputation for these cars and no I believe it. The car has been nothing, but a good car for me. I am drive it anywhere and it is pretty good in the snow and on ice. However, I think it I paid the actual price it was worth, I don't know if I would be as happy with it. I knew the person I bought it off of, so I got a great deal.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004

1992 Honda Accord EX-R 2.2 from North America


One tough little commuter car


Distributor & shaft - 80000KM.

Brakes, Brakes, Brakes always brakes - ABS light came on after service 7 years ago. Its been on ever since. Dealer (s) can, t figure our whats wrong. The recommended replacing the whole system. Car stops fine without ABS.

Transmission - 190000km.

CV Joints - 180000km.

Electronic Fuel Injector regulator - Car wouldn't start if cabin hot inside. 70000 km.

Radiator - 190000 km.

A/C condenser - 190000km.

Wheel Bearings - 120000,210000km.

Ball joints, main oil seal, pan, valve cover gaskets (timing belt and water pump (2nd time) ) 300000km.

Horn, fan blower motor 330000 km.

Power aerial (3 so far)

Cassette player (didn't miss it)

General Comments:

Other than the minor problems stated above, only routine maintenance. was required.

Oil changed every 4000 km

Note to Accord owners. If you don't already know this, ONLY use Honda Transmission fluid.

At 400000KM everything still works.

As the guy said in the book, this car doesn't really excel at anything - It just does everything very well. I agree.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2004

1992 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


A very reliable little tank. Decided to sell because needs service and front suspension


The distributor failed at 95,000 miles or about 3½ yrs. I submitted claim to American Honda. Was reimbursed me for the cost of repairs.

Poor handling from original rims and tires which seems to still be an issue with many Hondas even today.

Replaced both front axles which was cheaper than replacing CV joints.

Motor/Clutch still original! Even though shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear is funny, it's only a minor inconvenience. Could easily get an additional 100K or more out of it!

Braking system is the best in it's class. Got 80,000+ miles out of each set of set of pads, never had to replace the rear drums.

General Comments:

The car still still gets up and goes;

Recently Replaced stock rims with 15" rims which resulted in major improvement with braking and handling, like it's on rails.

Gas mileage: averaged 31MPG.

Excellent bad weather/winter car.

Could use a little more low end torque, but still handles and accelerates better than my wifes 2001 Civic EX.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2004