1992 Honda Accord 2.2i 2.2 from Hong Kong


A good family car


Power windows always had problem. Although I changed 3 times, it will disorder so soon.

Gear box need to change when 150000KM. I bought a secondhand gear box. Cost HK$ 3000.

General Comments:

Running cost is not high. About $1.3 per KM. (In Hong Kong, one liter petrol cost HK$ 10.6)

The seats is really comfort. I really like the power seat.

Engine runs smooth.

Air-condition is really good.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2004

1992 Honda Accord EX Coupe No clue from North America


A Cute, Reliable Car-choose HONDA!


Not many problems with this car-absolutely wonderful!

Windows stick a bit, but not hard to fix.

Brake pads had to be replaced, but after many miles-expected for car with over 150,000 miles.

Side door handle on inside break easy and kind of cheap, but easy to replace.

General Comments:

This car was my first car--I named her Shawanda the Honda. She had over 180,000 miles when I bought her and ran like a beauty!

My car was awesome on gas, easy to drive, and looks nice on the road!

I would refer this car to anyone, young or old because accords or anything Honda is great!

The service was wonderful and I never had many problems with my car.

I only got rid of it because I drive it more now back and forth to school, and it had over 200,000 miles!

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Review Date: 12th November, 2003

1992 Honda Accord EX-R (Canadian) 2.2L 4 cylinder. from North America


Sexy, reliable and smooth


Nothing wrong just routine maintenance. Just replaced the timing belt and water pump.

General Comments:

I love this car! Unfourtunatley my car was involved in a Hit and Run. (The one that was hit) The SUV driver that hit my caused over six thousand dollars damage to the car, but because it's a Honda it was not written off. Shes still worth tons and run like a dream. Acceleration in this car kicks and corners on a dime. Power sunroof and all power options make this car the best investment I have ever made.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

1992 Honda Accord LX V4 from North America


For as much as I paid, $3500.00, I would have wanted something more reliable


The car drove and handled fine at first. However, within 12 months of having it the transmission began to fail. The transmission would not shift at all while in drive and was stuck in 2nd gear. While on the Interstate going 70 mph the RPM's go up over 5,000. While stopped at red-lights I have to manually place the car in 1st gear or it takes forever to accelerate. I took it to a car mechanic who said this would take $1,500.00 to repair and I do not have the money right now.

In April of 2003 the turn signals just randomly stopped working. There was no blown fuses and all the bulbs worked as does the hazard light function.

The door upholstery has begun to peal off for no reason.

The door handles interior silver covering has begun to peel off.

General Comments:

Not too bad of a unit. I think the previous owner did not take care of this car as well as they should have.

Handles very well. Friends are amazed.

Seats are uncomfortable for trips over one hour.

Trunk is large.

Not much legroom for taller persons.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2003

22nd Sep 2003, 21:55

I drive a 1991 Honda Accord LX. Your mechanic is so trying to rip you off. I had exactly the same transmission problem. All you require is a new Transmission Controller/Computer.It cost me $300.This will definitely solve your shifting problem.

1992 Honda Accord LX 2.4L F4 from North America


Reliable, yet somewhat bland with easily accessible performance


The right headlight was changed about two months ago with the OEM bulb until I decided to upgrade to high-intensity discharge bulbs for both.

I had the B and C pipes of the exhaust changed about a month ago (about $500 altogether).

Just last week, I had both gaskets replaced and new spark plugs and a few other smaller things I can't recall right now.

General Comments:

Overall, the car is fairly reliable and operating costs are low.

Unfortunately, the insurance is surprisingly high and the gas mileage is more inconsistent than one would expect.

For a modest twelve-year-old family sedan with a four-speed automatic, it has surprisingly good performance. I've personally clocked the 0 to 60 at 7.5 seconds (you have to make sure to get a good launch) with a friend's G-force monitor and have reached 102 mph on the highway (in traffic, no less!), and I was really holding back. I have no reason to doubt the factory's 130 mph claim. It corners like a larger 2-door with early (yet negotiable) understeer that can be compensated for by lifting off the gas. 50 mph is easily attainable on an on-ramp, but its real strength is off-ramps, where the speed you can attain is limited only by how gutsy you are, since there is pretty much no downforce and any move above 55 mph is a risky proposition. Although that makes it unsafe, turning at very high speed is possible if you have the skill and cojones for it.

If you're thinking that this is more attention than any bone-stock '92 Accord should ever attain, I plan on studying journalism in college and writing for a car mag after graduating.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2003

22nd Nov 2003, 23:32

Well.. having owned many sports cars in my life, and now driving a 92 accord as a second car, I can't imagine anything the car does that could possibly make you think it does anything fast. My grandmas new buick will outperform this car any day (in every way), but it is very reliable.