1992 Honda Accord EX 2.2 liter from North America


An all around reliable, safe, and good looking car


The radiator went out about 4 months ago.

General Comments:

The car is absolutely great and can be turned into a high performance vehicle with a few modifications easily.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2002

1992 Honda Accord EX 2.2 Liter from North America


This Honda has outlived it's expectations


The front end developed a shake when the brakes were applied shortly after I purchased the vehicle, and replacement of the rotors, rotors & bearings, and brake pads have failed to get rid of the matter. I replaced the front struts at 180,000 miles, and am on my third timing belt, though it has never failed. I did recently replace the bottom end gaskets and the oil filter boss gasket to eliminate lower end oil leaks. I have never had a mechanic tune the engine or make any adjustments to the vehicle. I do all of my own repairs and have not had any mechanical failures that have left me out of the vehicle to this point. I have had the common rust problem that I see that the other Accords have at the rear edge of the rear wheel opening on the quarter panels. I have replaced the water pump once with the timing belt because it looked like it might be a good idea at the time, though it hadn't failed yet. And I have replaced the A/C condenser because a stone ruptured the coils, and the radiator was replaced because it started to leak out at the bottom of the core.

General Comments:

I bought the car for the reliability and fuel mileage concerns. Both have lived up to my expectations. The vehicle has been extremely reliable and averages 32 mpg for all of my driving. My job requires that I travel a bit throughout the state, and this car has been one of my best write-offs. I am impressed that the starter, alternator and other general maintenance issues generally associated with vehicle ownership have not been any problems yet. I change my engine oil every 2,500 miles, the oil filter every other oil change, and transmission oil every 10,000 miles. It's a four cylinder, so I do not expect this vehicle to be categorized as a performance vehicle, but I understand it can be modified if so desired. I am also amazed at the condition of the seat covers at this point - for as much as I get in and out of the vehicle, I would understand if the seat edge were worn or even tore, but to this day, the material does not indicate any significant wear issues.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2002

6th Mar 2005, 02:51

I had Accord 91 first, and same: very impressed, now with ‘99 good run continues (since new). Whatever happens now: 100 000 miles on it, it's life, but I know that in all likelihood I'll be a one happy owner for some time.

10th Sep 2010, 12:13

With regards to your shake when braking, have you used genuine Honda parts? I have a 1995 Accord LX, and it had the same shake when I used generic parts. I then replaced them with parts from the dealer, and have no shake at all.

1992 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


Expensive maintenance


Timing belt change was 675, idles rough after being overcharged an hour and a half for labor at Honda dealer.

Front rotors and brake service is 300+ and impossible to change rotors without shop tools.

Top plastic part of radiator cracked.

Plastic, inner, front door handles cracked beyond use. Dealer can only supply rear handles.

Factory radio shorts out.

Car has to be lifted to change oil.

Two sets of outer C.V. boots.

Right axle and C.V. joint.

Entire exhaust replaced.

Barely passes Washington, D.C. emissions on 93 octane gas.

Distributor is defective and has to be replaced.

A/C no longer holds refrigerant.

General Comments:

Expensive maintenance.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2002

21st Oct 2003, 22:35

Hey, whoever wrote this review is on top of things. I just bought a 1992 Accord Coupe. It runs good, don't get me wrong... but here are the things I find wrong with it.

1. engine idles at almost 2000RPM when car is started, & takes at least 5 minutes for it to return to normal.

2. my driver side door handle plastic piece is completely broken.

3. my AC will be cold as ice, for 10 minute after I turn it on, after that I might as well just take the damn thing out.

So far, this is what's wrong. My cousin is the original owner of the car, and I bought it from him, and he's replaced all the belts, radiator, and some other things, so I hope I don't have anything to worry about (knock on wood).

My email address is jaime5238@earthlink.net if anyone has any comments.

8th Jan 2005, 00:00

Just recently purchased a 1992 Honda Accord LX, overall I love the car. The only problems I've had so far was the transmission. I had to replace 2 parts...2-4 clutch drum and torque converter, which ended up costing $1600.