2002 Honda Accord EX 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


I'll not buy Honda car again


My Accord EX now has just over 8,000 miles and rattles like a 5 years old car. The headliner, driver and passenger windows and doors, and dashboard all rattle any time. Sometimes even it makes me hard to find out from where the noise is coming!

The worst thing I have experienced, when I went to my Honda dealer (Curry Honda, NY) for this problem, they just told me they are not hearing any such noise! So they cannot fix it.

General Comments:

The build quality of this car is unacceptable.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2003

2002 Honda Accord Sport 1800i VTEC from UK and Ireland


Good compromise between a sports car and a family car


Windscreen washer jets failed at 10000.

Front brake disc's required skimming due to surface corrosion.

General Comments:

This is a very well made car. Everything about it make you think of quality. The doors make a solid clunk when shut is just an example. All the dashboard controls are easily accessible with their positions well thought out.

After having a nightmare experience of owning a Laguna 2 this car is a joy to own and drive.

The engine is very responsive especially when the V-TEC technology comes into play and the car takes off like a rocket, even when five people are in!The suspension is quite hard for a family car, but you don't mind when throwing it round corners as it handles like a dream.

The only thing I miss from my Laguna is the lack of gadgets, maybe that's why this car is so much more reliable.

This is my first Honda and certainly won't be my last.

Starting to save for a Type R!

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Review Date: 30th October, 2003

2nd Apr 2004, 02:18

I have recently purchased a 1800 V-Tech Accord Sport on a 52 plate and I am very pleased with it. Your description of how it handles and performs is spot on and it will not be my last Honda either. It is in a league of it own.

7th Jan 2007, 02:27

Hope you manage to get your Type-R!

If you think your 1.8 is quick and handles well, you ain't seen nothing - the Type-R will blow your mind!!

I have a 2.0i VTEC SE Executive which I love, but I often wish I'd bought the Type-R that I really wanted. I have driven a couple of them, so I do know what they're like and my brother in law has a Civic Type-R which I've also driven a fair bit. I also used to have a (previous shape) Civic 1.8 VTi (170bhp) which was the fore-runner to the CTR.

If you have never experienced one of these high performance Honda engines (and their regular engines are good enough as we both know!), then prepare to be amazed.

They rev much higher, to 8,000 or 8,500 rpm and although the VTEC comes in higher up than with the mainstream engines, the power and sound is phenomenal!

My VTi was an animal on VTEC, but wasn't great in the midrange, but the newer engines in the Accord and the Civic somehow manage to have great throttle response and mid-range punch yet still go ballistic when you hit the zone.

As you can tell, I'm a bit of a fan!!!

2002 Honda Accord SE Executive from UK and Ireland


Poor quality Honda Accord


A. Driver's door panel rattles. Initially when the car was driven on rough surfaces, but now at any time.

B. Driver's electric seat creaks. Loosely mounted.

C. Driver's window creaking noise. Window rattles when lowered - loosely secured.

D. Driver side B and C pillars creak excessively. Extensive rattling inside the plastic trims.

E. Front passenger's seat creaks at hinges/lower bolster - Loosely mounted.

F. Near side passenger door rattles.

G. Climate control generates occasional high pitch whizzing noise.

H. Rattling inside the rear bumper. Happens whenever the boot lid or any door is shut.

I. Excessive rattling noise from parcel shelf.

J. Squeaky brake pedal.

K. Excessive wind noise at speed from the driver side doors.

General Comments:

The above faults developed within 2 weeks of delivery, I'm taking the car back for them to repair or replace.

Dealer service has been excellent though.

The car rides very well, but the quality of the interior is appalling.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2003

6th Jul 2003, 14:42

I've got a 1.8s (2001) and it has more rattles than a creche. Other than that it is a fine car!

26th Feb 2004, 19:04

Does anyone have rattling/creaking from the rear suspension? Dealer seems to think it's alright, but it's very pronounced on rough surfaces. cheers.

25th Oct 2005, 11:45

I have owned 5 Hondas, none of them new, including 4 Accords. Never had a single problem and found build quality, including the interiors, to be exemplary.

With this many rattles and squeaks, are you sure it hasn't been crashed by a previous owner (and poorly repaired)?

11th Jul 2007, 21:20

I owned an Accord 1.8 Vtec SE for three months until I wrote it off. The engine was excellent in terms of performance, but very poor in terms of fuel economy. I had read much about Honda's famed build quality, but to be honest didn't really see or feel it. The interior trim felt flimsy and there were quite a few rattles, although at speed one couldn't hear them with the noise level in the car. The stereo was also rubbish and the drivers seat did not go back far enough. All in all, I would have to say it was a pretty average car and I was glad to return to a German marque.