13th Oct 2009, 12:09

Okay, why are we stating that domestics have such great warranties? The 100,000 mile warranty was conceived by import brands such as Hyundai. The domestic companies saw that as a marketing tool, NOT as faith in their products. They figured it was worth the chance to offer the warranty and sell more cars then to have a lesser warranty and lose out to the foreign car companies.

Not all foreign companies have a long warranty. I know Honda is 5 year 60K... but so is Ford. Chrysler has the lifetime limited warranty... but I am sure that is very limited! Hyundai, Suzuki, and Kia all have 100K warranties and they are imports... The last GM product I bought was 3 year, 36K but that was 6 years ago so I am not sure what they are offering now. They are probably longer now due to the warranty wars going on.

13th Oct 2009, 13:18

8:01 I use to hear than my family came through Ellis Island for a higher quality of life than overseas. I appreciate OSHA and OHS that cares about workers health, cumulative trauma, workplace safety, ergonomics, environmental issues and warnings, MSDS postings, proper health care, cleanliness, nutrition and far less disease for openers... sounds better that some overseas factory conditions I have seen. Lose an eye, a limb and be useless and on the street. I appreciate the sacrifices others have made to improve our quality of life not cheapen it. Eliminating a lot of the environmental concerns and safety I suspect you could certainly buy a cheaper import... what's lead paint or small parts that may choke a child for example? It's nice to have high standards with workers and manufacturing safety and health issues vs. cutting corners.

Less warranty is another example..... 100,000 mile minimum should be the norm I feel for 2010. No warranty is no warranty.

13th Oct 2009, 18:08

I was appalled by the argument that American's who drive imported vehicles were "unpatriotic". This country was based on freedom. For those of you who think someone is "unpatriotic" because the car they drive, let me ask you this: The computer you're typing on right now, where was it made? I'd be more than willing to bet it wasn't here. The televisions you watch your news on? Probably not made here. What about the vacuum cleaners and other products you use to clean your "precious" domestics? Those definitely weren't made here. What about all of the clothes you own? Very unlikely that those were made here. How about your appliances? The ones you clean with and cook with? Most likely those were imported. How about all of your children's toys and games? Those DEFINITELY were not made in the States.

So before you call the owners of imports unpatriotic, have a good look at what is around you. 9 times out of 10, it was imported, or used imported parts. Nothing is 100% anymore. It doesn't matter what it is your buying, something on it was imported. Everything is global now.

But really, to call somebody unpatriotic because the vehicle they drive is wrong. What especially made me angry was to hear that somebody called one persons uncle unpatriotic because he drove a Toyota, yet he just got back from serving his country in Iraq and has to leave his family behind once more to return there. And also, like someone else on this thread who said they won't be buying any Ford products again due to the viciousness of the attacks against imports, claiming that Fusion is so much better, I will not be buying a Ford product again either. I'd rather purchase a Chevrolet. Which is saying a lot, because my last experience with Chevrolet was downright awful.

14th Oct 2009, 06:23

Well, well, it seems that Ford has announced that it is recalling 4.5 million vehicles. I guess those Ford fanatics that just a week or two ago were bashing Toyota because of their massive floor mat recall are going to learn that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

The fact is that automobiles are machines, and by their very nature they are subject to fail. Some parts fail due to a design flaw, some fail from wear, tear & stress. Some fail from some fluke. Basically ALL automobiles are pretty decent.

Well there have been a few brands that seem to be plagued with more problems than others (some Chryslers and Volkswagens seem to have a lot of issues lately). I also believe that all of the (imperfect) technology that is being crammed into vehicles nowadays creates more problems due to their complexity. However all cars are now made up of parts manufactured all around the world, and it seems that most automobile companies are part owned by companies in other countries.

I personally think that it is shortsighted to scapegoat people and try to pin responsibility for the economy on someone because they happen to drive an imported car. It makes NO SENSE to attempt to see things as black & white.

You can sit behind your computer and try to blame average hard-working Americans for the economic problems in the USA, or you can blame the boogie man - either way, you would be wrong.

I've got an idea, why don't we get back to discussing CARS, and leave the politics to the politicians.

I personally am very impressed with the Ford Fusion. I'm also very impressed with the Camry and the Accord. I suggest you drive them all and buy the one that you like best and best fits your needs. If anyone calls you "unpatriotic" because of your choice - ignore them, they are just plain mistaken.

14th Oct 2009, 12:28

I totally agree with you 100%, but Honda and Toyota can do the same and follow the same safety standards and pay their workers half of what the domestic companies do. Plus, it is the big three that have outsourced their labor to other countries to cut costs. I don't think that is right either, but they have to cut their costs now due to decades of overpayment. There just needs to be a balance there, and they have gone too long without any.

14th Oct 2009, 12:30

Perfect example of why it is better to have a 100000 mile warranty on all new 2010 vehicles. Meaning all.

I like the words empathy and common sense even more than who is patriotic. The economy is rotten it seems. Rather than give away even one single order of any consequence is foolhardy. The next downsize could be you. The next furlough could be you. Anyone want a raise instead of a pay cut or a 3 or 4 day work week? It's your wallet and your diminishing paycheck sure.

I say less quality and less warranty on our previous Hondas. I use to care less especially in the past. I think everyone can buy whatever they like, but not complain when their domestic employer folds where they live and work.

Your family and friends may want to work vs stand in the unemployment line.

14th Oct 2009, 12:36

Of course, don't forget your computer monitor was probably designed and built in Japan. Makes everyone posting on here unpatriotic doesn't it?

14th Oct 2009, 16:25

I think we should use the word common sense even more than patriotic, as I want to work full time, no pay cuts or furloughs, or any chance of raises and benefits reduced. Or even downsizing. I feel if we use common sense and not throw every order away it's significant, even by one single person in America. I feel we deserve a higher standard of living and not be another third world country cheapening our roadways and quality of life. The domestic engineers and designers with each new domestic order can spend and put their decent salary - money back into our own economy vs. downtown Japan. I hate to think they are laughing at us. I hope I am wrong on that thought, but I wonder.