1990 Honda Civic GL 1.4 16v from Italy


Cheap and reliable


Replaced the muffler at 90,000 km and 140,000 km.

Replaced the carburettor at 85000 km.

It's getting rusty.

Noisy at high speeds (over 150 km/h).

General Comments:

A very reliable and cheap car.

The engine delivers good power and torque.

The interior is very practical and roomy.

The exterior design is pretty unique although it is not aging very well.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2001

9th Mar 2005, 19:36

I got a 1990 Honda Civic Si. My car is still running after 185,000 miles. I bought it for $900. Great gas saver and after a royal flush of the engine, the car run smooth. Pretty quick for a small engine. The only bad thing about my civic is that the seatbelt is located on the door. = (

1990 Honda Civic Si Hatchback 1.6L from North America


A very good car


Alternator went and tried to fix it myself (big mistake), you have to take the left front axle off to get it out of the engine compartment.

Gas tank began to leak, was replaced.

Distributor rotor went twice in two weeks.

Finally called it quits when some valve springs got loose.

Burn two quarts a week.

General Comments:

For the km and how I drove it, this car is probably the best manufactured car on the market. I would get one just like it in a heart beat, although I will probably get one with A/C.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2001

1990 Honda Civic LX 4 cylinder from North America


Excellent car, everyone should drive one at some point in their lives


CV joints, both sides.

Stalling problems, with and without ignition ignitor recall. In and out of the mechanic several times, but I question his competency.

Usual wear and tear.

Water pump at 95000 miles.

Trunk latch broke one day, and had to tie it down. Thank goodness for my luggage rack.

Started burning oil very bad toward the end.

An alternator a year, and several batteries along with it.

General Comments:

I loved this vehicle. Cried when engine blew cylinder #2 going up a hill, but wouldn't you know it, she still ran... just clunky and slow!! Sold her with a dead engine!!

The interior really held up, even when it got submerged in water. Looked brand new right until the end.

Very open and airy passenger compartment. Friends with sports cars liked driving mine better than their own!

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Review Date: 4th April, 2001

1990 Honda Civic Si 3-Door Hatchback 1.6L DOHC 16v from North America


Speedy and economical!


Absolutely nothing! It was perfect from the moment I got it!

General Comments:

The 108 horsepower 1.6L DOHC engine is extremely efficient in providing a smooth and extremely fast ride. This car is quick and I mean quick, and its also a gas saver at the same time. You get the best of both worlds with this little hatchback!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2000

18th Feb 2001, 16:50

Absolutly the best car I've ever seen.

24th Sep 2001, 20:59

I have owned two 1990 Honda Civic Si's and loved them. But watch out because around 160k they start having cooling problems.

21st Mar 2005, 09:23

Well the car is not powered by a DOHC 1.6 vtec it's a SOHC 1595 cu non- vtec. Only cars macufactured in Japan have a B16a with is a DOHC Vtec :)

1990 Honda Civic VT 1.6 DOHC VTEC from UK and Ireland


Fast, fun, great quality and economical - superb!


Nothing as of yet, however I am having problems with a leaking rear window at the moment.

General Comments:

This car is fantastic. The engine is addictive and begs you to hammer it every time you press the accelerator. It easily out performs the so called legends that are the 205 1.9 GTi and the Golf GTI 16v and I would also argue that it handles better. It sometimes feels like you will never be able to put yourself off the road, the grip, thanks to double wishbone's all round, is endless.

Fuel economy is a joke for a car as quick as this. I can return 38 mpg on fast motorway trips and can easily return 30+ mpg combined.

Another aspect of this car which is a bargain is the insurance premium. The car is grouped as a 12 for some bizarre reason, which makes insurance great value for a car that can achieve 0-60 in 7.5 sec and 127 mph top. I am twenty and because of the relatively low insurance group, insuring it is made possible.

My car has done just under 111,000 miles and the engine is still exceptionally sweet, in fact in the 4,000 miles I have covered so far I could swear that it has loosened up further!

The 1.6i-VT has an unbeatable balance of performance and value, I truly can't think of a car that can better it.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2000

13th Jan 2001, 19:56

Couldn't have put it better myself. I definitely agree on the handling and yes that engine is a gem.

I have a '91 model myself with a little over 79,000 miles on the clock (47k done by myself). The engine begs to be revved so I oblige and it seems to be completely bullet proof.

A real stealthy performance bargain!