1991 Honda Civic GL 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Honda practicality, but fun with it


Power assisted steering leak.

Engine mount collapsed.

Exhaust vibration at 1700 rpm (seems incurable!).

Head gasket failure.

Rear offside wheel arch corrosion.

Worn/faulty electric window guides (known fault when purchased).

General Comments:

Comfortable at the wheel, plenty leg and headroom.

Controls and instruments are well laid out.

Not dramatically quick (though perhaps the manual version is more responsive), but plenty adequate.

Cruises nicely at motorway speeds, though a little noisy (my 1986 Shuttle was more relaxed at 70).

Ride is about perfect; can feel the road, but most bumps get ironed out.

Power assisted steering makes the handling a bit vague, but the actual grip is very good.

Tardis like luggage accommodation; folding the front seat flat allows for 7 foot long loads.

2 doors and a low roof mean it is less than ideal as a passenger vehicle.

I've owned over 20 cars, and this is one of my favourites.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2011

1991 Honda Civic Wagon 1.5L from North America




Replace alternator - 100$.

Replace muffler - 40$.

Replace engine (3rd in car) -200$

General Comments:

If you like to work on your own cars, then HONDA is the way to go, especially the old ones. Cheap, common parts, amazing mileage, room for the family.

Every Honda I have ever abused, drove itself to the wrecking yard.

Went off roading with some friends in an International Scout. It broke an axle. I had a 78 Civic at the time. I took it into the bush, and drove 11 people back to civilization. Not good for the car, but the point is, it did it. I even used to drive the 78 up and down stairs.

My dad was always a muscle car guy, but after my first Civic, it didn't make sense anymore.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2011

1991 Honda Civic Wagon 1.5L ohc 16-valve inline-4 from North America


Fantastic car for practical people


Well, I just bought it, so the things that are wrong with the car were wrong with the car when I bought it, but here goes:

-driver's seat bolster is worn open.

-CV joint needs replacing.

-exhaust needs work.

-engine leaks some oil from both the head gasket and the valve cover gasket.

General Comments:

This car is great. I have only owned it for about 3 weeks, but in those three weeks it has carried my musical instruments, couches, chairs, an entertainment center, up to 5 people, groceries, a barbecue grill, and someone's stuff.

It has huge carrying capacity. Especially with roof racks.

It is not quick, but not bad on fuel (650km to a tank).

Has been driving on bad CV joint for months (it needs repair, but I trust it enough to wait for a bit until I have money to fix it.)

Noisy on the highway, due to high gearing (100km/hr is 3200 RPM! yikes).

Very good visibility.

Comfortable seats (for about 2 hours). Rough-ish ride.

No cup holders, and no place to put them, either, but plenty of storage space on the dash.

Why didn't they keep making these cars? I can imagine a Civic wagon would have kept competing nicely with the Ford Escort wagon and Ford Focus wagon and even these latest hatchbacks with ease. Honda, bring back a small wagon, please.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2010

23rd Dec 2010, 11:03

The best place to put a cup-holder is on that spacious dash. A single-serving size Pringles can glued to the dash has been serving me well for the almost 4 years I've owned my '91 wagon.

24th Dec 2010, 01:31

Whenever I give a fellow Civic Wagon driver a thumbs up, I get one back. It's neat to have an unofficial club of people who like these useful small cars.

1991 Honda Civic LX Sedan 1.5L from North America


Reliable, cheap, economical, fun to drive


Needed new radiator at purchase, front end re-attached, A/C compressor.

General Comments:

1991. Strange thinking that this car has lived through more years than me. A friend gave it to me for free, partly for helping him out, and partly as a friendly gesture.

After straightening out the front end, reattaching the front bumper, and installing a new radiator and fan; as a first car, I probably could never find anything better. Power everything, automatic, automatic seat belts, versatile, fun to drive. Averaging somewhere between 30 and 40 miles to the gallon. It had been undercoated at some point in its life, so rust is minimal.

The car has a few deficiencies. I have yet to replace the A/C compressor, which was damaged and removed as part of our repairs (the car had been hit in the front end and had come with a donor car).

Despite similar looks, most parts for the hatchback and wagon models will not fit the sedans, and vice versa (hood, front clip, etc.).

With only around 90 horsepower (new), the car is not a rocket. However, it's very poised while braking and cornering, very flat and handling is secure. It's always fun to drive a slow car fast, rather than a fast car slow!

And occasionally the car doesn't start right away. It may be that the carburetor is dirty (hard to believe they still made a carbureted car in 1991) or the engine needs a general servicing.


Lastly, it's not a very quiet car. I don't mind, but if I was taking a roadtrip, at 65mph the engine runs at about 3000 rpm, meaning it's a little buzzy.

Perfect car for around town, very open and airy with a good amount of rear legroom. Folding rear seats makes it versatile. Such a small turning radius! However, I would not recommend this model to anyone unless they find a meticulously maintained one - the older Civics tend to be abused by teenagers or rust easily.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2010