1991 Honda Civic Wagon 1.5L from North America


The all around best car there is!


Needed to replace alignment cambers, prior to this the tires were wearing on the side closest to the car. $400-500 fix, but that is the worst thing that has gone wrong.

The engine seals are starting to leak and need replaced soon, but this is just normal wear on an 18 year old engine.

Automatic transmission shifts a little rough, but no real problem for the past 1 1/2 years-26,000 miles I have owned it.

General Comments:

Let me just start out with the facts...

This car is a beast!!!

It gets 30+ mpg in the city, 35-40 mpg hwy.

Tires are inexpensive - $220 for 4 new tires.

Fits 4 people comfortably, 5 in a pinch. Open up the hatch and fold down the rear seat and it becomes like a small truck.

The pick-up isn't the fastest, but what do you expect from a 1.5L engine?

Small on the outside, massive on the inside. This car is all about utility and efficiency, all I can say is that I wish that Honda still made the Civic wagon. The Honda Fit however does seem to be a bit of a reincarnation of the Civic wagon though.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2009

1991 Honda Civic DX from North America


Awesome, in an awesome way


One high-beam doesn't function.

Hatch struts gave out (normal).

Some issues with the locks.

Ignition is funky.

Parking brake is a non-factor.

Holes worn through seat fabric.

Moderate sun-fading of body and fabric.

Some fabric is falling apart.

Not sure if the rear window defroster works.

General Comments:

This is a 1991 Honda Civic DX hatchback with a 1993 Honda Civic engine. Haven't had the car long, but I've driven it enough to learn a bit about it.

My Honda is probably one of the smallest, lowest to the ground cars I've ever driven in. THIS THING FEELS LIKE A GO-KART WITH EXTRA "GO".

My Honda or "Thunderfury" as I like to call it is my first car, and I think it has some excellent features for a first time car owner;


Reasonably comfortable.

Not bad looking.

And it has just enough get-up-and-go.

Additionally, this being the DX model, it's the most bare bones thing you can imagine. So there's very little to break. It has power nothing. Not even the stereo (The after market stereo that was in it at purchase is broken). My dad calls the car "Manuel" pronounced "Manwell" because everything is manual.

The only major this that is wrong with the car (knock on wood) is the parking brake. This is pretty lame because it's a standard.

Plenty of room in the back for stuff.

It seems to be extremely quiet in the cabin, no wind noise at all.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2008

5th Nov 2008, 15:33


The ignition and locks work fine now. The after market key was not working, but I have figured it out now. The rear defroster needs a new switch and the windshield washer pump system (not sure if this was reviewed) has since fixed itself.

Still loving the car.

I did hit a speed bump too fast and one of the supporting straps for the gas-tank popped off. Easy to fix.

6th Dec 2008, 18:55

Update to the update.

On Friday the 5th my car was stolen. I didn't know but it turns out that it doesn't have to be your key to open your car. Imagine that. So the little punks found out how well my sweet little Honda offroads. Then they got stuck and chased down by police dogs. Haha. Great cars, but if you have it, protect it. Good luck.

3rd Feb 2009, 13:08

I own a 1991 Honda Civic Si hatchback.

Well I've only had it for about a year, and things haven't gone so great.

Door locks are sticky; you have to jiggle them a lot, same with the ignition.

Blown heads, fixed that.

Rusted radiator, replaced that.

Alignment (3 FRONT DRIVE TIRES DESTROYED), fixed that.

Busted hoses (no big deal), fixed that.

Then it got broken into and the rear driver quarter window was busted out; took me 3 months to find another one, but finally, fixed that.

Needs new O rings, computer, and paint job, and I'm tired of fixing things. So I think I will just start over with something else.

The car was great until something went wrong; it was expensive and hard to find, and the problems came in enormous waves (but isn't that every car).

4th May 2009, 12:04

I have the same car, and yes, the rear defroster went on mine too. Had to replace the switch, but unfortunately you can't buy one aftermarket as they don't make them anymore. You have to go to a carwrecker and take one from there... I finally found one, but it was hard to as every Civic I found with the same switch... someone had already taken it out of the car! Looks like this is a common problem!