1991 Honda Civic Si 1.6 from North America


Best darn car out there


The seats are a little worn, but it is a 1991.

My alternator's original and it finally failed on me, so I'm trying to get it off. It's awkwardly placed; I have to take the front left tire and a mud-shield off to access the bolt.

Engine burns oil; not much, but enough. Runs better than mother's 1.5 1988 though, despite the burn.

AC leaks, but it's been switched to new stuff.

General Comments:

This Honda has been a dream. Since the steering is so tight, I can park my car ANYWHERE.

Seats are old, but still firm.

Gas mileage is superb. 12 dollars fills a 3/4 empty tank with ease.

All the controls are easy and within reach.

Power brakes and power steering are not needed on such a small car. The lack gives a nice race car feeling to it.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2004

1991 Honda Civic Si inline 4 1.6L 16v DOHC from Serbia




Shocks were bad. However, I never replaced them, they weren't really cheap and these were doing the job to a point. 230000 is an amazing score for a shock.

Voltage regulator failed once, I replaced it with a second-hand one. At about 220000km.

I had to set up valves when I bought it.

There was also a diesel-like noise, coming from the gearbox. This seems to be a problem with all DOHC civic/crx like mine. The lower joint bearing (one to the side of the engine) ah what's the word... was deformed (axially) due to misuse uf the car (I.E. burning tires, crash etc). Engine has a _lot_ torque and the gearbox is the same in all the civics. Expect for the shaft which lays in the mentioned bearing. It is thicker, so the bearing is non-standard and a little hard to get. I bought better gearbox from a trashed car. Of course it would run for at least 20000 more, but it just got annoying and could damage something else.

Changed engine mounts at about 225000.

Insulation on the wires under the hood was in poor condition, so it shut down once during a heavy rain. Started again after a minute with no trouble.

Right window motor was dying slowly.

Replaced the muffler once.

Water got into taillights, causing a short circuit. Easily fixed at home.

In other words, nothing to worry about.

General Comments:

A great car. Really a best buy. If you get one that wasn't too harassed, have no second thoughts, buy it and you will love it. Fuel economy is incredible, as it sits "on cam" at over 5.000RPM. If you keep it under reasonable 3.000 it can run 100.000Km with 7.5l of fuel with no problem. Real power that lies next to the red line, however, eats up to 12l like nothing. A rocket.

But, if you don't use good lubricants, trash it while the engine is still cold or let it overheat and generally not take care of it, it will die soon. Maintained well, it can live up to 500.000km without opening the engine.

I have driven in my mechanic's old civic which has 550.000km on the clock and has started to burn a little oil recently. Unopened. Insane :)

Clutch plate was slipping a little at about 7000RPM. I guess a perfomance plate would do great. (not that I driven it like that everyday, just sometimes)

Could, however, handle a bit better, needs really good tires to be called safe. Needs 15" wheels, definitely.

With stock wheels it understeers first, and then it just twitches the back end, oversteering, to make you scream with horror on an iced road. But, as i said, shocks were worn out and tires were almost slick most of the time.

Lots of space, I have driven amps, complete 400W PA and a singer in it. Great driving posture, like sitting in an air glider. Quick, responsive, reliable. Worth investing in. Everything you upgrade will reward you with an obvious result. A collector's item, a fine piece of japanese quality engineering at its best, a design that was still good looking after 10+ years.

In my country, there is a general opinion that japanese cars suck and are unreliable. Unbeleiveable :) That's good because they just get cheaper and cheaper. Parts are, however, a bit expensive and some are hard to find. I'm talking about Serbia, of course.

This was my second civic, I had a SOHC one before, and that one was great too. All the colts, golfs, Alfa's etc just seemed like a tractor or a lawn-mover after having one of these. There is a small number of 4WD Honda civics made from 1987-1992, i'll maybe try to get my hands on one.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2004