2002 Honda Civic Max 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Very disappointing


Dashboard rattles, creaks and buzzes have not been resolved despite numerous dealer attempts. Dealer now no longer Honda franchised. Honda say go to different dealer, but different dealer refused to accept car in as they could not hear fault when I delivered it warm even though I told them fault mainly occurs when car is cold.

Also, last dealer introduced additional buzzing, traced to damaged coin box in dash - cannot now obtain they say, and new dealer say not their problem. Honda UK most unhelpful, unsympathetic and don't return calls - have said there is nothing more they can do.

Heavy vibration from gearbox resolved by replacing 3rd/4th gear unit and selector fork - took numerous visits before they agreed to repair it.

Totally unsatisfactory response from Honda.

General Comments:

Most unsatisfactory through constant dashboard rattles and buzzing when driving to work every day almost. Honda UK now say unable to help as they only work through their dealers, who have refused to accept it for their attention when cold.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2005

21st Mar 2006, 14:56

Thanks for the review. I have recently bought my wife a Civic 1.6 Executive. Her previous car was a Mitsi Colt which after 7 years of trouble free bliss still felt solid and brand new, never the slightest rattle or squeak.

The Civic is a different matter. It has never broken down, but has developed a number of very annoying rattles and squeaks and is beginning to feel loose and cheap. I have a suspicion as to why - the Colt was made in Japan but the Civic is made somewhere slightly closer to home. I am disappointed.

22nd Mar 2006, 12:46

I have one of the early Civics of the generation that has just been now superseded. It was made in Japan, and that has lots of rattles and squeaks.

I think these cars are not designed to survive our British pot holed roads!

9th Jul 2008, 04:03

Well I've got to defend the Honda Civic Max. I love it; no rattles bangs knocks etc.

As a Ford man for many years, I took the leap and bought a 2nd hand Civic and it drives like a dream; very good on fuel, likes the the way I drive, and I trash my cars to death, due to the amount miles I have to travel... and no I do not drive like a boy racer, and my last ford lasted me for 7 years. And I hope the honda will do the same.

19th Oct 2008, 07:03

Must say just bought a Civic Max 2001, and it seems absolutely brilliant! No noises, extremely quiet and smooth to drive. Spacious interior too.

2002 Honda Civic SIR hatchback 2.0 i-VTEC from North America


Check the insurance rate before buying this car!


1. Engine light on need i-vtec software update, couldn't go pass 4000 rpm. Dealer having trouble getting equipment to service probably because 2002 is first year it is being offered in Canada.

2. Honda changed the front suspension set up from double wish-bone to strut, front passenger suspension is noisy, but dealer can't locate the problem, I owned a 90 Civic hatchback with double-wishbone set up in front and never have suspension noise.

3. Otherwise the car is trouble-free.

General Comments:

1. I just sold my car because cost of insurance is killing me, it cost me almost $200 per month to insure this car with a 43% claim free discount.

2. I own a 1990 Civic hatchback before, I must say the Hondas quality control has deteriorate quite a bit, may be because this car was made in England.

3. The car perfers to be pushed, not very suitable for city stop and go traffic, on the freeway the engine is in optimal range so it's very powerful, if you do a lot of stop and go commute, don't buy this car. If you want a car that is very powerful in the city, buy something with a lot of low end torque, ex. Toyota Celica GT or Golf GTI 1.8T.

4. This car attracts attention including thieves, I had my side-marker, radio attena stolen. And I had an expensive alarm installed already.

5. Brake is not too responsive compare to the output of the engine, on the other hand the engine has a nice sound to it especially when the i-VTEC opens up.

If I have to make a buying decision again, I will probably pick a Mini Cooper or a Toyota Celica GT, with a MSRP of almost $25-26K CAD, the car is not worth the money, especially considering cost of insuring the car. Also Civic is a economy car, it'll be always lable as such, people always ask me why it's so expensive to insure Civic.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004

10th Jan 2005, 14:12

What I don't understand about the whole "Civic" design is the following: a sporty car (supposedly designed for speed, acceleration, revving, all that type of fun), BUT with only 115 horsepower engine??? Did I miss something?? (Disappointed Civic owner)

27th Jul 2005, 10:53

The above comment is completely off-base when it comes to insurance rates on the civic.

1. I agree that rates are higher for commonly stolen cars

2. The fact that many teens afford/buy used civics has nothing to do with the rates of this class of insurance. It would depend on the class of the vehicle, where it is garaged, and the owner/drivers of the vehicle.