2003 Honda Element LX from North America




My windshield also cracked; the car was parked for a week in a parking garage while on vacation. We came back and picked up the car, and it had a crack on the right side corner; it spread about 7 inches up. We left the windows cracked a bit just in case it was too hot or pressure. That is amazing other people have had the same crack. I wish they would recall them for the windshield.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2010

2003 Honda Element DX from North America


The Honda 2003 Element has a faulty ignition, and the driver's door lock is broken for many owners


The driver side door will not allow the key to open the door. Consequently, I have to use the passenger door to get in when I lock all doors.

On August 10th, 2010, I notice my key into the ignition was getting stuck. Thought a little WD 40 would help. It did not. After turning off the car, I went into a store. When I came back, I couldn't get the key to turn the ignition on, and my steering wheel and Parking/drive shifts were totally locked up. Nothing could get the car out of the locked up position. I spent an entire day people trying to help. Eventually I had to get the Element towed. The problem was the ignition... the cable and interlock were worn out. There is a recall to fix the ignition, and Honda will be sending out recall letters in September to fix the problem. They do not want any accidents to occur.

Other than the driver door lock not working and the ignition problem, I have had no other complaints about my 2003 Honda Element. I really like my Element. Hopefully, Honda will honor the recall for all us enduring the lock problems with the driver door and the faulty ignition. Whether it be the cable and/or interlock problem. Please report your problems regarding this to Honda so they are aware.

General Comments:

The 2003 Honda Element needs to have the driver door lock fixed. It is a massive problem... tons of owners have this problem.

The ignition needs to be replaced no matter what. It is faulty in many ways. From locking up the entire car to having the key move in and out while the car is not in the park position. Both are scary and need to be fix ASAP! Honda does not want a Toyota experience.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2010

2003 Honda Element EX from North America


Flawed but fun


Starting in 2005, the driver's side lock began malfunctioning, it was fixed and then it broke again the following year. Now once again it is in the shop for a lock that doesn't work!

General Comments:

I am pleased with the Element, but feel that faulty design of the driver's side door lock should be addressed by Honda. I had a Honda Accord station wagon for 10 years prior to the Element, and never had a problem with the door locks.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2010

2003 Honda Element from North America


Overall good performer


Driver's side door lock problem -- first ever -- fixed last year.

Currently small crack in windshield -- also first ever -- will get fixed shortly.

General Comments:

Excellent acceleration and overall performance.

Interior perfect for a high end after market sound system.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2010

2003 Honda Element EX from North America


Love the older model, but don't like the so-called improvements, e.g. getting rid of the moon roof


Too many cracked windshields.

Cylinder one is shot.

Driver door lock won't work.

Too much wind noise.

General Comments:

The vehicle design is perfect for my needs.

Great vehicle for cargo, travel, and camping.

First year model needed improvements on one hand, but as the years have gone by, some "improvements" in design have made it less appealing.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2010

2003 Honda Element EX 2.4L from North America


Crap in a square bucket!


Heater blower motor has failed 3 times at a cost of $300 each!

Heater control box failed at 120,000 miles. Replacement cost was $1200!

Many dash lights had failed by 50,000 miles. Dealer said it would cost $1000 to remove the dash and replace the bulbs! They are still out.

Oil pressure sensor has failed 3 times. When this happens, it won't go over 45mph... bad news if you're on the freeway! Cost to repair approx $100 each time.

Shocks and bushings are worn out, but have yet to be replaced.

Numerous other small problems.

General Comments:

Most expensive car to operate that I have ever had! (due to repairs)

Gas mileage is poor for a 4 cylinder... my V8 Camaro gets the same mileage (24mpg hwy)

My daughter bought a 2006 Element, and is having issues already at 50,000 miles.

I wouldn't have another one if they gave it to me!

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Review Date: 1st January, 2010

21st Apr 2010, 13:07

Sorry to hear about all the trouble you have had with your Element.

I have a 2003 Element with 111,850 miles on it that I have had since new, and have had very little trouble with it.

I did have to have the driver's side door lock fixed at about 80,000 miles, the passenger power motor window and one of the engine mounts at 84,000, but other than that, just routine maintenance. Haven't replaced brake pads yet, and am on only my second set of tyres (replaced at 57K miles).

I was a bit upset at the three problems I had around 80-84K miles, but other than that, I am very pleased and plan to keep my Element for 300K miles. No further or other problems so far (knock on wood!)

My only complaint is the gas mileage, which is rather poor for a 4 cyl, but this is a vehicle that is as heavy as a full sized car, and not very aerodynamic.

31st Jan 2011, 09:26

Wow, amazing. Have you ever heard of the lemon law. Yeah, pretty much states that if you have a specific problem that can't be fixed after the second try, you get a new one. You should have tried that before spending all your money for repairs.

20th Apr 2011, 18:01

I am the one who posted the comment on April 21, 2010.

My 2003 Element now has 129,100 miles on it, and I finally had to replace the front brake pads the first time at 127,500 miles. The rear brake pads are still original. I am still on my second set of tyres that I replaced back at 57K miles, and they still are good.

I did have to have the gas gauge fixed recently. But still, overall I am very happy with my Element. I plan on keeping it until it dies.