2002 Honda Odyssey LX 3.5 VTEC from North America


The best "BIG" mini-van


Nothing major have gone wrong with my van.

The suspension makes a popping sound when I first move it in the morning.

The van also make some kind of bump noise when ever the van is cold started with the AC on. Will be taking it to the dealer to have both issues checked out soon.

General Comments:

The van has excellent power compared to other vans and most SUV's. 240 HP on regular gas with 5 speed automatic transmission is great.

Handling is pretty good for the size.

The brakes are also pretty good, maybe the the new rear disk brakes helped.

It would be nice if the middle seats can be moved apart a little further, so that I can mount both car seat in the middle row and more easily get into the rear, which would keep the rear's fold-down capability available. Right now, I'm forced to have 1 car seat in the left middle and 1 in the left rear.

The driver sits a little too high for me.

As a family van, it needs a trash bin really bad. Also it can use deeper and/or adjustable cup holders.

When I turn on the defrost, the A/C comes on automatically. This is not a bad thing if I can manually turn it off, but I can't. Also, the rear climate control is poorly designed, hot air MUST come out on the lower vents, vent or A/C MUST come out of the roof vents. Heat is ON or OFF, I can't send warm air through any of the vents!!!

I haven't been getting very good gas mileage, about 18 MPG combined. However, we try to drive a little faster here in California then some of the other states.

All-in-all, even with the minor stuff listed above. I think this is currently the best mini-van.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2002

31st Jul 2002, 16:21

As for the comment about the AC coming on automatically when the defrost is selected, that is a good thing. AC lowers the humidity in the car, thus helping the defrost process. That's how it's supposed to work.

17th Nov 2002, 01:08

I find the A/C staying on without manual override during defrost operation annoying. The evaporator holds a little bit of water such that if I try turning off the defrost after the windows are clear I often get condensation on the windows again. Also, I prefer not running the A/C during the first minute or so after a cold start.

2002 Honda Odyssey LX 3.5 vtec from North America


A perfect family vehicle



General Comments:

This is a great van! It runs great and gets excellent gas mileage. I get around 23 miles per gallon around town and 26 miles per gallon on the highway. The Odyssey is very comfortable and has plenty of power.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2002

5th Jan 2003, 05:34

Could you enlighten us on how you get such great gas mileage on this van? I only get 16 MPG on surface streets and 20 MPG on the highways. I've tried putting different grades of gas in with no measurable difference.

2002 Honda Odyssey from North America


Overpriced junk


Within first year : Has a blown head gasket and transmission problems.

Major oil leak before 5K miles.

Lots of road noise.

The water pump was replaced at approx. 10,000 miles.

General Comments:

Probably the worst thing I've ever used my moneys on.

Build quality is very bad, and Honda dealer doesn't care.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2002

2002 Honda Odyssey EX 3.5 VTEC gas from North America


Cannot find a better mini van for the price


Cargo light bulb was defective when I picked the car up from the dealer. That's it! Not bad for 10,500 miles.

General Comments:

Very good power with the new 240 HP engine and the new 5 speed transmission.

Excellent handling with the low profile tires that came with the van.

18 MPG city and 25 MPG highway is right on the mileage estimate given for the van by Honda.

Very comfortable traveling 750 miles per day for four adults on two round trips from Massachusetts to Florida.

Did not have to add oil during the first 7500 miles when it required changing according to Honda.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2002