8th Jan 2008, 06:58

We just bought a used 2000 Odyssey for a great price. The price was partially due to the drivers side sliding door motor not working. I figured I'd have to spend a couple hundred bucks to fix it, but I looked on-line first. The fuse #13 fix was great - the door works like a champ now. What luck!

8th Jan 2008, 19:52

Another fuse #13 victory for the sliding door that didn't work! I had just called the dealership today for a price quote on the problem. They said that a new motor for the door would be $610 JUST FOR THE PARTS!!! Anyway, I pulled fuse #13 for 30 seconds, turned the van on, and voila... the door opened and closed by itself! Yay! My hubby was impressed with my mechanical skills...yes, even a woman can do it :)

15th Jan 2008, 12:09

We own a 2000 EX and are having the closing motor problem. The passenger side sliding door closes, but doesn't completely latch and you have push it in the rest of the way. There seems to be several posts on here about that happening on the passenger side. Has anyone had a fix for this? The dealership is telling me that the rollers need to be replaced (for $350) but I don't hear that "closing motor" running. Am I the only one who thinks this answer is fishy?

15th Jan 2008, 20:45

Wow - I am stunned - we have been living with the driver side slider door not working for over a month, and I finally have a chance to bring the van (2001 Odyssey) to the dealer - they made me an appointment for tomorrow. I told them the deal - door stopped opening after ice storm. They said it would take about 1 1/2hours to diagnose the problem and then we could go from there.

My husband suggested to look online just in case - within 30 seconds we had the fuse 13 suggestion. Two minutes later our slider door works.

I'm delighted and aggravated - these comments go back years and years - couldn't the dealer have suggested trying fuse 13? No way... then I wouldn't have come in... Thanks so much!

16th Jan 2008, 20:31

Does anyone know if the fuse 13 trick works on an '06 EX with power sliding doors? The right sliding door is dead. I know the did a major overhaul on the Odysseys in '05 so has anyone with an '05 or later successfully tried the trick?

19th Jan 2008, 02:42

I'm not sure if the "trick" works on a later model, but boy did it work on my 2001 Odyssey!! We've been pushing and pulling the driver's side slider for months now. I went through every connection from the power to the motors, and found nothing wrong - except that the door didn't operate any more. It stopped one day between errands. I pulled Fuse #13 (7.5amp), waited a bit and thought myself silly for believing this would work, and stuck the fuse back in. I was absolutely shocked when the door worked, perfectly, after about six months of the 'manual hassle' of that slider. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, person who posted that solution way back in this blog. I almost wept at the sight of it, tried it several times over and over, and can't wait to show my (sleeping) wife and kids the 'fixed' door. This is almost like winning the lottery (almost)!


23rd Jan 2008, 14:02

2 experiences with the sliding electric door problems on my 1999 Odyssey.

Just after purchase (1999), the passenger side slider would not operate - but contrary to other comments on this site - dealer (different from seller) did cover repair under warranty.

No further problems until last weekend (2008). After travelling in slushy highway and cold conditions for several hours and leaving van outdoors overnight, both sliders next morning refused to open, frozen. Slider motors cranked once or twice and stopped dead. Fuse 13 removal for 60 seconds cured the problem for both doors.

Many thanks to all site contributors whose comments have probably saved me enough in repair bills to pay for my next computer!

27th Jan 2008, 21:58

My 02 Odyssey power doors both quit simultaneously today. Tried the fuse 13 trick, didn't work. So disappointed! What did I do wrong? Car was turned off, both doors closed, unplugged fuse for a minute, put back in, tried to open doors, nothing. Help!

1st Feb 2008, 14:16

My wife and I purchased a 1999 Honda Odyssey at the beginning of December, and we have had intermittent issues with both sliding doors... mostly because it's the first minivan we have ever owned with electric powered sliding doors, and we have made plenty of mistakes where one of us is opening the door from the inside while the other simultaneously attempts to open it from the driver-seat console, or the key chain, etc.

I'm pretty sure it was one of those conflicting signal combinations that locked our left door... at least I hope that is all it is. I just stumbled across this website today, and as there are over 100 posts with 95% of them being success stories, I'm hopeful that the "fuse 13" trick will help as well. I'll be trying the trick when I get home.

**** NOTE: There are a lot of posts regarding the sliding door problem, so to the last poster, there *ARE* a few other things that you may want to try:

1.) A previous poster recommended removing Fuse 12 at the same time, if removing Fuse 13 alone didn't resolve the issue.

2.) Also, some people have removed the battery connection completely for a few minutes, which would reset EVERYTHING.

3.) Another possible fix that may work (especially on more recent Odyssey's) is to push the Gas door release completely down; this can affect the van door mechanism as well.

4.) Make sure the switch that gives power to the sliding doors (on the driver's console controls) is turned off. Then MANUALLY open the door all the way until it stops. Then close it all the way until everything latches. Make sure the door is tight, and then try the fuse trick with Fuses 12 and 13 again.

If those steps don't work, try lubricating everything really well and cleaning the door's electronic contacts. It could be a seized sliding door.

Beyond that, it could just be a loose wire, a dead solenoid, or a failed motor. If the doors have not been regularly lubricated in the past, it could be enough to wear the motor(s) out. Also, a good freeze (especially from an ice storm) would prevent the doors from opening, and could burn out the motor(s) as well.

Hope my rather novice recommendations are still enough to get your doors operational again!

- Michael.

8th Mar 2008, 17:23

Learned a valuable lesson today - always check the internet before you fork out the cash to a dealer!

My power sliding doors went out and I took it in to the dealer. After a day at the dealer and $150 diagnostic check I was told that I needed to replace the switches on both sides. And oh by the way, they would do it for over $1000.

I went ahead and purchased the parts ($300) and after spending about 3 hours replacing one set of the switches it didn't work. I called the dealer to inform them that I was concerned that they had misdiagnosed the issue. I got the run around because they couldn't verify my work. I told them that the hardest part was just getting to the switch, but once their it was rather simple. I didn't do the other side.

Anyway, I have a fuse box that sits in the upper left hand corner of the engine area. I pulled the 30amp fuse for 30 seconds and replaced it. That didn't work. I pulled the battery connections and cleaned those. While doing that I noticed a small box next to the battery that was labeled 30 amp fuse for the power sliding door. I pulled that for thirty seconds. After I put it all back together the doors worked.