19th May 2009, 17:46

I have now owned 2 Honda Odyssey minivans that have both experienced power door failures. In total, I have had 4 failures where the door locks open and will not close; Electrically or manually. Some times it is half way open and other times it is all the way open when this occurs; no amount of reasonable force will move the door.

My first van was a 2005 model and it had 3 failures and now we had our first failure on our 2007 van. In all cases, the dealership had to replace the complete drive motor assembly.

My biggest concern is the safety aspects of the door locking open. All mechanical things fail, but I can't believe Honda hasn't issued a recall for this problem. They really need to install some type of safety release for situation like this. One time it happened to my wife in the winter when she was 30 miles from home and she had to drive home with the door open and my kids freezing. The dealership keeps telling me I am the only one having this problem. They blame it on gravel dust getting in the track. I can't be the only Odyssey owner who travels 3 miles a day on gravel roads. When it happened to my first van three times, they told me it was a fluke. Now that it has happened to our 2007 van, my has asked me to get rid of it because she is tired of putting our kids safety in jeopardy.

To be honest, I doubt I ever buy another Honda again.

19th May 2009, 22:57

Having been the Honda route and gotten taken big time, we will never buy another Japanese car. Neither our Ford or GM cars have had ANY problems.

19th May 2009, 23:28

"I can't be the only Odyssey owner who travels 3 miles a day on gravel roads."

Hondas minivans just aren't designed for gravel roads. Another common complaint for them is the air conditioning failing after a piece of gravel rock hits the condensor. Other vehicles shield the condensor with wire screens to prevent rock damage.

20th May 2009, 08:51

Then why did you buy a Honda in the first place?

20th May 2009, 11:21

"Then why did you buy a Honda in the first place?"

The same reason most people buy Japanese cars. Ad hype and false claims of reliability. Believe me, after that experience with a Japanese car we will NEVER be taken in again by ad hype again. Before the Honda we had put 325,000 miles on a 1975 Ford with less than $500 in repairs. We're back to Ford now and will STAY there!!

24th May 2009, 12:19

For those that fuse 13 didn't work (as it didn't for me this time)...I disconnected the battery, and cleaned the terminals, no luck. So I went to the door, cleaned all of the contacts, and noticed a light weight juice bottle was stuck in the bottom track. So either cleaning the contacts or removing the juice bottle (so the door would actually go all the way back while manually operating it), helped. Check that track!

28th May 2009, 17:17

I have a 2000 odyssey. When the sliding doors do not work I unhook the battery and hook it back up and they seem to work again.

20th Jul 2009, 22:09

I have a 1999 Odyssey, 375,000 km's... fuel door keeps telling van that it's open, so the sliding door stays locked. How do I get to the switch on the fuel door, or where is the relay for the fuel door open/closed condition?

24th Jul 2009, 15:00

We have a 2002 Odyssey LX, the manual doors have ALWAYS been a problem, sticking in the winter, freezing shut, now my fuel door keeps popping open, any suggestions?? jcaverink@hotmail.com.

31st Jul 2009, 15:47

Automatic passenger side door on my 2003 Odyssey would take several attempts to open (beeping in between attempts). Read the fuse #13 comment. Just went out with a pair of needle nose pliers and pulled the fuse out. Waited thirty seconds and put it back in. The trick worked! My kids are amazed, they have been so frustrated trying to get in and out of that door. Thank you!!!

4th Aug 2009, 16:36

I have a problem with the drivers side door of my 2000 Honda Odyssey. It won't open from the inside or out. It also now will not lock the doors after being put in gear. Is there a connection between the 2 problems? Really like this van, but ever since we bought it, I've had to pour more and more $ into it. Any suggestions?

2nd Dec 2009, 17:51

Just tried the fuse 13 trick with success... thanks so much!

18th Dec 2009, 18:48

Any suggestions on how to keep the sliding doors from freezing shut? Our 2000 Odyssey is already on its 3rd set of doors, and they still freeze shut when the temperature gets anywhere near freezing.

7th May 2010, 14:19

2001 Odyssey; doors not opening smoothly, passenger sliding door wouldn't open at all. The famous Fuse 13 trick (reference Sept 2003 comment on this board) worked for me too. I had quotes ranging from $2500 to $3500 to repair these doors. Likely some work is still needed to get them in tip top shape, but at least they are functional again! Thanks!

11th Aug 2010, 14:53

I have a 2000 Odyssey, and have tried everything to get the passenger sliding door to close under power. Once it gets to the door post, it reverses. Everything from cleaning contacts to lubrication to multiple fuse pulls (13; 12+13; 2+5+13; door fuse under hood+13) plus disconnected battery.

Also now have an intermittent problem while closing door manually - door latch at rear doesn't engage and door springs back open. Anyone have any other ideas? Any help would be very much appreciated.



26th Aug 2010, 17:09

Regarding the door issue, I too own a 2000 Odyssey & have been through weeks of repairs to finally say it is done. The #13 fuse helped, but didn't completely fix it because there was too much resistance for the motor to finish the job. They had to clean & lube the rollers & track assembly to enable the door to move freely. If junk builds up in there, the motor will eventually give out. That is a $950 fix if it does.

BTW - My Honda dealer said he'd never heard of a fuse #13 fix either. Hmmm.

16th Oct 2010, 13:55

I have a Honda Odyssey 2001, and the power slider doors close and open OK, but they do not automatically lock when I use the remote. I have to manually stick my arm in around the front seat, and physically shift the sliding doors inner locks for the sliding doors to lock. I have tried the Fuse 13 thing, and although it has worked successfully for me in the past with other sliding door issues... alas, it does not seem to cure this one. I do not think it is the door actuators, as both doors are doing the same thing, so there must be a commonality. i.e. the main door switch, which I understand acts like a master to the sliding door. switches... I could be talking a whole load of nonsense.

Is there another fuse that I can remove or pill that I can take to cure this problem as well... All advice greatly appreciated.

31st Jan 2011, 20:21

My 2000 Odyssey EX had the same power sliding door problems. There were 2 separate issues:

The passenger sliding door problem was fixed by the Fuse # 13 trick.

The driver sliding door had to be constantly hip- checked to close completely. I adjusted the U-shaped, silver colored hook on the rear car frame. You will see it when you open the sliding door. There are 2 screws holding this hook. Took a while to loosen. Move the U hook outwards a little and re tighten the screws. The driver sliding door works perfectly now.

Unfortunately, I did spend $750 2 years ago replacing a door motor through the dealer. What a rip-off.

16th Feb 2013, 16:05

Worked for me too on my 2000 Odyssey... this, after a brutally cold January had caused the passenger side power door to stop working.