9th Nov 2008, 18:41

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey Minivan. My problem is the the passenger side sliding door. When we lock the doors, the passenger sliding door motor or something inside the door will buzz loud - almost like gears grinding. I tried to take the door apart but was unsuccessful. Short of taking the car into the dealer, does anybody have any advice on what this noise is or how to fix this problem. Tony.

11th Dec 2008, 10:32

Both doors on my 2001 Odyssey stopped working suddenly about two years ago. The dealership told me it was a ground fault and they had to replace the ground wires in each door with heavier ones. This cost me almost $500.

Yesterday my 8 year old tried repeatedly to open a frozen slider and it died. Found this thread and did the fuse #13 fix. I am in Canada and someone had previously posted that they pulled fuse #12 and thought that was different because theirs was a Canadian model; this was not the case for me. Wish I'd found this 2 years ago.

14th Dec 2008, 19:59

I want to thank everyone for the helpful advice. My driver side sliding door did give out in extremely cold weather. I tried the #13 trick and "yes" it worked on my 2001 Odyssey.

At this time of the year and in this economy, I am very grateful. I too was thrown a ball park of $750-$1,000 to fix the door. $3 for the 7.5 amp fuse at the local parts store was much better.

Many blessings!

17th Dec 2008, 17:27

Thanks all for the fuse #13 solution - it did the trick! Should have consulted this forum last week when this happened to us (again). Fortunately we had the driver side power door still working, but entering and exiting on this side was not the safest thing to do.

24th Dec 2008, 06:21

YES YES YES! This is awesome. #13 solution rules.

13th Jan 2009, 16:26

Incredible, the fuse 13 trick worked for me and save lots of dollars. Thank you Jesus!

14th Jan 2009, 16:17

Thank you for the fuse tip, especially the fuse #13 technique.

I had left the lights on inadvertently and the battery died. My daughter had tried to open the passenger side sliding door so it was slightly open. After manually opening and shutting and replacing the sliding door fuse (as detailed in the user manual) in the kick box fuse box on passenger side, I was able to get the door to work, but only the passenger side.

It wasn't until I reset fuse #13, when the driver side sliding door worked.

Thanks so much!!!

18th Jan 2009, 14:25

One more satisfied "Fuse 13" customer here!!

20th Jan 2009, 16:16

I don't have an owners manual. Could someone tell me which is fuse 13?

20th Jan 2009, 17:43

Wow!!! Fuse 13 worked for me today on my 1999 Honda Mini-van. I tried to open my sliding door this morning; not realizing it was frozen. The yellow light for my power sliding door. Called dealer; they said I needed to schedule an appointment for them to diagnose the problem. Which should take approx. an hour and a half. I searched the Internet and found fuse 13 article. Thank you for saving me both time and money...

21st Jan 2009, 17:45

In response to the question posted on 20th Jan 2009, 16:16

I don't have an owners manual. Could someone tell me which is fuse 13?

Fuse 13 is located on the passenger side of the vehicle. Open the passenger side front door, look down to the floor board (below the glove box) on the right side of the firewall. There will be a little door approx. 2X5 inches. Open the door the fuses are numbered. Take out fuse 13.

22nd Jan 2009, 20:30

My 2001 EX passenger slide door has been dead for a week or so - absolutely silent - and impossible to move manually.

After discovering this site this evening, I tried the Fuse 13 trick. It didn't work. But I then repeated the operation with the nearby power door lock fuse.

Lo - it fixed the problem. Thanks so much for the leads.

DK Ottawa

25th Jan 2009, 20:27

Although I certainly appreciate the Fuse #13 trick, and am sure it will come in handy - I have a slightly different issue - the factory installed alarm seems to have shut itself off. Does anyone know which fuse is for the alarm system and will pulling it for 30+ seconds reset everything? Or, alternatively will disconnecting the battery do a complete system reset?

I have an '03 Odyssey EX-RES - the alarm activated for no reason at all and then when I unlocked/locked the vehicle, it seemed to stop the alarm - however after that I found out the battery on my remote was dead and the alarm does not arm upon locking with remote.

When I replaced the battery in the remote, the alarm went off and I had to stop it with the panic button.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

29th Jan 2009, 15:48

Well, another 2001 Odyssey owner here.

Similar problem with the power doors.

I'll try Fuse 13 tonight and let you know how it goes.

Thank you everyone for posting this!

18th Feb 2009, 01:40

I had 99 with same sliding door problem for a long time. Will try fuse #13 tomorrow. Hope it will work.

12th Apr 2009, 17:21

Another "Fuse 13" success story!! The passenger side sliding door on my 2000 Odyssey EX suddenly quit working a few weeks ago. I drove 60 miles this past week to what I thought was a reputable Honda dealer. The diagnosis was that the "junction switches" were defective. Estimated cost to repair was more than $400. As much as I doubted that removing Fuse 13 would fix the problem, I tried it anyway. I was absolutely astounded to find that it worked!! My wife now believes there must be another fuse to make the driver's side door close all the way!! Sorry Honda, but it looks like my next minivan will be a Toyota.

22nd Apr 2009, 11:11

Another FUSE 13 success story! I have been driving around for almost a year without using the passenger door b/c it would not open. After being refused by 2 mechanics b/c the job was too complicated, I just gave up. I stumbled on this article trying to figure out how to get the buzzer to stop sounding so I could trade the thing in!! I am so glad I did - I feel like I have a new vehicle. Thank you original "FUSE 13" poster. You have saved many thousands of dollars (including me)!

24th Apr 2009, 14:37

My driver's side door had not been working for months; then the passenger side went out, too, so that my grandsons had to climb in over the front seats to ride with me! I went online to see what this would cost to repair and found the Fuse #13 fix and it works!! (Pull Fuse #13 by the passenger's right foot, count to 30, and replace.) Thank you so much to the person who first wrote about it and also to all those who've added their comments, giving credibility to it.

2nd May 2009, 16:55

Thanks to Fuse 13 I now have a working drivers side sliding door on my 2000 EX for the first time in 8 months. Thanks to whoever first posted this fix. Now I don't have to pay the dealer $600 for a new door motor as they suggested would be the only fix!