24th Jan 2006, 12:07

We tried pulling fuse 13 on our 2001 Honda Odyssey EX and it didn't work. But, then we tried fuse number 12 (for the door locks, but the clock went out when we pulled it as well) and it corrected the problem (it fixed the passengers side sliding door)!!! Yippee!

1st Feb 2006, 03:18

Since I was in high school (1978) till now been owning Toyota's, but recently decided to try Honda, so I bought a Honda 2000 van "EX" at 120k miles to transport my kids locally. However, recently the transmission been shifting very rough and sometime does not seem to engage the gear. I never experience this early problems with Toyota before. I currently owning a Land Cruiser with over 200k miles on it and it shift like the day I bought it (used in 2003). Any of you have problems with it before? Any help or advice will be grateful... Don't want to be narrowing minded about Honda, but I am worry of what I may getting myself into. Does Honda stand behind it products like Toyota? Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance, hait007@yahoo.com.

1st Feb 2006, 12:46

I'm confused as to how you wish a manufacturer to "stand by its product" when the product in question has 170,000 miles. Sure they can offer advice on how to keep the car running, but if you expect them to pick up any of your costs I think you're in for a rude awakening.

5th Feb 2006, 13:38

Hello all,

Just did the Fuse #13 on the passenger side to reset the power door on 2001 EX. Worked in two minutes. Thanks for saving me some money!

6th Feb 2006, 11:58

Hi All - recently experienced the same sliding door problem listed several times in this thread on my 2000 Odyssey. My fix both times has been to disconnect the battery and re-connect. For those who 'pulling fuse #13' doesn't work, may want to try the battery option.

Happy Driving!

7th Feb 2006, 16:37

Let me just post another successful "Fuse #13" repair of the power sliding door.

My local dealership got me to bring my 2001 Odyssey EX in by giving me a $250 estimate on the door fix over the phone. When they then told me it would be $900, I got it out of there and began searching for a used door motor on the Internet... luckily I came across this thread instead.

Problem solved!! Thanks for the tip.

28th Feb 2006, 15:05

We own a 2000 Odyssey EX. Two weeks ago we had extreme cold weather. My wife couldn't open the passenger power door and it has not been able to open until today. We dropped the van off at the local dealer in Missoula to have it checked out. They called us back and they said they checked the code and it was the Junction Switches -- the cost $334.93.

It didn't sound right to me. I thought it had to be a problem with the system shutting down to protect the motors, etc. when the doors were stuck. I went online and found this web site and the fuse #13 fix. Did and it worked. I called my dealer and they told me to they never heard of the fuse #13 fix -- yeah right. They also never had any advice about keeping the tracks lubed or the molding treated to protect against freeze up. Come on, we live in Montana!

The dealership has lost credibility with me and my wife over this issue. I won't take it to them for even an oil change in the future.

1st Mar 2006, 18:18

In regards to the "Fuse #13" fix for the Odyssey pass sliding door. After a quick Google, I found this forum and failed to read enough. I ended up trying the "right" fuses according to the 2000 owners manual, which didn't work. I ended up going back to the original post which listed the details of the fix. By then, I had already disconnected the battery, which in effect acts like pulling the fuse, only now I have to reset all my stereo presets and clock. Disconnecting the battery for a period of time (1 minute to 24 hours) will often fix most weird problems. Like rebooting a computer. Anyway - thanks for the tip - it worked great in a round about sort of way.

17th May 2006, 11:05

Thank you so much! I paid $550 for the first door last month. This morning the other side froze in it's tracks. I got a verbal "most likely to be the same repair" from Honda when I called. I was looking for possible recall info and stumbled on this site. I WAS a little suprised to see the fuse was not for the doors, but it worked like a charm. Thanks for saving me $550!

23rd Aug 2006, 21:39

Another satisfied fuse #13 customer for a 2000 odyssey door that no longer worked. Thanks for saving me $$$'s and headaches at the dealer.

29th Aug 2006, 22:18

Have '02 Odyssey with driver side power sliding door problem. Disconnecting/reconnecting Fuse 13 or other fuses didn't work. Neither disconnecting battery. I noticed that whenever I manually unlock, it goes to lock position. Also noticed that fuel door won't open. Any resolution?

31st Aug 2006, 22:05

Another success story with fuse 13! Thank you! Just remember to look back to the original post to get the exact instructions. Fuse 13 is located in the fuse box on the floor near the front passenger seat. Be sure to get a flashlight and look at the numbers under the actual fuses to locate #13. (It is labeled clock back up.) Pull it out and wait at least 30 seconds. Replace it and try the door. Mine worked like a charm! There are two fuses in the boxes under the hood that are labeled "power door" and "p power door." These are NOT the correct fuses.

24th Sep 2006, 13:45

We have a 2004 Odyssey where the power sliding doors stop working every so often or get stuck. The trick I've found that works every time is to simply hit the lock switch on the driver's side door and then unlock. It seems to have the same "resetting" effect as pulling the fuse (though I've never tried the fuse way).

20th Oct 2006, 18:54

I have a 2000 Odyssey with manual sides doors. I have had it at the dealership twice to have the rubber seals replaced over the years. The passenger side sliding door has started to stick again at random. I mean STICK. I could barely get it ajar to slide it back, even after working the inside lever.

The dealer also seems to have put some dressing on the door seals the second time. I am wondering what this is. Can anyone let me know?

I have 70k on the minivan and just have expired the extended warranty. Other than a dead battery that had to be replaced, no horror stories regarding the transmission!

23rd Oct 2006, 08:19

Help please!!! My 2003 Honda Odyssey fuel fill door won't open when the release lever is pulled.

23rd Oct 2006, 18:29

I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey EX. Today I found the fuel door won't open anymore when I pull the release lever under the driver's seat. If anybody has encountered similar issue and got it fixed, please share your tips.

23rd Oct 2006, 20:53

I just lubed my 2000 Odyssey sliding door. There is a white grease that Honda dealers sell for this purpose. It's a Shin-Etsu silicone grease. We had a lot of problems with sticking doors, and went thru 2 handles, before I started greasing the rubber seals.