7th Jul 2007, 18:09

Regarding the EX's sliding doors: I, too, was frustrated because both doors eventually failed. I was using one door since winter and no doors since May. My kids thought it was funny to have to climb through the hatchback. My local dealer estimated $550.00 to repair the "closing motors" on each door. Needless to say this was about to ruin an upcoming vacation. I found this web page by accident, the best accident I've had in a long time. The Fuse #13 works!!! When I did what the Sept. 2003 tipster suggested, both doors immediately worked. My happiness is surpassed only by my anger at my local dealer. I'm not sure what I'll do next, except to say a very deeply felt THANK YOU for the tip.

6th Aug 2007, 22:25

Thank you SO MUCH for this tip! The driver's side door on our 2001 Odyssey EX suddenly stopped working while we were on vacation. After checking all the labeled fuses, we ended up dragging the door open and closed manually, then turning off the power so as not to listen to the annoying alarm while driving.

Once home, we called our service advisor at our local Honda dealer, who told us to bring it in to be checked if we'd checked the fuses and done the re-set already. I've been making myself sick wondering how much a new motor would be, and discovered this website while surfing for info on that cost. Followed the directions on pulling #13 and lo and behold, door works again perfectly!

Here's hoping I find info this good on my broken washer next...

2nd Sep 2007, 17:23

Can anyone please advise on the issue that a lot of people have posted...where the driver side sliding door does not close properly at the rear...you can push the door by hand...tried pulling fuse #13 did not do anything for the rear door closure issue... anyone that has great tip that works will honestly receive a $50.00 reward. Sorry, my experience just like everyone else is that dealers cannot be trusted. Please help!!!



6th Sep 2007, 11:33

I'm having the same problem as Houston. My driver's side passenger door will not close properly. I have to push it either with my hand or hip to get it to close tightly. The #13 fuse thing does not work. I called the Honda dealer and they said the door is either out of alignment, or the electrical connectors (I am not sure of what they are called) on the sides aren't working properly. I don't want to spend a fortune on this if I have to take it in to the dealer.

Any suggestions out there?


17th Sep 2007, 01:04

Thank you for the fuse 13 trick!!! It really works! My girls will be so happy when get in the car tomorrow. No more climbing over their little sister's car seat:) Thanks again!!!

23rd Sep 2007, 23:26

I have a 2003 Odyssey and I can't open my fuel door. When I pull the latch NOTHING!! And I need gas. Can anyone help?

Email me at onthepaper@gmail.com thanks.

4th Oct 2007, 14:28

I own a 2000 Odyssey with a clock light that has failed. The dealer says that the whole centre dashboard section has to be removed to access the clock module. Does anyone know if there is a quicker or simpler route of access? I suspect that the dealer probably simply wants lots of money for labour. They wanted to charge me many hundreds to fix my sliding door which the fuse #13 trick fixed in less than one minute at zero cost.

9th Oct 2007, 12:54

Having the same exact problem as Houston and Kate. #13 trick does not work. Please help.

13th Oct 2007, 23:30

I am having the same problem on my '02 Odyssey as the

one posted on "29th Aug 2006, 22:18". I tried Fuse 13,

and it didn't work. Have to try other fuses/battery still.

Any one has any other ideas. - Thanks.


19th Oct 2007, 18:07

Does anyone have experience with the tow cable becoming loose or knk'ed. I need to access the motor assembly to fix, but cannot figure out how to get into it...2002 Odyssey... driver side.

Now door does not shut all the way.

26th Nov 2007, 19:06

I am also an owner of a 2000 Honda Odyssey with the same issues: bad transmission, sliding door problems, clock light out. This is ridiculous!

Please join me in filing a complaint - particularly with regard to the sliding doors - and maybe we can get something done. File your complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at www.nhtsa.gov. Thanks!

27th Nov 2007, 14:48

Better report the clock light to the NHTSA. That is very important pertaining to a recall. I understand you are very angry about the transmission, but it seems like all vans have this trouble. Sliding door troubles can happen to any minivan if the track is not kept clear of Cheerios, etc. I know this from experience.

4th Dec 2007, 06:25

We've owned our 2001 Odyssey since new and wouldn't trade it for any other mini van on the market. However, we just had our first major electric door failure yesterday. I'm afraid to ask how much this will cost me.

12th Dec 2007, 18:54

Add yet another frustrated sliding door customer who came to this site and saved a lot of money!

Our right-side sliding door wouldn't function from the keyless or the dashboard control following a batch of ice and freezing rain, and we had to manually yank it open and shut for the better part of a week.

Looked at the manual, and it actually said that the #11 fuse was the one that ran the door, so I just pulled both the #11 and #13 for good measure. I don't know which one did the trick, but I don't care; my door now works again like a charm!

25th Dec 2007, 22:58

I own a 2003 Odyssey and I have the sticking door problem when it's cold. However, mine is manual sliding doors so the fuse #13 trick will not work. Does anyone know of a solution for this problem? Greatly appreciated.

28th Dec 2007, 10:42

Chalk up another fuse 13 victory. Cold temps, son tried to open sliding door right when I was unlocking it. I couldn't open it even manually. Was about to take it into the dealer, and thought maybe I could find a tip online. Did I ever! Thanks, Fuse 13!

30th Dec 2007, 14:06

I also will never buy this vehicle again! The clock light has never worked, the doors have rarely worked and I backed into my husband's truck at 1 mph resulting in a $2500 repair bill to replace the back hatch. But I will try the fuse trick-thanks so much for the idea since that is the main frustration.

1st Jan 2008, 11:19

Another victory for fuse 13. Cold morning and sliding doors wouldn't open even manually. Half an hour later, passenger side door started to work, but driver side didn't. And the sliding door warning light came on and stayed on with the very annoying buzzing noise. Checked three or four fuses listed in the manual for power sliding door and didn't solve the problem. Was about to give up and take it to dealer. Then I checked this site. Man oh man how glad I did. The trick worked like a magic. Many many thanks to the poster. You made the first day of 2008 a very happy one.