29th Dec 2004, 22:16

Another 99 Odyssey owner-- in Alberta Canada. Every fall, the driver side door stops working when winter arrives. I do the fuse 13 maneuver, clean and grease the door slide surfaces I can reach, and that's it for the year.

I highly recommend to buy the service manual (it was about $300 Canadian) as it has saved its cost already.

As for the clock lamp, get a hobbyist electronic type to remove the clock and install a light emitting diode (LED) in it and you will never need to replace it again.

19th Jan 2005, 21:58

We have a 2000 Odyssey EX whose doors act up quite often, but we shoulder on. Last week I ran the car through a car wash during a hard freeze (Iowa). Silly me. The door motors valiantly strained against doors that were stuck fast, so I let it go for a few days. Next time I tried, the motors weren't running. After verifying the 4 fuses marked as being for the power doors and having no luck, I came to this site.

Pulling fuse 13 for 30 seconds (I gave it a few minutes) worked! Whoohoo! I love you guys!

16th May 2005, 14:15

I tried the fuse 13 for the clock and it worked. I was about fifteen minutes from taking the van into the repair shop (the wife was yacking at me) and I saved a bunch of money at Geico, just kidding. I have a Chilton's manual and the circuit stops at a multiplexer. I couldn't follow it any further. I suspect that the fuse also powers that same devise, whever it is located.

11th Aug 2005, 11:17

I have a 2000 Odyssey EX. The right rear door went dead two days ago. I looked at the fuses and there was no problem. I came to this site and tried the fuse 13 for 30 seconds. It worked Yahoooooooooooooo. Thank you very much you saved me a trip to the dealer.

29th Sep 2005, 22:52

Both sliding doors of my '00 Odyssey got stuck today, and my kids had to get in from the passenger's side door as if it was a bus. I have been reading here about pulling the fuse #13, but no one seemed to indicate how to do this. Can anyone tell me how to locate this fuse #13 please! Thank you!

3rd Oct 2005, 08:12

#13 fuse panel is located by front passenger right foot. Diagram on inside of cover shows location of #13.

12th Oct 2005, 19:53

My sliding door would not operate. I pushed the switch and tried the door handle and nothing. We pulled fuse 13 and it works. My husband did not believe this would work, because fuse 13 controls the clock. Thanks so much.

13th Oct 2005, 01:01

I can hardly believe fuse 13 worked! We had been without use of the sliding doors for about a week now, and with 3 kids needing to climb in and out I was ready to take it to the dealership tomorrow. I had a momentary let down before I remembered to switch the power on for the sliding doors! My husband is going to be sooo surprised. Thanks to everyone for helping me fix the doors!

24th Oct 2005, 00:26

I love the person that recommended the 30 second removal of Fuse 13 trick (For those just coming in, its on the bottom of the second page). Thank you so much for the trick, it probably saved us hundreds of dollars. And guess what, IT WORKS.

28th Oct 2005, 09:19

I own Honda Odyssey 2001. Passenger 's sliding door stopped working. I brought to repair shop. After they checked, estimated cost $350.00. I didn't fix it. I checked this web site. I pulled the fuse 13 and very happy to see the sliding door works now.

Thanks for who create this web site.

28th Oct 2005, 14:54

Thank you for the information on fuse 13. Last winter our passenger side door quit working. We live in Italy and when I took it to the dealer they did not know anything about the Honda Odyssey. It has been a real pain. Although pulling the fuse fixed the problem now it seems the same door doesn't always work right when using the handle. Remote is fine. Any ideas on what to do to make it work reliably using the door handle?

18th Nov 2005, 09:31

I stumbled upon this site looking for a sliding door motor because my '00 Odyssey is at the dealer as we speak because neither side will work. The drivers side won't open at all (even in manual mode - and we have 4 kids in car seats). We have had problems with both doors SEVERAL times. We've had the contacts replaced TWICE on BOTH sides. In April, they replaced the center roller on the drivers' side. The latches have been replaced on both sides. All of this NOT under warranty. The dealer is now telling us that the latch and motor need replacing on the drivers side ($1600!!!) and the contacts on the passengers side ($300). With over several thousand into fixing the doors already, I told them to forget it. After having my van for 2 1/2 days, I'm waiting for it to get dropped off any time now. I can't wait to try the fuse trick. I'll follow up and let you know if it worked. It's unfortunate for Honda... because of this door problem, HONDA will not be on our list.

22nd Dec 2005, 14:04

Have the '00 Odyssey, same door problem as everyone else, Steve's Foreign Car who "Specializing in Honda and Acura" charged me $75 to Diagnose it at $800 saying that the motor is dead. I checked this site and tried Fuse 13, and Jackpot! Saved me $800, just $75 for the wrong diagnosis and grease all over my carpeting!!! My next call, Steve...

5th Jan 2006, 15:25

I own a 2001 Honda Odyssey. 2 weeks ago the drivers side power sliding door stopped working after a passenger tried opening it (many times) with the inside handle when locked. I have been searching for a fix for days and thought I would have a large repair bill at the Honda shop. I am so glad I kept searching for an answer and came upon this website. Pulling fuse 13 re-set the door activation circuitry. My door works again and it took all of 2 minutes. Thank you all for being there when I needed you most.

5th Jan 2006, 21:14

I had the same "dead door" problem. I found this site and tried the fuse 13 fix. It worked like a charm. I haven't repeated the phrase "Well, I'll be damned" so many times in a long time" after fixing this. This fix WORKS! Thank you to all who posted it! One can only wonder how often the friendly local Honda dealer rapes people on this one.

7th Jan 2006, 14:04

Howdy from Texas. OK I have a 2000 Odyssey EX model with the two power slide motor doors. I have tried the fuse 13 trick and it does work for the power of the doors, BUT what my main problem is, is that the doors don't move in all the way and the buzzer stays on until you flip the power switch on the dash to off. I can give the door a good push at the back edge to get the door to close all the way. What part do I need to make the door move in all the way where it shuts completely? What should I use to clean the contacts correctly? Please help. email: craiger@ecpi.com.