1st Aug 2004, 22:00

Sliding door light on my Honda Odyssey 2000EX turned on after the seat belt prevented the passenger door from sliding completely shut. The automatic sliding door was non-functional for about two weeks... until I read the post suggesting a reset of fuse 13 on the passenger side kick panel. Pulling this fuse out for 30 seconds to "reset the code" worked the magic.

THANKS for saving me a trip to the dealer and who knows how much money!!!

18th Aug 2004, 15:05

In reply to the 29 July 2004 comment: I think there is a separate motor for the last "pull in" of the door. On my 2001, there seems to be a separate fuse for each door. Pulling the fuse didn't stop the door from motoring forward, but it stopped short of pulling it in (it just hummed). So, maybe a separate motor, or a solenoid, is involved in the final "pull in".

At least that is how my passenger side door works. The other stopped working all together a couple of days ago, and it is going to cost $350 to fix it. The junction switch needs to be replaced.

18th Aug 2004, 15:19

I just tried pulling the 13 fuse and it worked. I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey EX. Anyone experiencing a door problem please try this. I'm not sure why it works, but I'm happy that it does. I was using a single door for about two months. Thanks to the individual for posting a solution that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars!!!

28th Aug 2004, 19:00

The 41 comments preceding this one are very interesting, indeed. We have a 2002 Honda Odyssey EX, and the problems previously described regarding the electric sliding doors for the 1999 - 2001 models have unfortunately followed with the 2002 models, based on our experience. We really like our Odyssey, except for those frustrating electric doors. Our Odyssey has been in the shop 3 times and they still do not work properly. While it does seem worse in winter, we experience problems during the summer as well. Do we regret buying the Odyssey? Not at all. But would we buy another one? This is not certain, given apparent improvements in the Sienna and Caravan which are now comparably sized and now have the foldaway rear seats...

3rd Sep 2004, 00:04

We have a 2000 Honda EX, and had been generally happy with it, but have experienced some problems. In the first year we had the car, the right passenger door would not always work. At my first tuneup, I took the car to the Honda dealership, and told them that the door was intermittently not working. Of course, they said they checked it out, and didn't find anything wrong. As time progressed, the problems with the door got worse, until it didn't close fully on a more regular basis, and finally now the power is totally gone. I have under 42K miles on the car! When I called the dealership, they said it would not be covered under the warranty. My tune up papers (which were dated within the first year of ownership, and within the warranty period)clearly stated on the invoice that I claimed a problem was occurring with my right passenger door. I believe that they should have done the honorable thing and covered the door, since the problem was claimed and noted during the warranty period. It isn't my fault that they couldn't detect the problem. Oh well. My lease is expiring, and at this point, I just want to give back my lemon. I have had other minor problems, such as squeaky breaks, a problem with my navigation system, skipping sometimes on the CD player, and the air /heat does not work in the rear (the control only works if I put it on the highest setting).

Tomorrow morning I will try the advice of the person who suggested pulling fuse 13 to fix the door problem. I hope it works. Thanks to all of your comments. It's good to know that there are others experiencing the same frustrations... I will think twice before buying another Honda.

26th Sep 2004, 16:53

Unbelievable - It worked! I too have a 2000 Odyssey am have experienced electric sliding door problems. Until two days ago the door would stick when it first started opening. You would have to pull it out from the rear of the door for it to continue opening on its' own. Two days ago it just stopped working altogether and the "sliding door" light on the dashboard came on.

I tried all the classics like checking the appropriate fuses and cleaning the track, all to no avail, but today I found a comment on this discussion board about pulling fuse 13 for 30 seconds. Seemed strange, but it was worth a try. Well much to my surprise (and pleasure) it actually fixed the problem.

While I'd love to hear the explanation for this, since fuse 13 is the clock fuse, I'm sure glad to have found this unexplainable fix. Much thanks to the poster of that suggestion.

6th Oct 2004, 13:43

I have a 2001 model bought in 2000, and have about 78K km on it. It sounds interesting that pulling fuse #13 (Clock reset) can fix the door jamming problem. I certainly will have to try it. But can it also fix the light on the clock as well which suddenly went out on me? Hopefully someone can share some details on how to fix the light rather than having me pay the dealer $$ to fix it.

And how about the clicking sound at the front of the car... around the brakes area. My dealer replaced my strut-arm which was under warranty, but the noise is even louder now. Any suggestions on what to look for helps!! Has it also got something to do with the fact that the van pulls to the right? Every time my dealer balances and aligns my wheels, it gets worse. The only time when it seemed to drive straight was when I had winter tires put on by a tire dealer, who aligned my wheels as part of the package.

14th Oct 2004, 23:31

We also have a 2000 Honda Odyssey, with numerous rear door problems. Recently the passenger rear door went dead. I read the posting about unplugging fuse #13 for 30 seconds and tried it, knowing that it was bogus. Wrong! It cured the problem! Amazing. Hard to believe that there have been soooo many problems with this issue, yet no recall or notice from Honda. Very disappointing. Really have to question whether another Honda is in our future.

14th Dec 2004, 11:43

Took my Odyssey to the dealership for regular tuneup at 45,000 miles. Mentioned that driver side sliding door was intermittently not closing completely. They just called and quoted me $450 for repair of the junction switched on both doors!!! Yikes!!! The service manager was "kind" enough to give me a 10% discount on the whole bill even though the 10% coupon was just for standard service.

18th Dec 2004, 20:14

2001 Honda EX with power sliding doors. Driver's side door stopped working. Checked this website and the preceding thread. Pulled fuse 13. Door now works fine. Whoever discovered this fix should receive a commission.

27th Dec 2004, 13:48

I own a NICE used 2002 Odyssey and after a recent snow/ice storm the passenger power door stopped working completely! I am going to try some of these suggestions. Thanks a bunch! Also I am too having grinding of the brakes. Terrible noise. My mechanic says they are fine. I think Honda needs to fix some of these problems!!!