24th Oct 2006, 12:29

It is just a cable like any other Honda vehicle. NO need to get "hypochondriac" about the Odyssey. More problems will probably arise if you think that way.

29th Oct 2006, 20:45

I have a 2001 Odyssey EX and the driver's side power sliding door stopped working. I checked all the proper fuses (all O.K.) and therefore assumed the door would need to see the 'shop'...ca-ching! I stumbled on to your thread saying to take out fuse #13 (clock back up??) on the passenger side for 30 seconds and lo and behold the door now works!! I would like to reach out and offer a virtual medal to the hero who figured this out. Thanks!

6th Nov 2006, 17:29

2003 Honda Odyssey Issues - I've read interesting comments about the "Fuse #13" fix. Does this apply to 2003 models, too?

The factory-installed alarm of my van would suddenly go off? Does anyone know of ways to disable or reset the alarm?

Many thanks.

13th Nov 2006, 11:36

We have owned a 2000 Honda Odyssey for six years. The sliding doors (especially the driver's side) has been a yearly problem.

I just returned from the dealer, who could not look at the problem, until after lunch. So I googled the problem and found this site.

In particular, I would like to thank the author of the "28th Sep 2003, 08:46 Fix for inoperable electric sliding door on 1999 Honda Odyssey" posting. I followed his/her suggestions and pulled fuse # 13. This fixed the problem right away. Thank you for the helpful suggestion.


25th Nov 2006, 19:52

How about 2004 model Odyssey? My driver side door also wouldn't open, does the #13 fuse trick work on 2004 model. Let me know. Thanks. Does Honda know this problem?

26th Nov 2006, 08:49

I tried this # 13 on my 2004 oddyse driver side door problem. it did NOT work on my problem. the door made the beep sounds, but it would not open. any suggestions? thanks.

2nd Dec 2006, 17:30

Thankyou to all for sharing Fuse 13 stories. We could (almost) write movie/book about it.

My 2000 Ex passenger side sliding door does not close properly/fully and the door alarm keeps yellin' if gear shifts out of parking.

Somebody has to have a good fix on this... we can't let the dealers rip us off!

5th Dec 2006, 15:06

I have the same problem with my 2000 Odyssey, door is closed, but the van doesn't think it is, indicator light on, buzzer sounding and interior lights coming on... if anyone knows a fix for this please let it be heard!!!

6th Dec 2006, 23:19

Driver side sliding door on my 2002 EX does not latch properly (final latch at the rear of the door) when the car is left outside in the rain. Never have the problem in dry weather. In two visits, the Honda dealer replaced the door switch assembly and every (3) roller assembly (bottom, middle, and top) in the door and guess what... same problem when it rains. Dealer was genuinely puzzled and apologetic particularly since we live in the rainiest place in the US.

Perhaps I'll trade it all in for a sunny climate... and Toyota.

9th Dec 2006, 14:57

Another fuse #13 success. I have a 1999 Odyssey and the driver side door stopped working 2 weeks ago after being frozen shut after rain followed by freezing temps. I have had problems in the past requiring me to clean the contacts and the fuel cap sensor getting bent, but this was new. I found this thread through google and I thought no way this will work, but I'll give it a shot. Amazing. All back to normal.

9th Dec 2006, 19:39

WOW!!! Fuse #13 just saved us big money. Called the dealership and they said c'mon in, we'll take care of it. I figured I would try the internet first and noticed this huge thread on fuse #13 and gave it a try. Funny thing is, my owners manual had fuse #5 as belonging to the passenger sliding door. Thanks folks.

29th Dec 2006, 08:01

The ‘fuse 13’ fix just worked on my ’99 Odyssey as well. Just as I found this thread, I was about to disconnect the battery cable for a few minutes, which I presume would also have worked. This is conclusive proof that rebooting solves EVERYTHING.

20th Jan 2007, 21:55

I currently own a 2003 odyssey and have continuous problems with the power sliding doors. Unfortunately they grind and make screeching noises and ultimately stop working. We have had it into the dealership numerous times and have been told it is because we drive on dirt roads. Have the newer Odyssey power sliders been redone for efficiency?

23rd Jan 2007, 16:57

I have a 2004 Odyssey and the left power door just stopped working. I have bought the actual Honda Manual ($70.00) and here is the fix (beyond the #13 fuse - which is in the manual)

My issues was: "Left Door will not open with the sliding door switch, either door handle, or with any remote transmitter"

The fix: The Fule Door switch or circuit: Preforme the following tests: Sliding dooor lock control unity input test, Power door Locks.

I pulled the fuel door handle (which I heard do something with the door), made sure the the little 'stick' decompresses fully when the fuel door is closed, pressed the unlock button... and there you go. It works like a charm.

Hope this helps.

27th Jan 2007, 14:25

Our 2001 Odyssey passenger side sliding door stopped working totally today i.e. no motor noises when using key fob or interior switch. The cause was my young daugter pulling on the handle before the car was unlocked.

The fuse #13 really works for the sliding doors!! BUT it didn't appear to work until I made sure the sliding door was in the fully closed position.

It was actually our Port Moody Honda dealer who told me to try this - guess how he found out? He owns a 1999 and his wife found the fix on this web site!! Too funny!!

30th Jan 2007, 22:25

My 2003 Odyssey is giving me the same problems, only with the driver's side door. I don't ever drive on dirt roads. I took it in for its second transmission and told them about it and the dealer cut me off. "I'll have them grease it for you." Like he knew exactly what I was talking about. Problem is, the greasing did not help. It shudders so bad when it closes that it has started to chip the paint next to the roller track.

Any ideas what do do? Are there instructions anywhere on taking the door apart so that I can try to lube it up better or see if any of the parts are worn?


1st Feb 2007, 10:19

Fuse 13 works on my 01'EX! I had left the dealer in the morning because the wait was too long. I fixed it myself in the dark with a flashlight to locate the fuse puller after finding this site. Thank you so much!

9th Feb 2007, 20:08

Here's my fuse 13 story. Driver side sliding door stopped working. Wife asked to get repaired. Took to Honda Dealer. Told it would be $999 to replace door motor. Negotiated down to $869. They had to order motor. Found this site looking for a used motor. Went back to dealer next morning. Did the fuse 13 trick and door worked. Told them I fixed it myself and told them how (I don't expect them to tell anybody).

Had iginition switch worked on from recall and pick up Odyssey this evening.

Still one problem. Radio stays on after the ignition is turned off and key is out. After about 30 seconds the radio goes off. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for the fuse 13 fix.