25th Feb 2003, 16:25

I have a 2000 Odyssey with the same door problems. I have had it in three times so far, My wife just called me today saying the door wouldn't latch again and the alarm sounds the entire time you are driving. With 54,000 miles on the van, this will be the first time the problem will not be covered under warranty. I am really getting frustrated and from reading everything on the internet, it looks like a recall should be in order. Can you imagine going on a long trip and having the door alarm buzzing the whole way? Absolutely ridiculous, I am about to cut the wire to the alarm.

27th Feb 2003, 10:39

The power sliding door on our 2000 Odyssey has not functioned since the last ice/snowstorm. When we bought the car, I was wary about the electric sliding doors, and now wish I had bought an extended warranty on the car. I take small comfort in knowing that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Does anyone out there know how a consumer (or group of consumers) can convince an auto manufacturer to extend the warranty to cover a defect like this?

10th Apr 2003, 11:37

I also have a 2000 EX Odyssey. Like the rest of the people posting here, I have had some issues with the vans doors. Thank goodness this is the only problem I have encountered. Here is a little tip for all of you out there with the door buzzer problem. If you turn off the power doors from the inside the buzzing will cease. There is a switch on the dash above where you open and close the doors if you turn this to the off position the buzzing will stop.

The doors do seem to have issues when it gets cold and they work fine when it is warm. I have a good friend that is a GM for Honda. I am going to have him get one of their service departments to look at the van for me. When they fix the problem I will post the fix. Thank you all for your posts and good luck. Hopefully it is an easy fix like some of the others; like the grounding for the door module being loose or one of the tracks being dirty.

Thank you for all of your posts and please get in touch with me if you have any questions or there is a recall sent out on the van for the doors.

My email address is rdaikawa@yahoo.com.

1st May 2003, 23:08

I am at my wits end with my 2000 EX. Tomorrow will be the fourth time that I have dropped the van off at the dealer. Twice the dealer has replaced the door locks. The dealer also replaced the switches on both automatic doors. I took my Honda in for repair one month prior to my warranty expiration. Each time I have brought it back, the dealer hasn't charged me. And if they try to charge me, I'll tell them it wasn't fixed the first time when I brought it in under warranty.

My powered doors act up in humid environments. I'm wondering if the electric contacts are somehow corroded? I'll propose that to the dealer tomorrow. In addition, the problem surfaces when I engage the handle to open the door, as opposed to using the remote. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Frustrated in Texas.

31st May 2003, 12:37

I have the 1999 Odyssey LX, first year of the new body style that is still current. I have had problems with the side doors not shutting all the way and not being able to open them (I am in southern California). More importantly, I cannot leave the doors open for more than about 30 minutes as the lights drain the battery completely then the car won't start. It's like "unload those groceries quick kids or the car won't start!". I have also had the severe grinding of the brakes mentioned in a previous post that is apparently being 'glazed' over by Honda. They also would not cover the door handle that broke as a result of trying to get the side door open. This is my last of many Hondas.

12th Jun 2003, 18:42

We purchased a 2001 Odyssey new in November 2000. Have had the vehicle in once for the doors/problem. They corrected the problem the second time, said they got a good ground on the motor wire. Now we have 40,000 miles and the clock lite does not work. bklanecky@waldinger.com.

16th Jun 2003, 13:03

I too have the Problems with a 2001 Odyssey. The door will not close all the way, and it has popped open when driving. I too have kids and all the negatives on this board scare me. Does anyone know who we could formally complain to at Honda. Way above the dealship level. I know that if they get enough complaints they are required by law to fix the problems.

24th Jun 2003, 11:49

I have a 2000 Odyssey and manual sliding doors. The sliding door on the driver side would always get stuck. From what they are saying, it is the padding around the door that is the problem (so they replaced it with a softer version). What they didn't tell me was that you need to lubricate it every 6 months. A few days ago, the door handle broke and the only thing holding it in place was a tiny plastic rod!! After much ranting, screaming, and complaining, American Honda finally agree to fix it. The other sliding door didn't have this problem, so why just one side?? Honda knows this is a problem and won't admit it. From the constant sticking of that door to the occasional screeching brakes and other complaints from friends who own Hondas, it's an overprice piece of junk. Will probably never buy another Honda again. All the other Hondas we own don't have these problems. Anything to save a buck, right Honda??

4th Jul 2003, 04:28

Has anyone had any problems with a 2003 Honda Odyssey? Just curious, since I own one now and am worried after hearing all the problems that previous models have had. Any helpful info will be great.

10th Jul 2003, 21:04

I have a 2000 EX with only 36,000 miles and have experiencd the sticking door problems like everyone else. I have had other problems as well. The transmission was replaced at approximately 15,000 miles and then about 5,000 mile later, I had another problem where all of the fluid leaked out. Another problem is with the check engine light. They have fixed this at least 5 times. Their first answer each time is that I am not putting the gas cap on tight enough, then it was a mouse chewed a hole in the gas and the lastest which we got or van back today was that they replaced the entire fuel neck. The service has been always friendly, however, the visits are a huge pain.

20th Jul 2003, 07:43

We have a 1999 Odyssey. We had problems with the sliding doors when we first purchased the vehicle. They are working well now except for a couple of instances usually in warm weather. At about 50,000 miles the "check engine" light came on and it needed a new catalytic converter and some sensors. The catalytic converter was covered under our extended warranty. The "check engine" light has come one again with the traction control light. Turns out we need a new transmission. If it weren't for the extended warranty, these experiences would be a nightmare. We are seriously considering a Honda Pilot, but will not buy it without the longest extended warranty. I think the days of driving your Honda for 200,000 miles without a problem are over. They are still great vehicles, just always opt for the longest extended warranty.