1992 Honda Prelude 4WS 2.3i from UK and Ireland


Fantastic car, classic for years to come!


Nothing has gone wrong so far, but I have only had it a few months. Full dealer service history though, so I reckon it's going to be OK. However, slight problem with front exhaust, just age and will need replacing in 6 months... that's it really.

General Comments:

Very fast car indeed, excellent handling, and grips the road nicely. I find it pretty good round town, for a car of this class, and brilliant everywhere else. Very comfy for the front two passengers, pointless rear seats though, useful for keeping shopping in place.

Futuristic dash board is brilliant, looks very unusual, but as with most of the car, seems to be a waste of space - they should have put more dials in there!!

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Review Date: 25th May, 2005

1992 Honda Prelude S 2.3 S from North America


Sporty, fuel efficient, well built, good performer


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This particular Prelude is the base "S" model. Equipped with the F23 SOHC Accord motor, it doesn't have the power of the SR or SR-V Vtec model, but makes up in an excellent driving, smooth, quiet, extremely reliable, very fuel efficient sporty car. The car still goes well with good torque.

The car handles very well; flat and composed.

Reliability has been excellent, compared to the old Mazda MX6 of the same year, the Prelude hasn't had any problems at all.

The interior features a futuristic wrap around dash that grew on us. The seats and carpet have shown very little aging due to the excellent materials used. The original paint is still very glossy.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

1992 Honda Prelude Si from North America


Best car I've ever owned, but a little unreliable


The car will not start if it has been sitting in the sun or in the heat for long periods of time.

Hose to radiator was replaced due to a slit in it.

Clutch is ready to go.

General Comments:

The car is great, and I love almost everything about it.

It has been lowered so handling is excellent.

The car still smells brand new, and had only one previous owner.

Needs new computer, which is on national back order for one to two years.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2004

30th May 2005, 15:07

I also own a prelude, and I recently had the same trouble with the car not starting if left in the sun for long periods of time. I took her into the shop, they found a small crack in the relay switch. Regardless of the computer I love the car so much.

20th Jun 2005, 16:28

Likewise, although mine would just not restart just after being shut off. It needed to wait. Honda tells me the fuel relay needs to be replaced. Other than that the car runs great. I also agree, interior seems to hold up really well.

6th Nov 2005, 10:13

My 1992 prelude is a 2.2 vtech imported into the UK from Japan. It too had the dodgy starting problem, which turned out to be a crack in the soldering of the starter relay. A careful application of the soldering iron sorted this problem. A replacement unit would have cost time and money!

1992 Honda Prelude Si 2.3 liter DOHC from North America


Best stock Honda model


Needs new tires, but that is not the car's fault.

Atenna makes an odd noise when retracting and raising.

The speakers in the rear deck are blown, but they were going to be replaced anyways.

General Comments:

I love this car.

I started looking for one to modify sometime ago. It took some time to locate one because they are not often seen for sale.

The stock paint job has stayed in very good condition.

The seats are very comfortable. Back seat is real small when the driver is 6'2 like myself, but, most people that buy sport coupes aren't looking for seating capacity.

Out performs stock Civic and Accords.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2002

23rd Jun 2004, 11:57

I drive the same car as you, and my antenna makes an awful noise when it goes up or down as well. After some deliberation, we decided to unplug it. It wasn't difficult, the plug is directly behind the jack in the trunk. I still get perfect reception with it unplugged, but that may just be the new CD player.