18th Mar 2001, 22:05

I have a 1992 Prelude and love the car, when its running. I have properly maintained it, however have had some major problems. The distributor housing went, fuel pump, and belts blew all in 1 month last summer (about $2000 UDS) I guess this can be expected for a sports car, but if I'm going to pay this much to keep it on the road I may as well get a Porsche!

There seems to be a trend for these car getting keyed. My car and another one in my area both have the side and back keyed!

30th May 2001, 17:47

I have not had a single problem with my 1993 Prelude VTEC. The car had 40,000 miles when I bought it in April, 1999. It now has 75,000. The only thing it has needed is new tires. That's to be expected of a car that has this much HP.

30th Aug 2001, 16:28

I own a 93 Vtec prelude. I love it. It now has 104,000 hard miles. I have had only minor problems not even worth mentioning. The car is awesome, it's fast, reliable and absolutely beatiful. It has curves unlike any other car in its class. Despite what anybody says, the dash and interior are awesome. Everybody who has ever been in it absolutely loved it.

The car takes modifications very well (as if it's not fast enough already). If you want cupholders, back seats and cargo, then buy a Ford Taurus.

20th Dec 2001, 15:59

I know preludes are fast, that's why I'm going to buy one... but what will a stock 94 vtec top out at???

3rd Jul 2002, 17:35

To the comment about the top speed of the 1993 Prelude VTEC:

With proper shifting and climate conditions on the flat, you can get a Prelude upto 136 MPH. Damn good for a little NON-TURBO four-cylinder. I would love to see any other NON-TURBO four-cylinder do that. Plus, the altitude here is 4,800 feet about sea level. And another thing, the whole car is STOCK.

9th Aug 2002, 05:12

Only 136MPH with VTEC Prelude?

I expected to be at least a little faster.

21st Sep 2002, 02:41

This is for the above comment about only being able to top out at 136 MPH.

The only reason why the Prelude VTEC's top out so quickly is due to the gear ratios. The Final Drive is extremely high, thus the lower top speed. But still, 136 coming from a four-cylinder 5-speed is something else.

By the way, just because it tops out at 136, doesn't mean its not fast. The 0-60 timing in mine clocks at 6.3 seconds with everything stock. Plus, my friend in the passenger seat, clicking the stop watch.

5th Nov 2002, 17:08

I have a 93 Honda Prelude Dohc Vtec and for 195 H. P stock with a t4 turbo and a chip that can be controlled by a lab top on the run it is a great car. I have had to put a stage 4 clutch new heavy duty front axles because of the 416 horse power I'm pushing it is a very quick car. I have raced plenty of mustangs and z28 and never lost a race on the quarter or top end. Top end speed is 173 with 150 shot of n.o.s and quarter mile is just over 10 seconds. For any one who don't like them I guess they can get over it or we can race!!!

8th Nov 2002, 19:10

Hi, I have a strange problem with my 93 Prelude 2.3 Most of the time it starts fine, but sometimes it turnover, sound like it is starting and then die. When it does this it will not start for a while. Try later and it will start and run for a day or two and then same problem. Replaced wires, plugs, dist cap, rotor, ignition control unit. Gets plenty of gas. No one seems to know what is wrong.

11th Nov 2002, 04:49

Exactly the same problem with our 91 Prelude 2.2 Vtec (grey import into UK). Sometimes on a short journey will not re-start, but next day will start fine. Had to have it towed home yesterday after travelled 1 mile and would not re-start in petrol station!! no-one seems to know problem. Almost starts, but not quite. Changed battery, checked starter motor, recovery people very thorough and said no fuel pump feed, no power to fuel pump, possible relay fault. It started fine this morning. It always seems to be when it's been raining... or is that a coincidence???!!

2nd Jan 2003, 11:15

I had a similar problem with my 93 Vtec (Type-S now) :) with slight modifications. It was actually the Fuel filter that was stopped up. It had 130,000 on it at the time.

14th Jan 2003, 19:18

I once had a 1992 Prelude SI and sold it. The worst thing I ever did. Yesterday I bought a 1993 SI 4WS with 80,000 miles. These cars are the best you can buy pound for pound and dollar for dollar. If you maintain them as recommended, you will have little to no worries. Just reading about it won't help either. Until you have driven a fine tuned Prelude down a winding road with the moon roof open, you won't understand. There are better cars out there. They just cost 2 to 3 times as much to buy and/or maintain. The only thing better than having a Prelude is having 2 Preludes.

6th Feb 2003, 21:15

My brother has a 1993 Honda Prelude with VTEC and has over 100,000 miles. It drives great, but the other day it had the same problem as the comment made in March 2001 regarding the distributor housing going bad. The result is that when you reach 4000 RPM and go over 45-50 mph, the car shuts down. 1) How much did it cost for the part? 2) How many of you 1993 Prelude VTEC owners had the same problem? 3) Can it be done on your own? 4) Does anyone know of a good Prelude site that provides "how to do engine repairs on your own? Thanks.

19th Mar 2003, 07:17

Yay a Prelude...Blah, buy a new Civic for the same price and then beat the prelude at the track...

31st Mar 2003, 20:11

I have a 1992 Prelude Si w/cold air intake. I have NEVER come across a Civic on the road that could beat me. I even have a friend that has a fairly modified civic (performance CAI, New Headers, Cat-back Exhaust, Pulleys, Lowering Kit, and a Completely Custom Air Intake Manifold). He can't keep up, but he sure tries. I will have to admit he puts up a good fight.

A Prelude is a MUCH better car than a Civic. Period.

29th May 2003, 11:30

I have a 93 VTec with 111,000 miles on it. It has been a great car so far. Had a few minor problems, but nothing important. I have noticed lately that when I turn the car off and remove the key from the ignition the warning beep still signals, but my key is not in the ignition. Does anyone know what this may be? Also does anyone know where I can find a good mechanics book for a 93 Prelude?


The reason the tone stays on is the switch inside, the ignition key slot, when you put the key in, it will push the button up, that tells the car the key is in and to sound that tone, but when you pull it out the switch is STUCK, so the car thinks the key is still in the car. It's funny mine did this and had a funny side effect! It would every so often POP back out (after I'm long gone) and make my ALARM go off!! I figured it out and I'm very sure that is your problem.

To fix try using a lock lube (graphite, or what ever). if that no work you can buy a new INGTION unit but that is $$$$ and have to change locks on doors too!! So if the first doesn't work try this...

I used a Drimell (mini grinder) with a fine head file and found the little BLACK plastic switch inside, and filed the edges down so it wouldn't get stuck any more, that fixed mine!! Be careful not to grind the key tumblers though, the switch is in the middle of the hole.

Good luck