22nd May 2007, 15:00

I see a lot of you guys have problems with the 1993 Prelude. I was considering buying one is it a good car to have? Because I had my eye on this car for quite some time now.

Thank you.

24th Jul 2007, 18:24

I have a '93 Prelude VTEC with 174k miles on it. I've put on just about everything possible, except turbo. I've never had any problems with it, no breakdowns, no troubles starting... but if you guys need help or advice, I'd start at http://www.92lude.com, because it has a lot of DIY stuff and a responsive forum with other Prelude owners (of all generations, not just 92).

30th Jul 2007, 07:29

I'm having the same problem intermittently, did you ever figure out how to solve? Please email me at emoryramclam@charter.net and let me know. Mine is a 1993 4WS SI.

6th Nov 2007, 07:58

Hey I was considering getting a 93 Vtec, but would it be a better investment to get a SI and put the extra money I would have spent on the Vtec in it? please email me at Thegadawg3@yahoo.com

2nd Jan 2008, 11:16

Yes, but WRX's and the like have an amazing thing too, its called a turbo! And you won't beat one in a 1993 prelude.

15th Feb 2008, 15:20

Though, here in UK most guys get Japanese import Subarus and Evos. I still think an imported Prelude VTEC sounds fantastic with performance exhaust. Plus it's cheaper to run.

My brother has a 93 Prelude VTEC with 80 thousand on clock, and it still hits 145 mph and under 7 to 60. Better than a UK spec Prelude VTEC.

Kaitleen bonny Scotland.

Honda rules.

7th Apr 2008, 18:38

I own a 1993 Honda SI. I have a problem during the summer where when I turn it off, it does not like to start back, for several hours, or until it is cool out side, I've noticed. Any Suggestions!??! Thank you.

29th Apr 2008, 17:03

HELP HELP HELP I thought it was just me with this problem, but lots of you Prelude owners have it to. I have a 92 Prelude, and it does not always start up after turning off the car, and I have to wait about 20 minutes before it will start, and it is worse in the summer months, and just recently it has cut out on me whilst driving, and will start up again about 20 minutes later, just before it cuts out the TCS, ENGINE CHECK LIGHT AND 4WS lights come on. Does anyone know what the problem could be and can it be fixed???

Please please help if you can, much appreciated.

29th May 2008, 09:54

To the comment a few years back Im very confused at a stock prelude reaching only 136mph I run a 2.2 Vtec that easily hits and passes that speed Infact it reached 145MPH without using the 5th gears VTEC and it was measured by an independent check. Yes the car has modifications but few such as Lightened fkywheel race clutch and cat back system, the mechanic who was with me reckoned that with using vtec and enough space it would do 160-165mph I had a 320 Bmw previously and that hit 130mph I think that guy had something wrong with his car or mine seems exceptional any one able to put me wrong?

16th Oct 2008, 03:35

I have a 1993 Prelude Vtec, and I found the car to be by far the most impressive 1990s import I owned. I would hold it flat out in 5TH gear and hit the rev limiter at 8100 RPMS at about 147 mph, and if it wouldn't have had a rev limit, it was still pulling.

All I had was intake, exhaust and header. The car lit the tires up in first, second and third gears.

It's been down for a few years while getting a paint job, and now has 232,000 miles. It still runs, but I'm debating selling it. I have hardly ever seen any 93 - 96 true vtecs on the road, and I wonder how rare this car is, because if it's going to be worth something someday, I'll rebuild the motor and keep it for old times sake.

5th Dec 2008, 07:15

I had my prelude reading 160 on the dash.

14th Dec 2008, 15:59

Hi, I own a 1993 Prelude, it's an auto with 155 000km on the clock.

I just want to say that everywhere I go I get compliments about how nice my car looks. (my car has not been touched or modified in any way its 100% stock standard) I have not had any problems with it and it runs extremely well. The only thing I don't like is the back without a spoiler, this car is by far one of the best cars I have ever driven, and I would recommend that if you need a car the Prelude is definitely the way to go!

22nd Sep 2009, 00:10

I own a 92 Si vtec and I have the same problem with the starting it up. It normally starts fine in the winter, but when it is the weather is hot it seems to have more trouble starting. Sometimes I will have to leave it for 20 minutes before it will want to start. I also have the same problem with the key, and the beeping noise will stay on when key is pulled out.

29th Oct 2009, 21:41

I have a 1993 Honda Prelude, and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. It was fine one day, and then I went to go somewhere early in the morning and it would not fire.

So I checked if there was spark, and it was only throwing a spark every 3rd time, so I thought it might be the coil. I went and got one (not the problem), so then I checked the wires and I replaced the fuel filter, and the fuel pump is also working. I went and got gas, and put it in and it fired up, so I thought the gas gauge must be broke, and thought it was fixed.

About an hour later, I went to leave and it fired right up, but I got about a half a block and it died and would not fire back up.

When I can get it to start, I can drive it, but if I hit 3 grand on the tach, it dies. I think it might be the main relay or the ignition control module.

If anyone knows, please let me know, thanks triciapehlke@gmail.com

26th Mar 2010, 05:02

Hey I am looking at a Honda Prelude 1993 for $3,700 for a first car. It has everything in it I want. Am wondering are there any problems that I may encounter with having this???

22nd Apr 2010, 08:02

Preludes are super reliable if you sort out the main problems such as no start. Just re-solder the main relay (10 minutes). This relay controls more than just the fuel pump, so it pays to have it sorted.

The bouncy idle is either of these: low coolant or air in the coolant system (just bleed and top up coolant again), IACV (idle air control valve) needs thorough cleaning, FITV (fast idle valve) needs thorough cleaning.

I did all of the above and the Si vtec JDM runs perfect.

As for the 4ws, that's a faulty relay located in the engine bay fuse box compartment.

Also I spotted comments about the speed limiter of 118mph. Swapping the ECU for a European one, especially if you have a JDM motor, is the worst thing to do as JDM ECU's are programmed to suit that environment, hence a quicker car than a European one. Just get a HKS speed limit defence module, which frees the speed limiter..

I love the 4th gen Prelude!

Thanks, Stephen D, Ireland.