10th Jun 2003, 07:09

I've done a few easy engine mods to my 92 prelude (like removing injector filters, coolant bypass, flapper valve, EGR removal mod) but I can't seem to find anything else I could do, for a little more speed. Can anyone recommend anything? thanks.

14th Jun 2003, 13:53

Noted several questions regarding hard starting or failure to start after short trips, etc. I've found the problem most often to be with the fuel pump relay. The solder pads on the circuit board crack leaving intermittent continuity for the fuel pump--sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! For the techsa out there--remove the relay, pop the unit apart and resolder all the connections. For those mechanically challenged, buy another relay and pop it in. Only one bolt and a one connector--very simple! Good luck!


26th Jul 2003, 16:12

I recently purchased a 93 Prelude SI with 2.3L DOHC with 154K miles. Car runs great, but last night I was driving along on the highway I attempted to put on my bright lights and my headlights cut out. I hit a bump and they would come back on then off again.

I checked out the wiring for loose connections and could not find any. Lights worked fine in my garage. I could not get them to cut out no matter how many times I turned the lights from high to low.

Anyone have any ideas?

31st Jan 2006, 22:50

I have a stock 2.3 prelude 1993 it tops out at 120mph at like 6rpm how can I make it faster.

2nd Apr 2006, 17:14

I have a 1993 Si 4ws prelude 2.3. My problem with this car is that sometimes the 4ws light won't go off when I start the car and when it doesn't go off my 4ws doesn't work. I can turn it on and then off again when moving and it usually fixes the problem. But why does it work sometimes, and not others? Does anyone else have the same problem?

To the question about making your car go faster than 120, chipping it will help and also intake.

24th May 2006, 16:01

I have the same problem as you with the 4WS light always coming on. I want to know why also. write back-

27th Jul 2006, 05:22

I have a 93 Si Prelude. It goes great. Also the engine sounds really different to any other cars I have ever taken for a spin. The only thing I can say bad about the car is that the seats don't go back, which the old owner didn't tell me. Anyway, all seems OK, besides the fact that the car is front wheel drive. Anyway, for $7000au, what else could have I got, a Celica? I'd rather drive a Volvo LOL.

21st Aug 2006, 14:35

I have a 93'prelude 2.2 vtec with the distributor clapped out, will a distributor from a 93' standard 2.2 do the job. Any help on this would be great.

22nd Aug 2006, 21:48

I Just bought a 1993 Prelude SR (Canada), 2.3L, 4WS for about $3k (CAD) had about 270K kilometers. I'm having problems with my headlights, sometimes whenever I turn it on, it doesn't do anything. I had to wait for about 10min or so to make it work again. Would this problem be the Headlight Relay? or something else. but everything works great just did some minor maintainance and planning of rebuilding my H23A1 engine when it reach about 300k km. Thanks.

24th Oct 2006, 14:24

I just bought a 1993 Prelude Si with a Japanese h22a after-market engine in it. Along with a full AEM intake, OBX header, Magnaflow exhaust, and DC sports clutch and shift kit in it. The downside is that I still have a stock chip in it and it stops me at 118 mph. The only Civics that have beat me are ones with turbo's and nitrous. Im not sure how fast I could get going in it though.

15th Nov 2006, 11:49


I have a Honda Prelude VTEC 2.2 1998 and this morning I noticed that the 4WS warning light on the dash board came on and stayed on for my 30 min journey.

So this is why I started to see what I could find out about it on the net.

Not sure about how to use this site, but appreciate any information on this.

30th Nov 2006, 15:13

I own a 1993 Honda prelude 2.2 VTEC they can't surly limit out at 118 I had 125 out of mine without really trying, i think these cars are really good bang for buck I would easIly recommend these cars to anyone, only down side that is that I can see is that they r getting old now and parts are getting rare to find and are expensive, but well worth it. i have been waiting for my prelude for a good 10 years now I finally have one. hope you all agree on how good they r. much better then any old civic. build quality and suspension setup fantastic race any civic round a track with plenty of bends your bound to beat one.

22nd Dec 2006, 19:27

I have a 93 prelude Si that I just bought after a friend of mine totaled my ZX2. I love the h23 non Vtec that is in it. It has an incredible amount of torque for a 4 banger and I love that. the only thing I am not crazy about is the fact that it only has 160 Hp. My question is this, should I swap the H23 out for a h22 Vtec and if I did will I be disappointed by the reduction in torque. Can I pun the crank and pistons from the h23 in the h22 vtec or will the Vteck make up for the lack of torque. you can contact me at sky2fast4u@cox.net any replys will be welcome.

20th Feb 2007, 08:59

I have a 93 prelude SI 4WS, with a JDM H22 motor swap, and anyone that thinks a stock civic can beat them, don't know what your talking about. And for the people that want to make there H23 motors fast, I wouldn't bother wasting my time. For anyone that wants a fast stock Honda and can't afford a S2000 or a NSX, a prelude that has a H22 in it is the best route to go!!!

6th Mar 2007, 19:09

As for the comments waaay back ago where people are talking about how fast they have gotten their preludes to. 136mph is not the highest they will reach, I've gotten my 1993 buried at 140 with just a air filter. and really good shifting. You just gotta get the right temps outside and a good stretch of road and you will get higher than 136.. These things are nasty. Needless to say I can hit 150-155mph now with what I got done to it, but still when it was stock. She was quick. LIVE ON PRELUDES! if you got one.. Keep it. Don't let noone else get the pleasure of owning one. Besides your kids.

11th Apr 2007, 16:09

Thought I will let you know the import preludes are limited to 118 MPH, but they can do more. The speed limiter needs to be removed which I think is built into the ECU, it costs around £80-100 or you could just change the ECU all together!

21st May 2007, 13:06

Interesting I have a 92 Prelude with an F22B and I have the same problem. A lot of the time the tach will jump back and forth from 800-1400 consistently when sitting in neutral. I'm having a damned hard time trying to figure out what it is. If any one has any ideas, let me know. TheEMillerShow@msn.com.