16th Nov 2006, 21:09

Come on, did you really buy one... all difs are about the same height depending on tires. It didn't break though did it... and it would drive over your subaru if you wanted it to. Does anyone really by a hummer for fuel economy? I also own a subaru legacy wagon, I love it, but not for the real woods. My hummer may be a dressed up Sub, but it gets a lot more attention than my Suburban ever used to. It is also shorter with better attack and departure angles by far.



21st Nov 2006, 18:35

I believe you bought one.

29th Nov 2006, 09:47

"Does anyone really buy a Hummer for fuel economy"

The #1 complaint of H2 owners surveyed by both GM and JD Power was fuel economy so, yes, obviously these owners have a serious interest in fuel economy for whatever bizarre reason.

As for looks, my Scion xB got endless looks for the three years I had it and it got 30+ mpg in the process.

1st Dec 2006, 14:34

I seriously doubt that there is a mud hole a Subaru can go through that a H2 can't. Good luck taking the X5 off road, read the reviews on that vehicle.

15th Dec 2006, 09:38

Come on, get serious.

99% of Hummer owners NEVER take their vehicles off road, and every time it rains around here (we don't get snow) Hummers are the ones in the right lane going 50 mph.

Try comparing cars in the REAL world vs. some marketer's interpretation of what that is.

15th Dec 2006, 19:42

Regarding the Nov16 posting about 'all diffs are the same height'... actually, some cars have geared hubs in the wheels so that the drive shaft doesn't enter in the center of the wheel, but nearer to the top. This is done just so the diff and/or drive shafts don't hit the ground as easily and hang up the vehicle. Pretty neat! The H1 has this feature, and so does the early 70's VW Thing. Both were originally designed as military off-road vehicles (the Thing in WW2 as the Kubelwagon, actually, so this isn't a new concept). One reason the old Kubel was designed this way was so that at idle and with drive engaged, it would go the same speed as marching troops. I've heard the old VW Microbus had geared hubs, too, but I find that hard to believe. I have not heard that the H2 or H3 works this way.

27th Jan 2007, 16:34

Great off roading vehicles.. if you are willing to have it go through the mud!! My friend has one and goes out in the mud with it. Great to watch!!!And can make it through a lot of spots, but just not great when it comes to the tight spots.

24th Feb 2007, 19:46

The H2 is a glorified Tahoe, on the same platform. And the H2 is not that great off road, just watch the clips of the SEMA show 2006, Las Vegas, the off road challenge. You will then see that it really kinda sucks for off road.

27th Feb 2007, 03:05

These people that base their argument about H2's, on the fact that they are poor off road, look ignorant.

Please research what you are talking about. Passing on myth will become more difficult as more and more information comes to light, and your comments here are permanent. There are many H2's off road now, and as the vehicle ages and is sold as used, more and more of these new owners have the specific intention of taking them off road.(It is a fact, that the H2 shares some components with the Suburban, not Tahoe, and the total of shared components is less than 20%, the H2 is configured very differently and is far more capable off road)

If you go to any large video site (Youtube for instance) and enter H2 you will find some video of H2's having difficulty, but you will also find many impressive displays of the H2's ability. The H2 is a very capable vehicle straight from the factory, and can outperform most stock 4X4's. Drivers with off road experience are impressed with the ability of this vehicle.

I find it very difficult to believe that a real H2 owner would think a Subaru Outback could outperform an H2 off road. I know this is not true. I have never seen a Subaru Outback climb Potato salad Hill in Moab, and I have seen several H2's do it completely stock.

How the poster from above knows that 99% of these vehicles never go off road, is a mystery to me. If that really is a fact, I would like to see that published somewhere.

There might be many reasons one would not like the H2, but poor performance off road is not one of them. This vehicle is sold as a luxury 4X4, it was not meant to be the best rock buggy for the money either. If that's what one wanted they could spend the same amount of money on an incredible rock machine, but you wouldn't take it downtown for dinner.

27th Feb 2007, 08:38

"How the poster from above knows that 99% of these vehicles never go off road, is a mystery to me."

Just ask the manufacturer - comes from their own research.

I see lots of Hummers everyday - commuting in traffic. I don't think I've seen on that was remotely dirty either, since that would be a sin to Hummer owners.

28th Feb 2007, 05:19

WHERE does the manufacturer say that 99% of their Hummers don't go off road?

According to AutoPacific Inc. an automotive marketing research company, Hummer vehicles rank number two, just behind Jeep in owners that report using their vehicles off road. Over 30% of owners for the H3 report regularly taking the vehicle off road, second only to the Jeep Rubicon and Wrangler. Forbes Auto ranks the most capable SUV's off road, and the Hummer H1 and H2 top the list.

The H2 is significantly more expensive than these Jeep vehicles.

Invent facts if you must, but be prepared to be called on it.

28th Feb 2007, 08:50

Oh, by "facts" you mean the Hummer is a safe vehicle, has sports car like handling, and gets great mileage?

And, of course, we're just supposed to believe the poster's comment about 30% taken off road with NO link.

28th Feb 2007, 18:10

Circular logic.

Invent facts about vehicle you don't like, lose point, change subject, invent fact, repeat.


28th Feb 2007, 22:05

Although I think the Hummer H2 is not all that bad, I do realize that 90% of those who buy them buy them strictly for status, just like Mercedes owners. I live in a very affluent suburb and virtually 100% of the H2's here are used to haul kids to soccer games or dance lessons to impress the other kids parents. I know that is why my relatives bought theirs. It has never been off a paved road.

1st Mar 2007, 07:34

Circular facts?

HMMMM, I asked for an Auto Pacific link (so the poster could defend his argument) and I have yet to see one.

And the link provided mentions a stat for the H3, not the vehicle under discussion.

And I also want to see a stat as to what people are defining as "off road".

But even if the figure is 30%, it just proves that Hummers are nothing more than a status symbol with no real-world value. Even the army admits that the Jeep was a more practical vehicle than the Hummer.

Oh, and would someone please explain to me why, if Hummers are sooooo good at handling weather conditions, everytime it rains around here in California the Hummers are always the vehicles in the right lane going 50 mph?