15th Jan 2011, 07:00

I live in Colorado, own an H2, and take it any where my eyes tell it to go, and however fast I want it to go. Whether it's hitting a six foot snow bank at 30 mph, or going 5 mph through 3 feet of water and ice, the H2 will do it. Who cares if it gets 10 mpg if you can afford it. Not to mention looks.

All of you Prius owners, try driving in 3 inches of snow... not going to happen... and the comment about Hummers not being safe? I'm pretty sure a Hummer head on with just about any consumer vehicle; I've got my money on the Hummer..

All you vegans just need to stop complaining about gas mileage. You buy your ugly Prius, and I'll keep my H2... That will be a perfect balancing act. And when you're stuck in your drive way in 2 inches of snow, call that guy you hate down the street with his Hummer to give you a ride to work!!!

15th Jan 2011, 11:25

Now wait, does the Prius get stuck in two inches of snow or three? I am confused here.

Seriously though... The Prius is more than capable of driving any any amount of snow that is reasonable to actually be out in. If we get more than 6 inches of snow, guess what... I am staying home until they clear the roads, just like everyone else does around here.

Having a Hummer is overkill in most areas of the civilized world. They are just too darn big, but still somehow manage to be totally useless on the inside with the 2 foot wide console. It is like they actually went out of their way to create the ultimate wasteful useless vehicle when they created these trucks. If you are going to go big, at least get a Tahoe with a usable layout. At least you have a real utility vehicle that doesn't need a space and a half to park in everywhere you go.

I also have to comment on the accident thing, and every Hummer owner claiming they would be the one to come out alive. When I choose my vehicles, I hardly think about the other drivers I will undoubtedly kill in a crash with it. I think making the roads safer for everyone is what is most important, and not being the one to crush the little cars with my behemoth. If you can live with yourself after this occurs, then I guess we are just that different.

16th Jan 2011, 08:07

If I was going to choose the ultimate consumer vehicle for a crash, it would have to be my 1985 3/4 ton Suburban I had. A Hummer is really little more than a Tahoe with different styling.

16th Jan 2011, 09:55

The ultimate vehicle for a crash?!?! How does this even become a consideration when purchasing a vehicle? Is this how little we care about others safety?

How about choosing a vehicle that handles well enough to avoid accidents altogether? Geez, you people really need to re-evaluate why you drive and concentrate on just plain driving safer! Big huge heavy vehicles are not the "safety" answer. If your vehicle takes three times as long to stop and handles half as well as the average car, you are the unsafe one on the road. I am not sure why this simple fact is overlooked by so many. Hummers belong in fields and on trails, not on the interstate and in the city.