23rd Jun 2008, 15:31

"See, now you're jumping to conclusions."

Who is jumping to conclusions? Who is it that someone who doesn't even own a Hummer, much less an SUV or pickup, yet feels compelled to start a blog on a Hummer review, trying to tell people to get educated about life choices? Who is it that has made the assumption that anybody driving a Hummer, SUV, or truck needs to make a better choice, and must be selfish? Who is it that says "everybody else should do this, everybody does that...?" Call it judgmental, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, or whatever.

19th Oct 2008, 17:10

Hummers seem to have become despised by a large number of people, largely due to the fact that their purchases have been inspired by rap videos and/or various Hollywood movies. Now everyone wants to be gangsta.

It was not the intent of GM for their Hummers to pose outside of shopping malls and night clubs, with wheels so big and shiny, and rubber so thin and slick, that they couldn't go off road to save their lives. The Hummers, just like Jeeps, were made to be offroad machines. They also perform these tasks very well, just like Jeeps. Granted the person behind the wheel knows what they are doing.

Yes, you will find many Hummer hating videos on the Internet displaying them as clumsy and incapable, but that could be due to many things. Those include people that think they can be lawyers and doctors from Monday to Friday, and offroad junkies on a Sunday. Or, it could be the rich man's son showing off to the crowd and making a complete fool of himself and the Hummer brand. I have heard countless stories of people flipping their Jeeps from careless driving as well. Being able to drive does make a difference, it's not all about the machine. People should take that into consideration before they start to point the finger.

As for the size, if my father and I can drive our Crew Cab Silverado loaded with a camper and hauling a trailer out into the bush for a weekend hunting trip, I'm quite convinced that a Hummer H2 will fit just as easily.

People will frown on others purchasing the H2 with no intention of using them for any off road purposes whatsoever, but why don't those people share the same dissatisfaction with all the Land Rover owners or all the Jeep owners that just use their vehicles for going from A-B.

This sort of bashing is completely futile, because people don't need to be told what to drive. You may just as easily start pointing the finger at Corvette owners or Ferrari owners, for buying cars that they will never use on a racetrack, but instead merely to pose. People have the right to choose, that's the beauty of it. How boring would the world be if everyone thought the same.

Onto our friendly neighborhood tree huggers. You should read these articles that I've posted below. From what I gather, a vehicle such as a Hummer can be both sensible and senseless, depending on which viewpoint you're looking at.

Coming from the individual human being, taking their spending and incomes into consideration, a hybrid may make more sense because of the cheaper gas bill. Now, when we look at the situation from mother nature's point of view, the Hummer suddenly makes more sense than the hybrid because of its cheaper manufacturing and disposal costs. When you take into account that the batteries used in the hybrid vehicles are incredibly expensive to replace, as well as the fact that the materials used to make them are not all that environmentally friendly. Something to think about.


19th May 2009, 21:26

Whilst I admit I'm not a 4x4 fan, I'm no tree hugger - I wouldn't say no to a '59 Cadillac. I just think it's extremely irresponsible for companies to still be making stuff like the Hummer. Yes, you should be free to buy what you like, but whilst I am of the opinion that the global warming thing is overhyped, what is FACT is that oil is a finite resource. It WILL run out. Companies should be looking at more fuel efficient stuff in this day and age. The typical European car is capable of at least 40 mpg, whilst diesel versions are closer to 60.

Even the old model Landrover Discovery TD was capable of 35 mpg, and that does everything the hummer does and is better off road. I am just mystified why the big 3 keep making gas hogging dinosaurs like the Suburbans, Hummers, Dodge Ram V10 etc. I use my car to travel to work. Therefore, I want something that's as cheap to run as possible, I'm going to work to earn it not spend it. Am I alone in this thought?

24th Jul 2009, 12:55

Some people have different taste, different needs and just different views. I know a family that owns a Camry and a Hummer H2. The guy originally bought it for back woods travel as he always been fascinated by Hummer. He said he would have gotten a H1, but the wife wasn't having it and barely convinced her to get the H2. Why he did get it? He liked the looks of it, the feel of it when he's sitting in the seat, the appointments, and the off road capabilities.

Guess what happened. After a while ironically, the Camry seem less and less use since the Hummer came into play. Why? Well the guy worked where he had to visit construction sites and some places he damaged the Camry in the past trying to get there.

Another reason, the wife who was against driving a Hummer or something that wasteful, started driving it. Now she and all the kids (4) can go to the store, load up on groceries and still have room. Also, she doesn't have to turn down too many friends when they go out somewhere because "sorry, no room." And not to mention all the sports and stuff. Road trips are no longer uncomfortable for the kids stuffed 4 deep in the back seat for a road trip, nor do they have to spend a whole car payment just to rent a car to go that is not even theirs. It's gotten to the point where for their situation the Camry is becoming a waste of space for them. Yes, when she is driving on the highway, she get angry stares and comments, but funny how they assume she is wasteful where in fact it's hard to pick up the kids and that stranded friend or two in a Camry. In the end they sold the Camry and got an Expedition so that the H2 can be used as the man of the house car, and don't have to worry about cleaning it up every other day just so his wife can go grocery shopping in something halfway clean.

See while so many people are quick to judge and assume and this and that, they fail to realize it seems most of the time that everyone's situation is different. And yes sometimes people buy those things as a want. Isn't that what we work for? To buy things we want? If it's legal, available, and not infringing on others rights no more than any other thing, then who is to stop them or judge them. If one person feels the need to buy a Prius, then good for them just as if a person wants to buy a Hummer, hell if they want to drive around in a Semi, as long as it's legal, good for them. Choice is a wonderful thing. This is a America, but I guess some people forget.

I'm not a fan of the Hummer, they are intriguing to look at but I wouldn't buy one as it is a vehicle I don't like, but I respect the people that buy them. I don't like the Prius either as they are uncomfortable for me, keyword for me, for long trips, and I don't like they way they ride. So what I do? Easy I don't buy one, but if my neighbor decides to buy one, good for him as long as he's happy with it just as long as the guy with the Hummer H2, Mercedes V 12 and Ranger Rover down the street is happy with his/her choice. And not all Mercedes people buy it for looks, just as all Prius drivers don't buy it just so they look "green". Some actually like that particular car whether it's for the gas mileage, performance, looks, or even the smell. That is the beauty of choice and freedom. You can choose to buy a Hummer if you like it and you can choose to buy a Prius or Benz or BMW or Lexus if you chose so. Hell, you can buy them all. Green or not, let's not go all Nazi about the choice of what to drive.

If a car maker wanted to make a 30 mpg Hummer they would, but why would they? The one is selling just fine and there is no competition yet. And even if the world was filled with Prius that got 30 or even 60 mpg, gas prices still will rise as they still will try to compensate. Europe, for example, small car galore but gas prices are sky rocket high. SUVs don't fit into too many of their lifestyles, but in the states, SUVs fit in the lifestyle. If you don't want to be surrounded by SUVs and it's bugging you that bad, you can just stop worrying about other people and what they choose to buy and why they bought it and etc, and worry about yourself and know you like what you got instead of worrying what's on someone else's plate, or you have the choice to move to a place where SUVs are less numerous, such as Europe. And Europe is beautiful and I love it there, but just as a person don't like having someone else telling you where you should live or where you can live, no one likes someone telling them what they should be and can buy. Just as a person wouldn't like to be forced to drive a gas guzzling SUV, nor would they like to be forced to drive a eco death trap.