1998 Hyundai Accent GL 1.5 from North America


A good reliable inexpensive car


Right wheel bearing replaced at 94K. Hyundai warrantied that repair and paid back in full.

100K tune up cost me about 750 bucks for new timing belt etc.

Cracked exhaust manifold went on 106K. Hyundai honored the repair due to a recall and I will be paid back in full.

General Comments:

This car was one of the better Hyundai's produced that year. I know of many people with this model that complained about the chronic problems they have. I still own the car and it drives very well. The entire is perfect and the paint job looks better than most cars with this millage. Buying a used Hyundai is always better than a new one. These cars are known for many defects on the start.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003

1998 Hyundai Accent GS 1.5 liter from North America


A good car for the money


My car was hit and the driver's side door was severely damaged.

My passenger side quarter glass was shattered.

General Comments:

I like the car and think it looks pretty sharp.

However it gets bogged down uphills and is not very quick except on flat surfaces.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2003

1998 Hyundai Accent GLS from North America


An excellent bargain


The only thing wrong that has happened with this car is that it needed new breaks when I bought it.

Everything else was and still is in excellent condition.

General Comments:

This car is awesome.

For a little car, it goes fast.

It handles great, too!

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2002

1998 Hyundai Accent Sport 1.5L SOHC from North America


A ton of fun for an ounce of cash


The steering wheel lock does not engage.

One minor exhaust leak after off-roading.

Off-line performance is a little sluggish.

Built like a disposable. The interior is seriously difficult to disassemble for upgrades.

General Comments:

This car surprised me from the moment that I first gave it a test drive.

High quality for an affordable price.

The car handles very well and I found that the slight oversteer was easy to get used to.

I found the interior surprisingly comfortable for such a compact car. There is enough room inside for myself, my girlfriend and our camping gear to all fit comfortably.

Although I haven't had the car for very long, I can tell that this car is and will continue to be ultra-reliable. It starts on a dime and idles like it is running on nitrous.

The most impressive thing that I discovered about this car is its off-road capabilities. I'm not saying it is a monster truck ready to take on rivers and boulders and crush parked cars, but this baby can handle the dirt roads quite well. Hyundai uses a specially tuned version of the Accent for WRC Rally competition and I can see why. I took my '98 Sport on a camping trip and my buddies couldn't even keep up in their truck. The only problem I encountered was a small exhaust leak from a sharp rock that I had failed to avoid on my trip.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002

1998 Hyundai Accent Coupe Si 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A good town car with a few little problems


Rear bumper is easily scratched/marked when loading and unloading the boot.

Water gets inside the door panels causing the window guides to rust. This has caused the electric windows to be very slow.

The interior fan speed switch's illumination broke when removing the centre console panel.

Electric aerial seized up after getting bent. Low bushes/tree branches caused this.

The headlight switch stalk was faulty and needed replacing.

The bolt in the anti-roll linkage fell out. This caused a lot of rattling before I found out what it was.

The bolt attaching the clutch pedal spring sheared off. I had to rig it with a bent nail just to drive to the garage.

General Comments:

The car is very quick around town but lacks power on the motorway. It has been known to struggle past 85mph.

It's very noisy on the motorway.

The steering is very light and accurate.

This car is probably not suitable for inexperienced drivers, as understeer and oversteer is quite apparent on high speed cornering.

Seats can prove a little uncomfortable on a long journey.

The windscreen wiper settings are excellent.

There is not much in the way of internal storage.

Fuel economy is not great for a car with such a small engine.

Only having a small 42-litre fuel tank means having to fill up every 280 miles.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002