2002 Hyundai Accent 1.6 from North America


The car has been very reliable


My 2002 Accent has been a wonderfully reliable car up until the last month. It has been revving at stops and while driving, with high rpms (3000), loss of acceleration, especially uphill, the car has been driving itself on the highway (I don't have cruise control). I have been very nervous driving the car lately, especially when it revs so much at stops, even in neutral. The car is not having any engine lights on, and problems don't happen for my mechanic, so he is at a loss. From what I've read, it seems that some owners have had the problem corrected after replacing the throttle sensor and speed sensor. I will be bringing it back to the mechanic tomorrow (3rd time this month).


The engine started revving for my mechanic when he was about to drive it into the shop. He replaced the THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR. I've had no problems since it was replaced. I hope this helps others. My nightmare is over =)

General Comments:

This car has been very reliable until the above problem occurred.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2010

2002 Hyundai Accent L 1.5 SOHC 12v from North America


Giant pile of scrap that a charity refused to take


Radio went out at 1,000 miles; dealer replaced.

Again at 2,000 miles, replaced with aftermarket unit.

Brakes replaced at 15,000, 28,000, 30,000, and are now going out again at 68,000. DO NOT ALLOW A DEALER TO CHANGE YOUR BRAKES!!!

Clutch replaced at 55,000 out of pocket (dealer said I had voided my warranty).

Spark plugs intermittently fail 1 at a time.

Doors do not seat/seal properly.

Replaced windshield at 3,000, 10,000, 15,000, 26,000 (many many times).

Oil pan gasket replaced at 20,000, and again this morning at 68,000.

Exhaust manifold AND gasket at 51,000.

Interior cheap plastic, scratches/scuffs/nicks/tears.

Front driver and passenger window seals replaced (under warranty thank GOD) at 8,000.

General Comments:

This car has been nothing more than a money pit for me... I paid for the car in cash in 2002 when it was brand new, and I feel like I've done nothing but service it.

Apparently the wonderful people at Hyundai thought this car was worth marketing in the U.S., even though it has achieved poor safety ratings (my car was totaled by the insurance company for hitting road debris that tore a hole in the quarter panel and set off my airbags??)

I was very good about keeping up with maintenance on the car, never missed an oil change, and even had my maintenance scheduled out for when I hit milestones for the preventative maintenance plan. After my third visit to the dealer within weeks of purchasing and getting the run around, I have found you're better off going to a family run mechanic shop that will treat you better, and will actually fix your car for fair market value. (According to Hyundai, a sensor should cost you $450 my A$$).

The car has been sitting for the last year as no one will buy it (paint has all but faded off, and the car will still start, but it will no longer shift in or out of anything other than neutral). I called to have it donated, and when the guys got there to haul it away, even THEY wouldn't take it.

My advice, DON'T buy a Hyundai, and don't be fooled by their warranty, they voided mine for something that their dealership did itself. Great service right?? Had I known about the lemon laws when I purchased this car, I would have sent it back.

My Saturn may have run hot on occasion and gone through starters, but I have never dealt with such poor customer service, or inept mechanics. If you check engine light is blinking, just park it and leave it, they tell you to just push in the clutch while your driving, shut your car off and turn it back on. Cuz "that ought to clear out the code"

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Review Date: 4th May, 2010

5th May 2010, 22:43

Can't expect much for a car that retailed at 8 grand or less brand new. You get what you pay for.. For that amount you coulda bought a used Tiburon and at least had some fun! I wouldn't swear off Hyundai forever, just the cheaper models.

22nd Sep 2010, 20:34

Sorry to hear this, I've had nothing but good luck with my 2002 Accent L. My original battery lasted 96,000 miles, and the car still has the original brakes at 100,000.