2002 Hyundai Accent GS 1.5 SOHC 12V from North America


Piece of Korean low grade junk


Radiator busted. Solution? Cost $200 for the part and $160 for replacement.

Oxygen sensor went out. Solution? Part cost $140 and $5 to replace.

Transmission gone bad; it stays stuck on 3rd or it's going into neutral when the shifter is in Drive. Solution? Traded the car for a Toyota Paseo.

Car key broke in the driver's side door handle. Solution? Threw out the rest of the key and using a flat screwdriver to unlock the door.

Spark plug blew up; literally the white ceramic on the spark plug shattered in pieces. Solution? Bought new 4 NGK G-power for around $20 and replaced by myself spark plug and Bosch spark plug wire, which cost $25.

Dash light went out. Solution? Dash lights are now wired to the fuse box located on the left down on the driver's side. They are now always lit up, even in the day. Fuse hole used? Lighter.

Roof lamp bulb busted. Solution? Never replace it because the car is gone; a Toyota Paseo is currently in my driveway.

Ball joint was finished. Solution? Got it replaced, cost $34 for part and $60 to replace or my inspection wasn't passing.

Driver side axle rubber ripped open, causing a discomforting knocking noise. Solution? Replaced it with a brand new part; cost $189 and $112 to replace.

This car is also addicted to oil; I need to put 2 quart per 2 week (a month after an oil change, which I do myself)

General Comments:

Worst car ever. I should've waited to get something better, but hey, when you're young you're in a hurry to get a car to impress girls, which has failed... shame on me.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2010

30th Apr 2010, 16:22

Yeah I don't think an Accent is exactly the best car for impressing the girls ;)

1st Oct 2010, 12:48

I agree. I poured money into my Accent.

I had the same issue with it running through tons of oil, and finally when it failed smog, the mechanic told me that my catalytic converter was totally shot, and that it would cost $930 to replace. Kelly Blue Book rated the car's total value at $500.

I sold it on craigslist with problems disclosed for $1100.

2002 Hyundai Accent GL 1.6L from North America


I am not allowed to verbalize that here


Since the day I had this car, the transmission has had issues. I have recently learned the issues are most likely linkage.

The car literally hops out of gear periodically. One such time this occurred, I was cruising down the highway at 70mph in 5th gear when suddenly the motor started to rev and the car began to slow down. When I checked the gear stick, it was still in the 5th gear position, but flopped around like it was in neutral. Sometimes the car won't even go into gears, and yet other times it won't disengage the gears.

An example of the latter; I was parked in a parking garage. I started the car, took it out of 1st and put it into neutral, flopped the gear stick around to check it, and then took my foot off the clutch with the emergency brake still on. Same process I have done for over 40 years. As soon as the clutch was disengaged, the car leaped forward hitting the concrete wall ahead of me and the engine promptly died.

Not only that, but the door hinges that were put on the 2-door hatch model are the same hinges that were put on the 4-door sedan model. A dealer salesman told me that. The point of this is my driver door does not function anymore. If I open it, it jumps from the side of the car and drops 4" inches at the back corner. I have had this measured several times. Then the door won't close right. It takes a guaranteed 10-15 minutes to close when I am sitting in the driver's seat. The door also leaks as if it is not closed when I encounter weather. Now that I use the passenger door to get in and out, it is doing the same things; leaking and dropping at the back; just not as bad yet.

The part that angers me the most is, a service technician told me in a Hyundai shop "you need to learn to drive a standard transmission" and "well, quit slamming the door". I have always owned and driven standard transmissions and NEVER had this kind of trouble. I even had a used car that I owned for 14 years (it was 6 years old when I bought it) that NEVER gave me these issues. I bought this car brand new. I am the only owner of it. I paid CASH IN FULL for the thing and I will NEVER own another Hyundai. The fact is the company does not support their product. They are worse than Microsoft.

General Comments:

The engine is OK and the car seems to run fine. It has been a good vehicle in that it has not cost a ton to maintain, other than the fact that Hyundai wants me to pay for the door hinges and transmission.

If you own one brand new for less than 6 months, then it is probably a good vehicle. As a real car... enough said.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2010

12th Apr 2010, 18:25

You have done over 137000 miles. It's a small engine. It's now an old car. Trade it in. Nothing lasts forever.

13th Apr 2010, 16:52

This is an older Hyundai. They didn't used to be very good. I once got in a fender bender with one back in '99. My Civic drove away with a scuffed fender, the Hyundai's engine fell out of the car and onto the road.

Hyundai has greatly improved however. They are winning award after award and getting many positive reviews from major car magazines and consumer reports. I even bought one, and I love my Elantra. It's and '07, and it now has about 73,000 miles. Haven't had any issues.

As for the above commenter, well, I have to say that only small AMERICAN cars need to be traded in at 137,000 miles. That's around the planned obsolescence point at which things begin to fail. If they even last that long.

17th May 2010, 16:58

I have a 1991 Ford Escort LX station wagon nearing 300,000 miles, original transmission, but I will admit the CV joints are starting to show play, but heck I only paid $500 for it back in 2002, I can't complain.

1st Jun 2010, 17:44

First off, I had an 03 (wrote a review) POS, 2nd my Neon (00) is way better (and this coming from a guy who laughs at those cars) so to the person who said American cars suck, have fun while I pass you because your car fell apart around you on the side of the road ;)