11th Feb 2009, 13:44

Well I for one would far rather have an Aveo than an Accent.

You can sit in the Aveo and feel relatively mainstream - you can sit in the Accent and feel relatively cheapskate.

11th Feb 2009, 15:41

Umm... to the guy before me, the Aveo has DAEWOO parts, not Hyundai parts. Daewoo went bankrupt years ago, and for a good reason -- they build crap! Get it right bud. Hyundai is the next Toyota. Daewoo sucks!

12th Feb 2009, 14:17

Actually it's GMDaewoo. Daewoo didn't go bankrupt, they got taken over by GM 7 years ago.

And I have more confidence in the build quality of ANY GM car than Hyundai.

And Hyundai as the next Toyota?! That's the funniest thing I heard all day... dream on...

12th Feb 2009, 17:23

I owned GM and Chrysler vehicles in the past and that is why I have gone with Hyundai for the past ten years. Problems with Hyundai: none. Problems with GM and Chrysler: many!

12th Feb 2009, 20:14

Once again, another thread gets out of hand. This is my review, and my car. I said that the Accent was rated as a best buy. It was. I said, and still say, that it's a very good car. It is. At least in initial quality.

OK...now to address the Chevy fans - the Aveo is a piece of typical GM junk. Period. The previous sentence is more discussion than it deserves.

The new Accent is a very good car, however it is not a Toyota or a Honda. Period. Those of us who've owned them all know the difference. The Accent is a good, solid, quality compact car, but it's no match for my old Tercel. I know that if I put this car through the abuse that my Tercel took, it would come apart. The Tercel was beaten daily and loved every minute of it. You can just 'feel' that this isn't the same caliber of car as that. Or any old Honda that you can just mercilessly abuse the engine, and as long as it has at least SOME oil in it, it just keeps running. This Accent, if NOT abused, I think will last a long time.

As far as Ford and GM, well, I've owned enough of that garbage to last a lifetime. Never again. I'd buy literally anything else first.

12th Feb 2009, 21:35

Time will tell... Last time I checked, GM was facing bankruptcy, not Hyundai. And BTW, I'm not a major fan of either - I own a Japan built Rav4 (4cyl) myself and am happy with my choice.

13th Feb 2009, 10:49

Let's HOPE Hyundai isn't the next Toyota!! It's too good a car to be compared to such low-reliability vehicles as Toyota!!

21st Feb 2009, 23:00

10:49 Toyota is the most reliable brand in the world. Period. Hyundai is very good these days, Toyota is still the very best. (Don't cite a single bad review to try and refute that. Toyota is the highest rated automaker on the market overall).

21st Feb 2009, 23:19

Nobody who's driven a car like my new Accent is going to be happy with garbage like an Aveo or a Focus. I've driven all of the compacts and subcompacts. ALL of them.

The Honda Fit was the best by far. The Yaris is just as good. Of course it is. It's a Toyota with just another flawless 1.5 liter Toyota engine. It'll run forever just like the rest of them.

The Nissan Versa is a worth competitor, as is the car I ended up buying, the new Accent.

Now we get into the other crap... the Focus is just another Ford car. Drives and feels like a typical Ford car-crappy. Moving even further down the line... the Aveo is a complete piece of crap. It's GM pretending like they know how to build small, efficient cars... something Honda and Toyota mastered decades ago. GM has a LONGGGG way to go in that department. A 1982 Civic is a much more well though out car than GM's goofy looking, tossed-together go cart.

22nd Feb 2009, 16:06

"The Honda Fit was the best by far. The Yaris is just as good"

The Fit is acceptable as a small economy car. The Yaris I'm not so sure about. It has made several "10 Worst" lists and "Cars to avoid" lists. Like most Toyotas it isn't very well built and uses very cheap construction methods and materials.

The Accent IS a very good car, has a far better warranty than any Japanese car company offers and is very reliable. However I have owned a Focus and my best friend drives an Accent. There is no comparison. The Focus would blow the doors off the Accent, rode and handled much better, and got very close to the same mileage. It was also 100% reliable. Never one single problem with it. It doesn't get any better than that. The Accent is good, but the Focus just has far more to offer.

22nd Feb 2009, 21:35

ONE MORE TIME... GM doesn't build the AVEO!! It is a Korean-made car imported BY GM. It is basically a Hyundai Accent in all respects as for as construction, materials, engine type, etc.

23rd Feb 2009, 21:22

21:35 The Aveo has a GM badge on it. GM is responsible for it and GM gets the money for it. Therefore, GM as a company should be ashamed to have put such a piece of junk on the market. I've driven the Aveo and I own the Accent. The Hyundai is a much better car.

23rd Feb 2009, 21:26

16:06 The Focus is typical Ford junk. It is not comparable to the Accent. The Hyundai is a much better car, and ANY Toyota is a better vehicle than any Ford. That's the facts. (I hope you're not the same guy who'll ask me for 'proof' of that all over again). Read the reviews.

25th Feb 2009, 09:18

"The Focus is typical Ford junk. It is not comparable to the Accent"

I agree the Focus is "not comparable to the Accent". It isn't supposed to be. It has far more power, a much better ride, feels much more solid and has a much more sporty feel all around.

As for "typical Ford junk", I've never seen any of this, so I wouldn't know. None of our past or present Fords ever required a repair so I don't know how that can possibly qualify as "junk".

27th Feb 2009, 21:39

Original reviewer here. Now that we're hopefully past all of the attempts by Ford and GM fans to hock their sub-par, failing products, I can continue to report on the Accent for those who might buy one. I now have 14,000 miles on this car and it's still perfect to date. As an avid Toyota driver, I knew I was taking a risk buying anything else (other than a Honda) but this car is excellent in initial quality. Granted, it isn't as good as any of my Toyota's. My 16 year old Tercel got better fuel economy, and like all manufacturers other than Toyota, the attention to detail and brilliance of design isn't a match. For instance, if I'm washing the Accent (I just hosed all of the road salt off of it, under the hood also), it has trouble starting when wet. For whatever reason (good design probably), my Toyota's never did this no matter how much water they were subject to. But, other than minor complaints such as this, the Accent is a very good car.

For those shopping for a new compact or subcompact car, consider this: looking back, I should have bought the Nissan Versa (which I looked at) for one reason mainly-the six speed manual transmission. MUCH nicer for long trips in a compact car; much less engine 'buzz' at highway speed and consequently, better fuel mileage. Plus, you really can't go wrong with Nissan's engines, especially in the small cars. They are nearly a match for a Toyota or Honda. All in all, this Hyundai is a very good car though. I just wish it had another gear.