17th Aug 2005, 19:38

Hmmm, sounds like very common problems. Bought a silver 1998 F2 coupe in March for £3600 with 63,500 miles on the clock. Just fell in love with those damn curves and more than happy to wave goodbye to the cramped and tinny W-reg Puma I owned for barely 8 months. The Hyundai has a fantastic spec and is one of the few sports cars with both aircon AND sunroof (a definite plus for anyone over 5'7").

But within 3000 miles, I had to replace the clutch and rear brake discs/pads and front pads. Aha, that's why the previous "careful" owner who on average was driving 15,000 miles/year had only driven 3500 miles since the last "combined" service 7 months before. Luckily, managed to find a decent non-garage mechanic who did the whole lot for £530 (local garage quoted £900). He said the clutch was such a pig to replace he would never touch another Hyundai.

So it was back to happy motoring for about a week until I noticed that the new rear discs had started to rust badly, the n/s/r disk in particular was bad because the pad was only in partial contact with the disc possibly due to a seized caliper/blocked brake pipe etc. The full story was revealed at the 70,000 mile service and MOT. Test failure due to uneven rear braking (no surprises) but was shocked to discover the other major fault, yes you've guessed it, cracked exhaust manifold! Starting to sound like a familiar story? By this time my patience was wearing a bit thin and the £1600 "cash-back" on the sale of the Puma was fast eroding. I surfed the net and managed to find a used exhaust manifold and caliper from 1stchoice, Halifax for £350 and paid local garage £125 to fit parts (free re-test).

Car has just passed MOT (hurray!) and is driving like a dream or as close to a Porsche as I am going to get. Now will somebody please make me the happiest guy on earth and tell me how to fix that bloody annoying flashing clock!!!

28th Nov 2005, 12:09

Familiar problems, My girlfriends 1999 se coupe also got a cracked manifold, but she had it replaced with cat under warranty :-) few.

Also just failed MOT in Dec 05 on Rich emissions (too much petrol injection). Took it to Hyundai charged £70 for 1 hours work it seems, too quote.

'Carried out high scan test. Fault on oxygen sensor also on multi plug. Cleaned up pins and test all working cleared faults, carried out MOT cat test, passed MOT level.'

So I assume that means no parts replaced, I'm unsure..? So be wary and see if you can do it yourself, although my mechanic said no because you need the Hyundai software and tool to plug it into your laptop to do all the ECU reset stuff, although I read taking off the battery clears the ECU (engine management unit), but guess this would have not dealt with the fault oxygen sensor.

I did give the car a full service my-self with new oil, oil filter and air filter just before the problems arose, although I don't think I caused the problems and they would seem common on this model.

So be proactive, get you're emissions checked if youre buying one of these cars so you have time to save your cat, and obviously check for the cracked manifold. Otherwise this is a corker of a car and it makes my heart race and my palms sweat when my Mrs lets me drive it, it is a nice car.

14th Dec 2005, 03:13

I have a 98 Hyundai coupe - I also have the flashing clock problem, just had to have the Throttle Position Switch replaced and it is now ideling so much that it often stalls. I haven't found out whats causing that yet. I have to get a new clutch within a month as mines on its way out.

I haven't had any problems with the manifold and I do like the looks of the car - that's what tempted me to buy it in the first place.

1 other problem I have is that according to my documents the car is a 2.0i, but according to some garages computers it's a 1.6i!

6th Feb 2006, 15:54

Hi, I've gotta Hyundai coupe F2 2.0, same problem as you all seem to be finding, that bloody flashing clock!! Clutch slave cylinder went, cost £45 and my boyfriend who's a mechanic fitted it for me. I also have that noise when the radio is off, however, mine, I think is due to the road noise as mines been lowered? I will keep you posted on the flashing clock as my boyfriend is going to try and sort it out over the weekend!

17th Jan 2007, 13:33

I own a W reg. (2000) mk11?? SE Coupe, 63k on the clock, and have had it for 4 years next month (from feb 2003). Have had the obligatory cracked manifold within the first month (March `03) fortunately under warranty otherwise at least £1,000.

Have had nearly 4 years trouble free driving - each day it feels as thrilling as when I first bought it.

However this week (Mid January 2007) I fired it up on leaving for work and there was a obvious misfire - the whole car shook and was very unstable revs wise. Thinking it was just damp and would soon clear I drove 4 miles to work in Rugeley, Staffs and by then it was pulling no more than 35 mph. Called AA, they came within 40 minutes and spent 4 hours diagnosing a faulty coil pack.

Main dealer in Stafford said "Can't get a coil pack till Friday" (3 days!!!) and the cost would be £126 + vat.

Telephoned car accessory shop in Stafford and they said they would have one in stock within 1 hour - cost 80!!!

The AA man took me over to Stafford, waited for the courier and paid up. It had a Hyundai hologrammed foil sticker on it too!!! Rip off main dealer.

But on fitting the new coil pack - it was still duff, the AA technician then conceded that it was a faulty ECU.

Car towed in by AA, Next day - (today, Jan 17) - no contact whatsoever from main dealer despite 3 levels of contact provided, rang them today, 3pm when they said "won't be having a look at it till Friday" CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICE OR WHAT? The faulty ECU is gonna cost me at least £500 alone plus labour.

Have not experienced this "flashing clock" syndrome though...

24th Jan 2007, 15:51

Hi to yo all, I'm back again, I raised the original listing.

Still have my 98 Coupe, now on 228,000 miles has gone really well. Got the first clutch replaced at aprox 205k miles.

Just had a problem in last few weeks of failing to start. Traced the problem to the Coil Pack. Don't make the mistake of changing all the bits before getting to the expensive ones. Make sure you have a live feed from the Crank position sensor to the coil. Then check with each HT lead and a Spk Plug out of the chamber to see if you get a spark. Beware do this at your own risk when you turn the car over keep away from the plug, don't want you to get a shock.

I did get the CAT & Manifold problem resolved, got a local Garage to weld the manifold and cut in a new cat on the old pipe, we used a Ford fiesta Diesel CAT cost me £198.00.