14th Apr 2008, 10:07

I recently managed to bump my '98 2.0 se coupe on a high kerb and damaged the alloy. I am trying to get a replacement alloy but not sure what it's called. Do they come standard? What are they called? Does anyone have any? I did ring up local main dealers who said they only hold information on new cars and not used ones. Can anyone help?

23rd May 2008, 11:41

I am the owner of a type 2 Hyundai Coupe FX SE, 2000 Plate.

I have owned the car 2 years and for 18 months of that I would not hear a word said about Hyundai, however the last 6 months is definitely testing my patience.

I have recently paid nearly a £1000 to have the car fixed after the drive belt snapped and bent 6 valves - needed new head, cam, followers etc. Whilst doing this the mechanic found a crack in manifold and repaired it.

The paint is peeling off the bumper due to lack of lacquer in the paint. (common fault)

But then the final straw has happened literally minutes ago, a loud rattle / screech/ banging coming from the main manifold area - car running poorly with lack of power to the point I got home and now it won't start and has overheated but the temp gauge was OK in car?

I am presently waiting for it to cool down enough to have a proper look - but feel at the very least its another new head, possibly a new manifold and cat plus god only knows what else. Since the repair it has been losing or using oil like no ones business - but despite numerous and thorough investigation it shows no leakage???

Baffled and upset and feel the best repair for my lovely Coup is a box of matches and a gallon of petrol at the minute.

God Bless Hyundai..


31st May 2008, 12:37

Hi, back again. So your car'ss idling a bit high, my first point of call would be to get a diagnostics test done, could be all manner of electrical faults, don't go waseing any more money.

Crack bang over heating, loss of oil, sounds to me that your replacement head was not in good order. If you are burning oil, I would suggest a compression test, and I hate to say this, if you're pushing oil through the exhaust gases, it will not do your CAT any good as it will burn in the CAT.

30th Jul 2008, 08:39

Hi there.

I just recently (4 weeks ago) bought a 2001 2.0 SE fantastic price of £3k considering it only done 36,000 miles. has full manufacture service history and 1 owner from new.

Absolutely loved every second in the car until I put it in for its annual service today. Informed me that the rear brake pads need replacing and this would cost £119.97.. so thinking this was a little steep I phoned a local auto parts shop and got a set for £20 + vat which I can fit myself.. so no problems there yay!!

The next thing they found, like so many of you, was that the exhaust manifold is cracked on an existing weld and they have quoted £735 inc labour to get this sorted, after the quote on the brakes I gotta think that this is slightly over priced and must be a better/cheaper way of solving the problem... Got a month till the MOT so if I am successful in solving this cheaply I will post back.

Touch wood never experienced the flashing clock issue and every thing else seems fine.


24th Aug 2008, 19:08

Hi Guys.

I've had my SE Coupe for over 3 years now and a lot of the problems listed sound familiar. Today I was stopped at traffic lights as my rear brakes were not working. I called the AA out who said it was the brake light switch. I have looked online but can't seem to find out where I can buy a replacement. I think I should be able to replace it myself as the AA guy didn't seem to have much trouble removing it??? Tonight driving home the third bar brake light is working but the other two not. Do you think it is the brake light switch? If so why is the 'bar' brake light working???



4th Sep 2008, 07:14

The web never ceases to amaze me. I search for how to fix a flashing clock in a Hyundai Coupe and find the rest of the world has got the same problem. How do you fix it?

I also have the problem of the paint on the rear spoiler has flaked off. Has anyone else suffered this problem?

10th Sep 2008, 06:15


Just bought 1.6 1997 Coupe Beautiful car racing green and only 19000 mile on the clock. (one careful lady owner who didn't go out a lot)

Got an intermittent clock tho really annoying.

Was misfiring but garage replaced all plug leads and not had a problem since.

Here's hoping.

25th Sep 2008, 11:00

Hi all,

I have the 1999 Coupe F2 Evo, and I can say that it's a wonderful car to drive.

I also had a cracked manifold, but if you can braze weld, then you can do it yourself as I did... If you do, don't buy the copper braze rods and also you need intense heat... the manifold is easy to remove...

Also it's just failed an MOT due to brakes, but I knew it would as I bought it off some idiot who drove the car with a burst rear brake pipe, so it was braking independently i.e. opposite sides...

I also have a problem with my alarm system as it stopped remote locking (I could not get into the car even with the key LOL), and now has stopped arming...

I wish there was a repair manual for this car. Haynes are still thinking about making one...

Keep your Coupe, especially if you have the F2 Evo, as there are not many left now. I have number 514...

9th Jan 2009, 12:01

Nice to hear I'm not the only one with this problem. I have a 2001 1.6 coupe with 110,000 miles... and this week my first problem since buying the car 3 years ago, yes you guessed it, a cracked manifold and cat... Hope to get it welded and weld in a cat, Local Hyundai dealer quoted 900euro.. (ouch).

8th Feb 2009, 16:04

I've got a 1999 V reg SE and just had problems at its last MOT due to high emissions (too much petrol injection). And the clock lights flashed since I got it. Doesn't bother me though.

28th Feb 2009, 04:31

I have an F2 EVO and I found this site, which allows you to download workshop manual pages.

It is American, but it is the same car, just different names.


1st Aug 2009, 12:08

For anybody needing service manual pages, this guy's website is exactly what you are looking for!


10th Apr 2010, 11:12

I own a beautiful pale yellow Hyundai 2000 SE automatic coupe - bought it new in 1998 and have done just under 55,000 miles.

I am trying to get a quote from another insurer, because my present lot are trying to put me up to £420 a year, but I need to know what sort of security it has, and I am embarrassed to say I don't know how to fill the form in. I have remote control, but have never heard an alarm go off (you probably realise I am elderly female!). What sort of security should I put down, and how much should I say the value is? It is immaculate, regularly serviced and kept well.