28th Feb 2007, 09:22

I have a 99 2.0 SE Coupe, have got the flashing clock problem. I also have had to in the past year:

Replace the Clutch Slave Cylinder @ 62K,

Replace Clutch, Crank Shaft and Manifold @ 64K - Weird shaking through the clutch peddle apparently caused by the faulty crank shaft banging into the clutch.

I now have the Throttle Sensor problem being that my car nearly stalls every time I try and drive it. Now @ 71K hope thats it for all the problems.

7th Jun 2007, 15:34

Hi to you all for the third time, I placed the first listing. Glad to see I'm not the only person to have had the TPS issue. Still got the coupe now at 235,000 miles. The starting problem seemed to go away after all the expense. I guess it could have been down to all the fuel issues we had down in the south. Did change the Oxy Sensor which finally did it. Have had no more problems. Will still say car doing very well with the miles. Take care of your coupe's they will last believe me. TA TA.

24th Jul 2007, 15:13

Had my coupe from new. Had the manifold changed after 40K (made a lovely whistle noise when I put my foot down).

Flashing clock yes; boy does it go through headlight bulbs.

Car has 110k and goes very well, but it looks like I'll now need new brake disc's and pads.

21st Nov 2007, 17:50

Hi I have heaps of issues with my 98 Sfx Coupe that I owned since new, I need to sell it.

From day one issues....

Interior is falling apart, sunroof has problems opening, Cd player buttons came off & no longer works, transmission issues from day one (4 times to get this thing done, but no luck), water pump issues that cost a fortune, leather seats torn, alternator gone, light bulbs blow out quick, glasses holder came off, console box lid broke, cruise control never worked, ugly noises that come out of the engine, revs high when driving slow & dies out (dangerous on freeway), car shakes often & won't go above 20kil at times, key-less remote went missing so I use the key to open & sometimes the car locks on its own. cup holder snapped etc...

So far I spent over $8000 on repairing not including wear & tear.

Car always been serviced every six months (changed mechanics), I don't drive like a maniac either.

Shame & Hyundai dealers won't help at all.

I guess I don't have luck with this car at all & I'm not happy one bit. Worst car I bought... left me broke & disappointed. These issues were manufacturer issues that Hyundai don't want to deal with

10th Dec 2007, 00:55

Hi guys, have read ALL the comments from everyone, and I would just like to add some of the problems I have experienced with my coupe as well.

I have a '99 1.6i SE and it has had, and still has, a lot of problems:

Had to replace oil sump (badly corroded). Had to replace gearbox due to worn bairns inside. Fuel lines are looking quite corroded as well. It will probably need replacing soon, along with rear shocks/drop links.

Car is currently running VERY rich and emissions are terrible. I had it put on a diagnostic test and the ever-present cracked manifold was discovered. Therefore, I assumed the over-fuelling was due to dodgy oxygen sensor readings, but I assumed wrong. Recently replaced the CAT/Manifold and still same problem exists which will now probably cause the CAT to burn out again!

So attention turned to internal matters. Started with piston rings; got a compression test done, compression was fine, quite good compression on my coupe, I was told. Also got service done to no avail... therefore only thing I can think of is either badly damaged valve stems or faulty fuel injectors. However, I have ruled out the TPS as my coupe idles perfectly at 800rpm!

Other than this series of unfortunate events the car is a dream to drive, and is very powerful for being only a 1.6! If I could only solve the over-fuelling problem, I would be sorted! Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?

19th Feb 2008, 14:43

I have a 1998 Coupe SE. Love the fact it has air con, leather interior, and it looks great as it's red; really shows up the curves!!!

I have had the car a year, and yes I too have the flashing clock, but I'm not bothered about that. its only a minor thing.

I replaced the TP SWITCH last year, and am now experiencing the same kangaroo jumps. As soon as I get to 60mph it starts to slow itself. A bit scary on major roads when I try to overtake something and the car won't accelerate!

I am now also experiencing the "I'm going to cut out when you stop at traffic lights", which is getting annoying, so I will be going back to the garage to change the TP SWITCH again, and am afraid I will be selling the car, which is a big shame because I really liked it!

One more point is the standard alloys on the car have corroded. The paint has almost totally come off. Apart from all this, I really did like the car. I would still buy one again, but I would go for a newer one!

20th Feb 2008, 07:59

Wow I have truly found a site that I can relate too!

I've had my Coupe now just over 2 years, never experienced real problems up until October 2007. Had to change the clutch and cam belt. Noticed also just like every1 else the clock is flashing... very annoying!

Noticed now that the car is jerking and has only 58000 on the clock. Thinking maybe time to sell it after repairs although I'm still in love with the car.

24th Feb 2008, 06:27

2 words:- bloody Hyundai.

27th Feb 2008, 09:37

I Have a Hyundai Coupe 2.0 SE and I'm having a few problems with it just lately. Firstly, I bought a stainless steel exhaust including manifold and CAT off ebay. Looks the job, but when I started jacking my car up to fit it, I noticed a nasty oil leak coming from the gearbox. This turned out to be the drive shaft oil seal, so only £65 to repair.

1 week on and my coupe is back in the garage with a strange fault. It idles quite roughly, but when pulling away it chokes up and doesn't move unless I boot it. I called the AA out and they cleaned the throttle body and told me to renew the spark plugs. This did nothing to help. All I can do now is hope the garage sort it out. By the looks of other posts on the site it look like the throttle position sensor. I'm hoping my new exhaust has nothing to do with it.

30th Mar 2008, 02:14

It's so nice to read that I am not alone!

Bought my 2.0 Coupe SE in silver 2 years ago and have just had my 2nd coil pack fitted.

Have also had the problem with the flashing clock! Have just paid £160 to get a new one, as my local garage had already taken apart the dash before telling me how much it would cost in labour alone, oh well, at least I won't have an accident trying to look at my watch anymore!

The previous owner had the exhaust manifold replaced too just before I bought it from her.

Think I might get rid, but will be sad as it's a very sexy curvy car and drives great, when it actually works!!!