2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 from North America


Elantra is the best economy car available on the US market


The major issue is the clutch. I've read similar reviews on the clutch. After 30k it'll start slipping and rocking the car. Heard there's a manufacturer's error and you have to live with it. Even the aftermarkets can't solve the problem. Dealer asked $800 for clutch assembly or told me it'll blow up soon causing more cost.

LCD clock intermittently fades out and comes back. The dealer refused to change.

AC odor. Again another design issue. Use chemicals to clean it out.

General Comments:

This car will have serious damage on it in case of an accident. You may probably survive thanks to the airbags, but the car just cannot.

You can make a dent if you put a gallon of water on car. So be careful there.

The paint is cheap, but not bad OK.

It's a nice looking economic car. So can't expect acceleration to be jaw dropping. After 60 mph, there's not much power left. So watch the traffic carefully.

The only thing missing inside the cabin is a little comfort. The short rides are fun, but the long rides become pain in the all over body.

- The cushion seats must have been more comfortable, but heard the leather ones are better.

- The engine and wind noise definitely must be eliminated.

But forgetting all these small issues, I love my car and I'm not planning to sell soon. It seems it'll go beyond 150k easily.

It makes 22-23 mpg in city and got around 30 mpg highway. I know my car needs the sparks and tune up. So these numbers will raise a little more.

After 2001 Elantra is the best economy car available on the market.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2005

2001 Hyundai Elantra from North America




After less than 5000 miles the engine bearings froze.

Less than 10000 miles and the rear window columns were rusted.

Plastic caps covering the screws for all the inside door panels fell out.

General Comments:

Beware you get what you pay for. I cannot see myself ever buying another Hyundai of any model. After less than 5000 miles the engine bearings froze and parts have been falling off this car ever since. Less than 10000 miles and the rear window columns were rusted. At 57000 miles I took it in for recall work and it comes out worse than before I brought it in. I have had Volvo, Chevy, Ford, Honda, Jetta all with mileage close to or well over 100000 miles and this car at 57000 miles is the worst.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2005

2001 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0 from North America


Performs well, but you'll soon be on a first name basis with your local Hyundai Service Dept.


I hit a curb the first week I got the car to avoid some moron who almost sideswiped me. Both passenger side wheels were dented and needed to be replaced. They were $180 each for just the rim at Hyundai!! I opted for 4 nice new alloy wheels from Sears for the same price as the 2 black steel wheels from Hyundai. - p.s. The police officer at the scene said I would have been better off if I had let the guy hit me, because he would have been paying for the damage. WORD TO THE WISE - Don't put to much effort into avoiding minor accidents if you have the right of way.

The engine seems to have about 70 HP while driving with the A/C on.

Cabin is noisy at highway speeds.

Each of my headlights have been replaced 4 times. Both brake lights replaced at 75,000 miles.

Original brake pads replaced at 50,000 with ceramic aftermarket pads ($120) which only lasted to 72,000 at which I used Hyundai pads and resurfaced the rotors. ($190)

Wiring harness inside the driver door somehow corroded after 60,000 and caused all the dash lights to go out ($500+). Corrosion not covered under warranty - even with extended warranty.

Driver seatbelt likes to go limp and get stuck between the door panel and the body. The seatbelt has been replaced twice FREE of charge, but is now limp again and has since broken holes in the door panel from being closed in the door because it does not retract.

Paint looks horrible. Lots of tiny scratches and nicks nad a very dull finish. Clear coat seems to be peeling just below the windows along the rubber. My 22 year old Toyota's paint job is holding up better.

I have an appointment at Hyundai later today. On today's list:

- Airbag light is on.

- Mysterious humming & vibrating coming from engine compartment.

- Hesitation when starting up.

- Front driver side wheel bearings.

- Loud thud when first starting to accelerate.

Alternator replaced at 40,000 (FREE).

Clutch replaced at 70,000 ($700)

Including the 2 from the curb mentioned earlier, I have had 11 flat tires (screws, glass, potholes). The first 7 I replaced with Goodyear Eagles ($90 each), none of which lasted for more than 10,000 miles. My 4 most recent tires are a generic brand made by Michelin (named General, I think), which have lasted for almost 40,000 miles ($40 each).

Power windows are very sluggish. Especially if rolling more than one at the same time, it can take almost 5 seconds.

Parts that are simple to replace in other cars (bulbs, battery, etc.), Hyundai has managed to make somewhat inaccessible. For example, the battery needs to be removed to replace the driver side headlights. The whole brake light assembly needs to be removed to replace the bulb there. A ratchet extension is required to take the battery out since it is bolted down.

22mpg city & 27mpg highway.

General Comments:

Okay, now the positives:

Acceleration with the A/C off is excellent for a 4-cylinder car.

Supportive seats comfortable on long trips.

Plenty of head & leg room. (I'm 6')

Tight turning radius good for U-Turns.

Handles very well with little or no tire noise on turns.

The look of the car is very attractive, inside and out.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2005

8th Jun 2005, 13:33

Ok your car sucks, but handing out advice such as 'if it looks minor, let the guy hit you for insurance purposes' is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Let the guy hit you if there are people walking on the sidewalk you're about to run into, sure. But to save a couple hundred dollars? No thanks. Never mind the fact that insurance companies are so shifty that you'll be lucky to get away without some increase. You have no way of predicting what will unfold if you let an accident play out. Maybe the guy panics when he sees contact is imminent and jerks the wheel to the left, cutting into opposite traffic. Yeah other people could be hurt or killed, but hey, you won't have to buy new rims right?