2005 Hyundai Elantra GT 2.0 16v dual overhead from North America


I'll buy my third Hyundai when I hit a quarter million miles on my second Hyundai


I've changed oil, tires and brakes. Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

Original owner, bought new, now approaching 140,000 miles. I think I'll change the timing belt and clutch now.

General Comments:

Love this car.

Very tight (enjoyable) steering.

AM radio reception stinks though.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2010

22nd Jun 2010, 11:53

I drive two hours a day to work and back, the car has been good, except the lousy am radio reception.

8th Sep 2020, 19:27

Why are these owners trying to mislead us saying their car never had a problem? I really wonder, what is the reason behind this? If I look on forums, there's only problems, dash lights, harsh shifting, engine dying, stuck transmission, sticking steering, door locks, early clutch failure, alarm problems, and so on. Even this reviewer tries to tell us he didn't change the timing belt in 140,000 miles, when owners had their belt snapping at 70,000 miles because they passed the replacement interval by only 10,000 miles. Clearly the above reviewer with 140,000 miles never actually drove the car from new.

2005 Hyundai Elantra from North America


Good except for the clutch


At 40000 miles, I'm having the 5th clutch installed. Dealer and Hyundai state it's a wear item. I'm a woman and it was stated I don't know how to drive a stick and ride the clutch. My trade in was 2000 Honda Civic, which had 136,000 miles it. I do know how to drive a manual trans.

BBB got $500 for one clutch replacement. Dealer now wants $690 just to inspect. I believe there is a design flaw in this!

General Comments:

Great mileage. Poor clutch design.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2010

13th Jan 2010, 12:33

"I'm a woman and it was stated I don't know how to drive a stick and ride the clutch."

Do these dealerships think they can treat customers this rudely and actually stay in business?

No Hyundais for me!

14th Jan 2010, 18:56

Sorry to say, but woman or not, 5 clutch replacements in 40,000 can only mean poor driving skill. I doesn't necessarily mean that she rides the clutch. Jackrabbit starts, downshifting to early, over heel-toeing, or just not shifting at the correct times can most certainly ruin a clutch.

1st Sep 2020, 19:55

I beg to differ. I believe OP was correct that there is something going on with some subset of the 05 Elantras. Mine is on its 3rd clutch at 190k (I am not the original owner) and that one is on its way out.

2005 Hyundai Elantra from North America


Hope I got a good car!


I have owned this Hyundai Elantra for 2 1/2 weeks. I failed to notice when I test drove it that there was no cruise control. Dummy me! I really paid too much for the car (NADA and KBB priced it about $600-700 below what I paid). But it had only 1 owner and low mileage, and I got the service history on it.

Since I bought it at a dealer, who supposedly checked it out, do I need to change the timing belt at 60,000 miles?

Also I have been averaging about 23 mpg in the city, which I am very disappointed with. My old '95 Corolla, 5 speed, gave me about 30 mpg in the city. It sounds like the synthetic oil would give me better mileage. Is that correct?

General Comments:

The car drives quietly, is comfortable (but then again I haven't sat in the back yet) and overall I hope I got a good car for what I paid. I keep my cars and drive until they die (Corolla had 246,000 miles on it when the engine went). Hopefully I can get 200,000 miles out of this Hyundai!

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Review Date: 17th December, 2009

18th Dec 2009, 14:34

Yes, definitely get that timing belt changed when the service interval of 60K comes up. The dealer can check out the car all they want, but they won't cover this when it goes, and it will be very expensive if it breaks. They tend to damage the engine pretty severely when they break. This happened to my cousin on an Eclipse way back 20 years ago, and it was $1,500 to fix it even back then.... now probably at least $2,500 depending on what gets damaged.

Also, the EPA rating on your car is 24 city, so you are pretty much on target with that one. You should really research things like that before buying so you know better what to expect. Synthetic oil can increase your mileage but probably only marginally and at a big cost increase. Try putting a K&N filter in (or equivalent) for improved air flow. It will increase your mileage and may improve performance too. They are expensive filters, but they last forever as you can clean them and reuse. Also replace your fuel filter. This may also be robbing you of a little mpg.