2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited-Platinum Edition 3.3 V6 from North America


It's a good looking car


We have had this car for about 6 months now and so far nothing at all has gone wrong with it.

General Comments:

So far so good. I was very leery of buying a hyundai but this has been an enjoyable car to drive. If you keep the speed at 55 mph you can achieve 35mpg.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2008

2007 Hyundai Sonata SE 3.3L from North America


Worth every dollar


At about 7k miles before I was embarking on a trip, I checked all fluids and noticed the fluid in the coolant reservoir was low. This was the 3rd time I had topped it off, so I took it to the dealer and was told there was a small leak from a drain plug in the engine block. It was taken care of. I still top off the reservoir every time I change the oil, every 5k miles.

Next time it goes to the dealer I will have them check the cooling system. Hasn't overheated, but it should not require a refill at this stage of the game.

Also, the check engine light went on about 1 month ago. Was told by an auto parts store it was an oxygen sensor. The light went out 2 days later. The vehicle runs fine.

General Comments:

This is the first new car I have purchased, and though I think of a car as 4 wheels and an engine to go from point A to point B, I did do my homework.

I did test drive a Camry, Accord, and an Altima, and those are all fine cars. However, for the money and all that this car has, I chose the Sonata. I believe I got a really good deal from the dealership on this car.

The prior comments regarding the gas tank noise and rear suspension noise are true. At this point, I just turn the radio louder. It's not really a big deal to me.

The driver seat is not well padded and it could use lumbar support.

So far I have averaged 25.5 mpg overall. The vehicle is rated at 20 city/30 highway, so it's right on track.

The exterior looks like a Camry, but thousands less, and it has a lot more features than the aforementioned vehicles. And the warranty isn't bad, either.

Summing up, I have no major complaints. It gets me where I want to to, it's roomy and comfortable. Anyone in the market for a mid-size vehicle should at least give the Sonata a look.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2008

2007 Hyundai Sonata Elite 2.4 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Superb, intelligent, safe, excellent value vehicle


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

This vehicle is probably the best kept secret on Australian roads. It does everything seamlessly and without fuss.

The handling is more than adequate, given it spends the majority of its time on harsh country roads; 60% tar 40% gravel, and rough bush tracks also.

First car we have had that is truly dust proof and very very quiet. Seats and appointments are all that one could wish for. Visibility is excellent and adds to passive safety.

The leather seats are comfortable, and over distances averaging 400 KM each trip, one leaves the vehicle with no neck aches etc.

Power & economy at posted speed limits with air con going full blast (OAT in the mid 40 c) averages 7.712 L/100km.

City stop start driving about 10 l/100 km (we have to keep expense logs)

Only niggles after driving the same model with a 6 cylinder motor is the 2.4 is under braked compared to that model.

For night driving, longer range lights to pick up the abundant wildlife in the bush adds to safety. However, the lights are still safe.

The 4 speed auto could do with the same auto as in the 6, which is 5 speed.

A diesel option for us who do very high miles would make this car perfect, and perhaps even more economical and a bit "greener"

But one has to think hard to find a fault with this vehicle. When first heard the employer was supplying a Hyundai, my initial thought was Oh no! Cheap Korean rubbish. Now a convert; it is better and more reliable than any other vehicle in our fleets (over 300 vehicles). This thing is a delight in every way.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2008