14th Jul 2008, 21:13

I purchased my 03 Tiburon GT V6. 6sp. in 2005.

Shortly after I replaced the clutch system... 2100 bucks.

My cluster lights don't work. And can't seem to keep it in alignment. I don't know why, I drive highway miles.

Now the driver side door actuator went out. Currently having that fixed.

The speakers screech every time it rains.

Horrible on gas.

Other than it looks streamlined and has enough power, it doesn't make up for all the money spent to keep it running.

Very disappointed, and I doubt if I would buy another Hyundai vehicle.

23rd Jul 2008, 09:43

Well I'm very glad to see I'm not alone with the issues I am having with this car! I bought my Tiburon new in 2003 from the dealership, I bought the GT V6 with all the options. The first few years I had it, the guys at the dealership knew me by name, I was in there so much! It seemed that every time I went in just for an oil change, it would end up costing me $600 because there was always a list of things wrong! Now I'm just approaching 100,000kms and planning on selling it, but here's my list:

-Driver door lock jammed, and it was replaced.

-Driver window motor replaced

-battery replaced at 80,000kms

-Lights on Stereo don't work - CD player won't eject CD's

-Original tires only lasted 2 summers (and I have winters too, so they were only driven on for 7 months!)

-Constant brake work, just replaced rotors and pads in Jan.

-Replaced headlights too many times to count

-Drivers door handle doesn't snap back in, have to give it a tap so it doesn't stick out

-Both doors have started to rust at the bottoms

-Doors freeze shut in the winter.

And my most recent issue is with the wipers, we had some heavy rain last night and thank goodness this didn't happen until we were out of the really heavy rain, but the driver side wiper seemed to come off the track and now doesn't work! Doesn't give me much hope as it's raining today and I have an hour and a half drive ahead of me!

3rd Aug 2008, 15:19

Hi all. I bought my 2003 Tiburon in Feb 2002. So far so good on the clutch. Just turned 114000 miles. Issues have been similar to everyone else's. Passenger side door lock would not work with key or door switch. Then I lost my clutch master cylinder. Had A/C issues even though I think the dealer kept misdiagnosing it. Turned out it was my RADIATOR fan causing it. now I'm having intermittent problems with my drivers side window. Sometimes it works, other times... well you know. But hey, the car is paid for and the engine still runs well. I'll drive it until it won't move anymore!

12th Aug 2008, 17:40

I bought my 03 Tiburon in 2002, and I still love it to this day. Although there have been numerous problems such as: my clutch went out at 85,000 miles. The Air Bag light will not ever turn off... It is on constantly. I don't have any problems with rust, but my paint sucks and has chipped off in many spots. I can't keep my car in alignment and I go through a set of tires at least every 10-12 months... I am just starting to have some problems with my radiator, and now I have to replace that. But like someone else has said it is paid off and still looks good, so no plans on selling it... :)

18th Aug 2008, 21:09

HI I have a 2004 Tiburon and the only problem is my driver side power window goes on and off like so many others I have heard before... What should I replace? Just the motor or is that the problem because it works intermittently???


15th Sep 2008, 15:10

Hi, I have a 03 Tib. GT 6 speed. I bought it a couple weeks ago. They told me that it has like a stage 1 or 2 clutch in it. I have never driven a car with racing clutch. When I take off in 1st gear the car bucks, like I don't know how to drive a clutch, like I am not giving enough gas or something. What is going on???

19th Dec 2008, 22:28

I bought my 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT 2.7 6-speed manual in October with 54,000 miles on it, and am now without a car because my clutch was dead. I couldn't even make it up a small hill to get home from work without it slipping out of gear. I need help from anyone who can help me. I can't afford to buy a $1,300 clutch that will just burn out in another 15,000 miles. sturbee@gmail.com is my e-mail address.

4th Feb 2009, 08:57

Had a good running 03 v-6 GT, Engine seized at 105K. Very Very pampered car. What the heck happened? Timing belt was replaced June 0f 08. May have been oil pressure failure, timing belt failure. Comments welcomed.

6th Feb 2009, 11:44

I bought my 2003 Tiburon new and drove it off the lot. I have 68,000 miles on it, and never had to put a dime into it other than oil changes and a new set of tires.

The only thing that is somewhat flaky is the radio does not come on right away. Not sure why it takes time to start. Sometimes is comes on right away, other times it may take 3 minutes. But that is my only complaint.

Clutch is original and I have a 6sp so I do shift a lot. No slippage and my foot does not have to hit the floor for it to engage.

Normally if you bought this car used, you bought someone's problem they brought on through neglect.

Here is to another 5.5 years!

10th Mar 2009, 19:21

I bought my first Tib in 2003. Beautiful car, no problems. Just like others I put a lot of work into it (rims, lambo doors, system, intake etc). I never had one single problem with it. Wound up totaling it on highway going about 140, but the car was so well built I was lucky to live.

Bought my second Tib, same year same model. To this day I still have the car, but it sits. I've had to put in 3 clutches and 3 flywheels in one year! ONE YEAR! Tried different stage clutches but they just burned up. The dealership said it was how I drove the car. Yeah OK. Just admit to the problem and fix it!

16th Mar 2009, 16:10

I have a Hyundai 2003 Tiburon, which was like many of you, was my first car.

As with many others, I have had my door locks replaced twice on each side, my keyless entry replaced, my CD lights are out, my air filter replaced, my passenger door handle sticks out, but after the drama I have had with the Hyundai dealership, I am currently ignoring it.

I also have had my sway bar broken several times, and it has currently broken again. I believe this will be the 3rd time (hence why I was looking for a website such as this).

Also, my air bag light will not go off, another thing that needs fixed.

My paint chipped off of my gas tank. I bought a bottle of paint from a local car store, and my dad actually repainted it, and it looks fine and has not chipped since.

I also, have had paint chipping off my spoiler, which I've also chosen to ignore since that is not covered under my warranty anymore.

Overall, I really do love my car, but obviously the '03 model has had several issues that should have been recalled. Although, after reading other complaints, I am nervous that I could continue to have new issues, such as my door handles actually coming off. I do not think I would purchase another Hyundai unfortunately.