1st Mar 2011, 22:08

I just bought a 2007 V6 GT Tiburon with 25000 miles.

A week later, I noticed oil spotting in my garage. I was having problems with 1st and 2nd gear and thought I was rough around the edges having driven automatics for the last 9 years. I took it back to the dealer and they found that the pressure plate had damaged the transmission and they replaced the tranny and entire clutch assembly.

The car drives like a dream now, but I wonder after reading all this negative feedback "how long will this last" needless to say I am worried. I love this car and hope this replacement will last me many miles. I have read about removing the slave cylinder on other forums, but worry that this will null the warranty.

Anyone have comments on this mod? They say it will fix the problem of the clutch burning out early.

19th Mar 2011, 23:16

Traded it in on a Saturn? Damn you just can't catch a break!

1st Aug 2011, 09:05

Hi, I am female and have had 3 Tiburons. 1998, 2001 and 2003. All 5 speed 4 cyls.

My 2003 I have had 4 years now. It has 205,500 km. I had to change my clutch last summer. Beside the usual things, I have been very happy with my Tiburons.

I was wondering what's the highest mileage reported on a Tiburon? I have seen someone post 313,000 and still rolling well.

I seem to have no engine problems, just electrical, because I put in an car alarm. Apparently aftermarket alarms after a few years can heat up your panel, and the circuits start to work intermittently.

Anyway, if anyone has news on the highest mileage know on a Tiburon, I would like to know.

Thanks, and have a super day.


6th Oct 2011, 20:08

I have an 04 Tiburon GT V6, 6 speed manual transmission with 136k currently on it. I have had a billion problems with it, including:

1. Bought at 16k, I am the second owner. E-brake was stripped out and didn't work, and was the only problem. Did not bother to replace it.

2. 19,000: Neutral safety switch went bad. Fixed.

3. 35,000: Air bag light came on. Fixed.

4. 50,000: Air bag light came back on. Fixed.

5. 52,000: Air bag light came back on... again. Fixed.

6. 90,000: Air bag light came on AGAIN.. I gave up on it. It's still on.

7. 95,000: Keyless entry remote stopped working. Fixed.

8. 100,000: Passenger window motor went up. Fixed.

9. 125,000: Clutch, flywheel, master cylinder, slave cylinder replaced. Had been grinding for about 20k by this point. The dealer replaced my e-brake (by accident.. WTF?)

10. 135,000: Strut and strut mount replaced on passenger front side. This one and only time, the problem was caused by me.. I had hit a curb (at only 10mph)! Whoops.

11. 136,000: Gas line had leak. Replaced.





Seems like we all are having very similar issues.

Now the car is bucking, getting stuck at 3,000 RPMs when I stop at a red light, and won't accelerate right away when I hit the gas.. it like, drifts back/dies a little, then JUMPS and goes. Ugh... Transmission problem? Great..

29th Dec 2011, 15:51

The window motors are an easy fix. Pull out the motor, take apart and clean all the gunk out.

As far as the clutch goes, what people don't realize is Hyundai actually put a delay valve in the clutch cylinder to help people who can't drive a stick. Pull the clutch cylinder off and take it apart. You will see a spring and a tiny piece of metal with a small hole in it. Take out the spring and the piece of metal, and your clutch will grab hard and not slip, thus causing it to burn up.