10th Aug 2009, 16:24

Well, it's comforting in some way to read of everyone else's woes with their Tiburons. We have a 2003 6 speed, a mechanic we trusted said that we should steer away from buying it, but we didn't listen.

So far the sunroof has broke twice, the drivers side window has once been repaired and is now broke again, thankfully it stopped working when it was up. However, we feel very trapped in it, and we have had brake work, tires galore, and most recently the alternator.

I also have a 1995 Honda Accord, which outshines the 2003 Tiburon by a million miles.

If I can ever get rid of it, it will be one happy day. It pays to do research when contemplating a vehicle purchase.

This car rides really rough and has more squeaks and sounds than an old jalopy would have on a dirt road with potholes. I would never never never buy another Hyundai. It has put us in the poorhouse as many others have testified to the same experience. I feel bad even trying to sell it to some poor soul who will be sunk under the stress of trying to keep it repaired.

13th Aug 2009, 19:15

I own a 2003 Tib 6 speed and I bought it in March 2009. It has 65,000 miles.

Within two months my passenger window stopped working. Hyundai said it would be 300 dollars to replace the window motor. Seems like a common problem.

15th Feb 2010, 12:32

The clutch and fly wheel of my 2004 Tiburon V6 just went dead at 36500km (24000 miles)...

After a complete change on engine and accessory computers 6 months ago, I think we are not going to keep this car for much longer...

9th Jun 2010, 02:06

04 Special Edition GT-V6, 6 speed manual, Yellow in color with original Korean Tuscani badging. 1 of 300 imported into North America.

I beat the hell out of this car! From hot laps at the local speedway to the salt in Utah. 210hp 0-60 in 6.2 seconds. 0-100 in 9 seconds. Top speed 145mph (limited speed/engine cutoff at 150mph).

I have an Injen intake and exhaust system, and have installed a B&M short shifter as well. Other than 1.75" sport springs, the remainder of the car is unmodified.

I just turned 78000 miles, most of which are highway travel miles. Did you know the bodystyle was designed by Ferrari for Hyundai!

I love this car. Been half way across America and back. It looks great and it handles beautifully. A corner signed 35mph is nothing at 60mph!

I go through two front tires every 3-6 months. I run only full synthetic oil and Premium fuel. 20/28mpg city/hwy.

I just now have started experiencing lock and unlock electrical problems. My sunroof motor is getting slower and my stock throwout bearing is sticking. Clutch is still good though. Minimal problems, I think, for a company that is still learning. Hyundai's quality has increased ten fold since the 90's and it keeps getting better.

Plus it's NOT A HONDA!! or a Neon! (SRT4's rule) L8R.

Tip: Racing School will teach you how to drive fast, safe.

FYI: Speed racing tickets are $600.00 or more.

1st Jul 2010, 10:15

I have a 2004 Tiburon GT V-6, 6-speed manual trans with 52,000 miles. The car was purchased new off the lot. I have done oil changes every 3,000 miles. All suggested services have been done on or before schedule, including the timing belt (at 45,000 miles because 5 years was up.) It is a low mileage car, babied, excellent maintenance. BUT:

The paint has peeled off the gas cap multiple times, the dealer painted it once, and then said after 36,000 it was my baby.

The spoiler paint is crazing and looks bad.

Both window motors have gone out.

The tranny is getting harder to put into first gear.

The power steering hose and and A/C hose have been replaced.

The factory "nice" stereo is junk, we're on our third head unit and the rear woofer cone is buzzy.

There have been numerous minor cosmetic issues (rear seat buttons etc).

The air bag light stays on constantly.

Back when we bought this, there were not as many negative reviews, and early service was great (I even bought an Elantra, which admittedly has been bulletproof).

However, I would not recommend a Tib to anyone (unless they wanted to buy this one!)

11th Aug 2010, 22:45

Attention 2004 Tiburon owners who are having the same flywheel and clutch issues as the 2003 owners. I have made contact with an attorney to start a class action suit. PLEASE contact them if you too are experiencing the same.

Tracy Tein w/Finklestein Thompson & Loughran (415) 398-8700

601 Montgomery Street, Suite 665

San Franciso, California 94111.

Together we can see that Hyundai rights their wrong.

22nd Dec 2010, 10:16

I bought my '03 Tiburon V6 GT in May 2002... one of the first Tiburons to be sold off the lot. Within a few months, the passenger side window motor went out. Also, the dash lights around my radio and A/C controls went out within two years of purchasing the car, which is annoying, but not a major issue.

This car has treated me very well and other than having to replace the tires every 1 1/2 - 2 years, I haven't had any major problems or mechanical issues with my Tiburon until now. My Tib has 136k miles on it and my clutch is just now starting to slip. I don't know why my Tib has treated me better than others, but I've enjoyed the car very much. I will be sad when the day comes to trade it in or sell it.

4th Jan 2011, 11:44

I bought and 03 Tiburon 7 years ago and still own it.

My paint job is really, really bad and has been for several years. The paint started to go just about the time the 60k bumper to bumper warranty was up!

The driver side window motor is broken and now the lock is starting to falter. I had to replace the radiator, A/C hoses, & power steering hoses. Tires wear out very fast.

I like the power this car has, but I will not buy another one at this point. This was my 2nd Hyundai and the last!

If there is ever a recall on the paint, please let me know.


26th Jan 2011, 12:30

I bought my 2003 GT 6 speed brand new, and have 135,000 miles on it so far, and it still drives like it's brand new!

This car has never failed me (knock on wood) engine wise. I've just been doing my oil changes every 3000 miles and have had no other services done, and I have only had the timing belt and serpentine belt changed once, as they should be replaced every 50,000 miles or so.

I also still have the original clutch and transmission.

The only problem I've had is the keyless entry/alarm went up this summer, and has left me unable to get into my car on two occasions so, I don't even use it anymore. I've replaced the batteries twice, and believe there's a problem with the actual brain of the system. I have never had a car I enjoy driving as much as this one, although, I just bought a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Grand Touring Coupe, and I'm thinking it'll be just as fun to drive, but I'll never get rid of my Tiburon!