7th May 2007, 11:18

I am very happy that I finally found a website that I can relate to. I bought a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon, which was my first car and I wish I had though it through. Within 3 weeks of buying the vehicle, I already started to have problems!

My car has been cursed with electrical disability and everything in this car is faulty. First, I had a problem with all my buttons and lights on the front dash and radio. That was fixed (covered by warranty), then both locks on the doors, which to just bring to your attention, were fixed twice and once again, I am having the same problem. You see, when I was getting repars done on my car, I was notified that it was some default on the car, and that I wasn't the only one with the problem. That was told to me by the technician. I was getting this information for 6 months until I decided to call the head office. To my surprise, they had NO CLUE of what the technician was talking about! I as a customer of a $30,000 car, was being lied to! I'm sorry, but that was going to far!!! Now, on top of all the other problems, my sunroof is starting to make funny noises. I have never had engine problems, but I hope I didn't just jinx myself because this car is only 3 years old and they already know me at the dealership by my first name! When I completed a comment card, with everything that happened, I also received a letter and phonecall that Hyundai would never do what they did. You see I believe that the 2003 Hyundai Tiburon car should be recalled. I have read and listened to enough people telling me that this car is crap! Maybe one day someone will listen.

3rd Oct 2007, 12:17

Today my 03 Tiburon gets its second clutch and flywheel at 133,000 Km. I to have been driving standard all my life and two clutch and flywheel failures under 150,000 km is ridiculous. Total cost for both $3000. At this point I am writing off Hyundai's as cars I will buy. Anyone know of a class action suit in Canada?


4th Nov 2007, 18:33

'03 Hyundai Tiburon GT Mystic Teal


1. Power window motor for drivers and passenger's side windows replaced twice each.

2. Power locks replaced on both driver's and passenger side doors

3. Battery replaced after 20k

4. Sun Roof motor replaced along with the sun shade

5. Paint around the gas cap all came off

6. Paint on rear spoiler faded and beginning to chip

7. Gas line cracked - fumes came into passenger area.

All covered under the warranty except for the paint. Now that the warranty is about to expire - I'm worried what else may break.

I am most embarrassed about driving around a car with chipped paint that is coming off in spots. I take care of the exterior with waxing twice a year and monthly washes... very disappointed. Any comments on the paint defects would be greatly appreciated.

14th Nov 2007, 08:45

I bought my 03 Tiburon new, in the spring of 04. It has had both window motors replaced twice and both door locks replaced twice, and the left front headlight replaced so many times I lost count, nothing covered under warranty. Outrageous for a car that's put away for 6 months of the year.

22nd Nov 2007, 20:02

Purchased a 2003 Tiby for my daughter (I4, automatic)

Already repairs to sunroof, door locks, power windows, battery replaced, and now cracked exhaust manifold!

She and I have lost faith and wish we had purchased a Civic.

26th Dec 2007, 13:05

I own a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon it has 95k on it and I bought it used. This car is a big disappointment to me!!! I have had to fix the clutch twice and was about to buy a new one when I found this website. I have had to fix the inside door handles, and the door locks for poor design. I have also had to replace the battery right after I bought the car in Jan 07. I also am working on the power steering problem, the window motor problem, and the paint that is coming off around my gas door. All in all I would never recommend this car to anyone. These cars are horrible and this car should have a recall put on it.

30th Jan 2008, 15:40

I have to agree with many of the comments written by other dissatisfied customers. I too after purchasing an '03 Hyundai Tiberon have experienced many of the same problems. In addition, because I purchased the vehicle from a private party, it is not covered by a warranty. The problems I have run into are; the drivers side window motor quitting, and water leaking in through the sunroof. More recently due to the cold where I live, naturally the doors freeze shut, but due to poor design both car door handles have literally broken off!! I am at a loss and wish that there would be some recalls to address these problems because at this point I will not be purchasing another Hyundai.

1st Mar 2008, 10:50

I have an 03 Tiburon GTV6, 6 spd manual. Currently I have 98K on the clock and almost all of these are highway/interstate miles. I have performed all required maintenance on this car and have driven it well. I have replaced the battery, door lock actuator, air conditioner, both window motors, the driver's side door (rusted through before 35,000 miles), the throw rod, clutch and flywheel. This car has been nothing, but a nightmare and wish I had purchased something else.


1st Mar 2008, 15:18

The car is beautiful to ride, it's smooth, fun, and just quick speed when needed for fun and with safety of course. I've been reading along and glad to see others are sharing the same electrical issues as I am.

I was nearly convinced the 2004 flood in DE/NJ was the main reason for my everlasting and current issues with electrical problems. A family member borrowed the car and was trapped in the storm trying to reach safety measures. In the mean time, it had wakes going over the hood from what I'm told. I'm glad I wasn't there to see it. I would have freaked.

Besides the sunroof never really working, I had it taken back to the original manufacture company and they claimed it was never programmed and they fixed it. By 2005 it completely stopped working. Several cold storms allowed it to freeze partially opened and finding floods inside the vehicle. Once I was able to keep the sunroof closed properly, It's never been open since. The lights aren't even on anymore.

I also get it when I open or close the windows, the lights dim in flicker at the same time, but briefly. It's not just the internal lights, but exterior as well.

My battery on the alarm key is dying, occasionally it locks me out of the vehicle with the alarm set, but it's nothing too serious. Just press it a few times and it's working fine. I've only used the key once for the door to unlock it after turning off the alarm because winter weather froze the door shut.

Oh yeah, I had a mechanical error once. My tire rod snapped in half. My Florida Hyundai shop is terrible. They wouldn't pay for it even though my package covered it. They said it was only covered if it had happened in NJ where I had it purchased from. Bumper to bumper package was supposed to cover this and Florida refused to. I was on a road trip from NJ to FL, while it broke in GA. Luckily my goal was in N. Florida.

My battery recently died the other day. I've been having a terrible time to car pool with someone to go get a new battery. It's the first one and its lasted 5 years. I'm hoping it's the battery. But in the mean time I was looking for the manual on the vehicle. I was wondering if anyone knew were I could get a copy of one?

And why did they have to make two different screws on the plastic lid under the hood? LOL. Besides that, I love the car, it's fun for the most part. I've thought of trading it in, but I'm not sure I'm ready to. It's got good 78,000 miles on it and it's still happy for the most part.